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* Authors:
* Yao Cheng <>
//#define LOG_NDEBUG 0
#include <va/va.h>
#include <va/va_tpi.h>
#include "JPEGBlitter.h"
#include "JPEGDecoder.h"
#ifdef NDEBUG
#undef NDEBUG
#include <assert.h>
//#define LOG_TAG "JPEGBlitter"
// empty
if (mDecoder) {
void JpegBlitter::destroyContext()
if (mDecoder == NULL)
Mutex::Autolock autoLock(mLock);
if (mDecoder) {
vaDestroyContext(mDecoder->mDisplay, mContextId);
mContextId = VA_INVALID_ID;
vaDestroyConfig(mDecoder->mDisplay, mConfigId);
mConfigId = VA_INVALID_ID;
mDecoder = NULL;
void JpegBlitter::setDecoder(JpegDecoder &decoder)
Mutex::Autolock autoLock(mLock);
mDecoder = &decoder;
VAConfigAttrib vpp_attrib;
VAStatus st;
vpp_attrib.type = VAConfigAttribRTFormat;
vpp_attrib.value = VA_RT_FORMAT_YUV420;
st = vaCreateConfig(mDecoder->mDisplay, VAProfileNone,
1, &mConfigId);
assert(st == VA_STATUS_SUCCESS);
st = vaCreateContext(mDecoder->mDisplay, mConfigId, 1920, 1080, 0, NULL, 0, &mContextId);
assert(st == VA_STATUS_SUCCESS);