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This folder contains utils to properly perform timed suspend and wakeup.
AlarmService - a service that client can bind to and perform:
1) holding wakelock (singleton to this service)
2) setting alarm for a specified period and releasing the wakelock; service
call will block until alarm has been triggered and the wakelock is held
3) releasing the wakelock
SleepHelper - a self instrumentation meant as a convenient way to trigger
the service functions from command line. Corresponding to service function
above, supported operations are:
1) holding wakelock
am instrument -w -e command prepare \
2) setting alarm and wait til triggered
am instrument -w -e command set_wait \
-e param <time in ms>
Note: for the function to work properly, "-w" parameter is required
3) releasing wakelock
am instrument -w -e command done \