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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os, sys, zipfile
import argparse
import subprocess
#### ####
# This scripts updates LibraryVersions.k (see $LIBRARYVERSIONS_REL_PATH) based on the artifacts
# in Google Maven (see $GMAVEN_BASE_URL). It will only numerically increment alpha or beta versions.
# It will NOT change stability suffixes and it will NOT increment the version of a RC
# or stable library. These changes should be done manually and purposefully.
#### ####
LIBRARYVERSIONS_REL_PATH = 'buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/androidx/build/LibraryVersions.kt'
FRAMEWORKS_SUPPORT_FULL_PATH = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.getcwd(), '..'))
summary_log = []
exclude_dirs = []
# Defines an artifact in terms of its Maven Coorindates: artifactId, groupId, version
class MavenCoordinates:
def __init__(self, artifactId, version):
self.artifactId = artifactId
self.version = version
self.groupId = self.get_groupId_from_artifactId(artifactId)
def get_groupId_from_artifactId(self, artifactId):
# By convention, androidx namespace is declared as:
# androidx.${groupId}:${groupId}-${optionalArtifactIdSuffix}:${version}
# So, artifactId == "${groupId}-${optionalArtifactIdSuffix}"
return artifactId.split('-')[0]
def print_e(*args, **kwargs):
print(*args, file=sys.stderr, **kwargs)
def should_update_artifact(commlineArgs, groupId, artifactId):
# Tells whether to update the given artifact based on the command-line arguments
should_update = False
if (commlineArgs.groups) or (commlineArgs.artifacts):
if (commlineArgs.groups) and (groupId in commlineArgs.groups):
should_update = True
if (commlineArgs.artifacts) and (artifactId in commlineArgs.artifacts):
should_update = True
should_update = True
return should_update
def print_change_summary():
print("\n --- SUMMARY --- ")
for change in summary_log:
def read_in_lines_from_file(file_path):
if not os.path.exists(file_path):
print_e("File path does not exist: %s" % file_path)
with open(file_path, 'r') as f:
lv_lines = f.readlines()
return lv_lines
def write_lines_to_file(file_path, lines):
if not os.path.exists(file_path):
print_e("File path does not exist: %s" % file_path)
# Open file for writing and update all lines
with open(file_path, 'w') as f:
def get_artifactId_from_LibraryVersions_line(line):
artifactId = line.split('val')[1]
artifactId = artifactId.split('=')[0]
artifactId = artifactId.strip(' ')
artifactId = artifactId.lower()
artifactId = artifactId.replace('_', '-')
return artifactId
def get_version_or_macro_from_LibraryVersions_line(line):
## Sample input: 'val ACTIVITY = Version("1.0.0-alpha04")'
## Sample output: '1.0.0-alpha04', True
## Sample input: 'val ACTIVITY = FRAGMENT'
## Sample output: 'fragment', False
is_resolved = False
version = ""
if 'Version(' in line and '\"' in line:
is_resolved = True
version = line.split('\"')[1]
is_resolved = False
version = line.split('=')[-1].strip(' \n').lower().replace('_','-')
return version, is_resolved
def get_tot_artifact_list(lv_lines):
resolved_artifact_list = []
unresolved_versions_list = []
for cur_line in lv_lines:
# Skip any line that doesn't declare a version
if 'val' not in cur_line: continue
artifactId = get_artifactId_from_LibraryVersions_line(cur_line)
version, is_resolved = get_version_or_macro_from_LibraryVersions_line(cur_line)
artifact = MavenCoordinates(artifactId, version)
if is_resolved:
# Artifact version specification is a reference to another artifact's
# version -> it needs to be resolved
# Resolve variable references in unresolved_versions_list to complete resolved_artifact_list.
# This is needed because version MACROs can be a copy another version MACRO. For example:
# val ARCH_CORE = Version("2.0.0")
for unresolved_artifact in unresolved_versions_list:
artifactId_to_copy = unresolved_artifact.version
for resolved_artifact in resolved_artifact_list:
if resolved_artifact.artifactId == artifactId_to_copy:
unresolved_artifact.version = resolved_artifact.version
return resolved_artifact_list
def does_exist_on_gmaven(groupId, artifactId, version):
print("Checking GMaven for %s-%s..." % (artifactId, version), end = '')
# URLS are of the format:
artifactUrl = GMAVEN_BASE_URL + groupId + '/' + artifactId + '/' + version + '/' + artifactId + '-' + version + '.pom'
# Curl the url to see if artifact pom exists
curl_output = subprocess.check_output('curl -s %s' % artifactUrl, shell=True)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
print_e('FAIL: Failed to curl url: ' % artifactUrl)
return None
if '404' in curl_output.decode():
print("version is good")
return False
print("version is OUT OF DATE")
return True
def increment_alpha_beta_version(version):
# Only increment alpha and beta versions.
# rc and stable should never need to be incremented in the androidx-main branch
# Suffix changes should be done manually.
changed = False
if 'alpha' in version or 'beta' in version:
changed = True
# Assure we don't violate a version naming policy
if not version[-1:].isdigit():
print_e("--- --- \n Version %s has violated version naming policy! Please fix." % version)
if version[-2:].isdigit():
new_version = int(version[-2:]) + 1
formatted_version = "%02d" % (new_version,)
return version[:-2] + formatted_version, changed
# Account for single digit versions with no preceding 0 (the leading 0 will be added)
new_version = int(version[-1:]) + 1
formatted_version = "%02d" % (new_version,)
return version[:-1] + formatted_version, changed
return version, changed
def artifactId_to_kotlin_macro(artifactId):
return artifactId.replace('-','_').upper()
def update_artifact_version(lv_lines, artifact):
num_lines = len(lv_lines)
for i in range(num_lines):
cur_line = lv_lines[i]
# Skip any line that doesn't declare a version
if 'val' not in cur_line: continue
artifactId = get_artifactId_from_LibraryVersions_line(cur_line)
if artifactId == artifact.artifactId:
new_version, ver_was_updated = increment_alpha_beta_version(artifact.version)
if ver_was_updated:
# Only modify line if the version was actually changed
lv_lines[i] =" val " + artifactId_to_kotlin_macro(artifactId) + " = Version(\"" + new_version + "\")\n"
summary_log.append("Updated %s to FROM %s TO %s" % (artifactId.upper(), artifact.version, new_version))
# Assert incremented version doesn't exist
if does_exist_on_gmaven(artifact.groupId, artifact.artifactId, new_version):
print_e("--- --- \n Incremented version of %s from %s to %s, but %s has already been published!\
This needs to be fixed manually." % (artifact.artifactId, artifact.version, new_version, new_version))
def update_api():
curl_output = subprocess.check_output('./gradlew updateApi', shell=True)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
print_e('FAIL: Failed gradle task updateApi!')
return None
def update_library_versions(args):
# Open LibraryVersions.kt file for reading and get all lines
libraryversions_lines = read_in_lines_from_file(LIBRARYVERSIONS_FULL_PATH)
tot_artifact_list = get_tot_artifact_list(libraryversions_lines)
# Loop through every library version and update the version, if necessary
versions_changed = False
for artifact in tot_artifact_list:
if should_update_artifact(args, artifact.groupId, artifact.artifactId):
print("Updating %s " % artifact.artifactId)
if does_exist_on_gmaven(artifact.groupId, artifact.artifactId, artifact.version):
update_artifact_version(libraryversions_lines, artifact)
versions_changed = True
if versions_changed:
write_lines_to_file(LIBRARYVERSIONS_FULL_PATH, libraryversions_lines)
summary_log.append("These changes have not been committed. Please double check before uploading.")
summary_log.append("No changes needed. All versions are update to date :)")
if __name__ == '__main__':
# cd into directory of script
# Set up input arguments
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description=('This script increments versions in LibraryVersions.kt based on artifacts released to Google Maven.'))
'--groups', metavar='groupId', nargs='+',
help="""If specified, only increments the version for libraries whose groupId contains the listed text.
For example, if you specify \"--groups paging slice lifecycle\", then this
script will increment the version of each library with groupId beginning with \"androidx.paging\", \"androidx.slice\",
or \"androidx.lifecycle\"""")
'--artifacts', metavar='artifactId', nargs='+',
help="""If specified, only increments the version for libraries whose artifactId contains the listed text.
For example, if you specify \"--artifacts core slice-view lifecycle-common\", then this
script will increment the version for specific artifacts \"androidx.core:core\", \"androidx.slice:slice-view\",
and \"androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-common\"""")
args = parser.parse_args()