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#include <sched.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <log/log.h>
#include <sys/resource.h>
#include <dvr/performance_client_api.h>
#include <pdx/service_dispatcher.h>
#include "buffer_hub.h"
int main(int, char**) {
int ret = -1;
std::shared_ptr<android::pdx::Service> service;
std::unique_ptr<android::pdx::ServiceDispatcher> dispatcher;
// We need to be able to create endpoints with full perms.
// Bump up the soft limit of open fd to the hard limit.
struct rlimit64 rlim;
ret = getrlimit64(RLIMIT_NOFILE, &rlim);
LOG_ALWAYS_FATAL_IF(ret != 0, "Failed to get nofile limit.");
ALOGI("Current nofile limit is %llu/%llu.", rlim.rlim_cur, rlim.rlim_max);
rlim.rlim_cur = rlim.rlim_max;
ret = setrlimit64(RLIMIT_NOFILE, &rlim);
ALOGE_IF(ret < 0, "Failed to set nofile limit, error=%s", strerror(errno));
rlim.rlim_cur = -1;
rlim.rlim_max = -1;
if (getrlimit64(RLIMIT_NOFILE, &rlim) < 0)
ALOGE("Failed to get nofile limit.");
ALOGI("New nofile limit is %llu/%llu.", rlim.rlim_cur, rlim.rlim_max);
dispatcher = android::pdx::ServiceDispatcher::Create();
CHECK_ERROR(!dispatcher, error, "Failed to create service dispatcher\n");
service = android::dvr::BufferHubService::Create();
CHECK_ERROR(!service, error, "Failed to create buffer hub service\n");
ret = dvrSetSchedulerClass(0, "graphics");
CHECK_ERROR(ret < 0, error, "Failed to set thread priority");
ALOGI("Entering message loop.");
ret = dispatcher->EnterDispatchLoop();
CHECK_ERROR(ret < 0, error, "Dispatch loop exited because: %s\n",
return -ret;