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* Copyright 2014 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <gui/HdrMetadata.h>
#include <ui/FenceTime.h>
#include <ui/Rect.h>
#include <ui/Region.h>
#include <system/graphics.h>
#include <utils/Flattenable.h>
#include <utils/StrongPointer.h>
namespace android {
class Fence;
class GraphicBuffer;
class BufferItem : public Flattenable<BufferItem> {
friend class Flattenable<BufferItem>;
size_t getPodSize() const;
size_t getFlattenedSize() const;
size_t getFdCount() const;
status_t flatten(void*& buffer, size_t& size, int*& fds, size_t& count) const;
status_t unflatten(void const*& buffer, size_t& size, int const*& fds, size_t& count);
// The default value of mBuf, used to indicate this doesn't correspond to a slot.
enum { INVALID_BUFFER_SLOT = -1 };
BufferItem(const BufferItem&) = default;
BufferItem& operator=(const BufferItem&) = default;
static const char* scalingModeName(uint32_t scalingMode);
// mGraphicBuffer points to the buffer allocated for this slot, or is NULL
// if the buffer in this slot has been acquired in the past (see
// BufferSlot.mAcquireCalled).
sp<GraphicBuffer> mGraphicBuffer;
// mFence is a fence that will signal when the buffer is idle.
sp<Fence> mFence;
// The std::shared_ptr<FenceTime> wrapper around mFence.
std::shared_ptr<FenceTime> mFenceTime{FenceTime::NO_FENCE};
// mCrop is the current crop rectangle for this buffer slot.
Rect mCrop;
// mTransform is the current transform flags for this buffer slot.
// refer to NATIVE_WINDOW_TRANSFORM_* in <window.h>
uint32_t mTransform;
// mScalingMode is the current scaling mode for this buffer slot.
// refer to NATIVE_WINDOW_SCALING_* in <window.h>
uint32_t mScalingMode;
// mTimestamp is the current timestamp for this buffer slot. This gets
// to set by queueBuffer each time this slot is queued. This value
// is guaranteed to be monotonically increasing for each newly
// acquired buffer.
int64_t mTimestamp;
// mIsAutoTimestamp indicates whether mTimestamp was generated
// automatically when the buffer was queued.
bool mIsAutoTimestamp;
// mDataSpace is the current dataSpace value for this buffer slot. This gets
// set by queueBuffer each time this slot is queued. The meaning of the
// dataSpace is format-dependent.
android_dataspace mDataSpace;
// mHdrMetadata is the HDR metadata associated with this buffer slot.
HdrMetadata mHdrMetadata;
// mFrameNumber is the number of the queued frame for this slot.
uint64_t mFrameNumber;
// mSlot is the slot index of this buffer (default INVALID_BUFFER_SLOT).
int mSlot;
// mIsDroppable whether this buffer was queued with the
// property that it can be replaced by a new buffer for the purpose of
// making sure dequeueBuffer() won't block.
// i.e.: was the BufferQueue in "mDequeueBufferCannotBlock" when this buffer
// was queued.
bool mIsDroppable;
// Indicates whether this buffer has been seen by a consumer yet
bool mAcquireCalled;
// Indicates this buffer must be transformed by the inverse transform of the screen
// it is displayed onto. This is applied after mTransform.
bool mTransformToDisplayInverse;
// Describes the portion of the surface that has been modified since the
// previous frame
Region mSurfaceDamage;
// Indicates that the consumer should acquire the next frame as soon as it
// can and not wait for a frame to become available. This is only relevant
// in shared buffer mode.
bool mAutoRefresh;
// Indicates that this buffer was queued by the producer. When in shared
// buffer mode acquire() can return a BufferItem that wasn't in the queue.
bool mQueuedBuffer;
// Indicates that this BufferItem contains a stale buffer which has already
// been released by the BufferQueue.
bool mIsStale;
// Indicates the API (NATIVE_WINDOW_API_xxx) that queues the buffer.
int mApi;
} // namespace android