Don't pad before calling writeInPlace().

writeInplace() itself already pads securely, by masking off
the padded bytes. If the padding is done before calling
writeInplace(), no mask is applied, and heap data can leak.

Bug: 77237570
Test: builds
Change-Id: Ide27a0002d4ed4196530430760245b971f6a3f44
Merged-In: Ide27a0002d4ed4196530430760245b971f6a3f44

(cherry picked from commit f8542381b72a7bb2452a5278a00ca8c34edbf8a0)
(cherry picked from commit 732132b765cd7b667f16cf32f0fe4c852d7d44dd)

Change-Id: Ic9ecef0e5e718bce2d91d7974632d5933ca2d715
diff --git a/libs/binder/Parcel.cpp b/libs/binder/Parcel.cpp
index cc9f687..e5a34c2 100644
--- a/libs/binder/Parcel.cpp
+++ b/libs/binder/Parcel.cpp
@@ -1285,7 +1285,7 @@
     if (err) return err;
     // payload
-    void* const buf = this->writeInplace(pad_size(len));
+    void* const buf = this->writeInplace(len);
     if (buf == NULL)
         return BAD_VALUE;