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ACTUAL_LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
# this var will hold all the test apk module names later.
FrameworkCoreTests_all_apks :=
# We have to include the subdir makefiles first
# so that FrameworkCoreTests_all_apks will be populated correctly.
include $(call all-makefiles-under,$(ACTUAL_LOCAL_PATH))
include $(CLEAR_VARS)
# We only want this apk build for tests.
# Include all test java files.
$(call all-java-files-under, src) \
$(call all-Iaidl-files-under, src) \
$(call all-java-files-under, DisabledTestApp/src) \
$(call all-java-files-under, EnabledTestApp/src)
LOCAL_DX_FLAGS := --core-library
LOCAL_AAPT_FLAGS = -0 dat -0 gld
LOCAL_STATIC_JAVA_LIBRARIES := core-tests-support android-common frameworks-core-util-lib mockwebserver guava littlemock mockito-target
LOCAL_JAVA_LIBRARIES := android.test.runner conscrypt telephony-common
LOCAL_PACKAGE_NAME := FrameworksCoreTests
# intermediate dir to include all the test apks as raw resource
FrameworkCoreTests_intermediates := $(call intermediates-dir-for,APPS,$(LOCAL_PACKAGE_NAME))/test_apks/res
LOCAL_RESOURCE_DIR := $(FrameworkCoreTests_intermediates) $(LOCAL_PATH)/res
include $(BUILD_PACKAGE)
# Rules to copy all the test apks to the intermediate raw resource directory
FrameworkCoreTests_all_apks_res := $(addprefix $(FrameworkCoreTests_intermediates)/raw/, \
$(foreach a, $(FrameworkCoreTests_all_apks), $(patsubst FrameworkCoreTests_%,%,$(a))))
$(FrameworkCoreTests_all_apks_res): $(FrameworkCoreTests_intermediates)/raw/%: $(call intermediates-dir-for,APPS,FrameworkCoreTests_%)/package.apk | $(ACP)
$(call copy-file-to-new-target)
# Use R_file_stamp as dependency because we want the test apks in place before the is generated.
$(R_file_stamp) : $(FrameworkCoreTests_all_apks_res)
FrameworkCoreTests_all_apks :=
FrameworkCoreTests_intermediates :=
FrameworkCoreTests_all_apks_res :=