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page.title=Design for TV
<p>The Android TV platform user interface provides the launch pad for your app's big screen
experience. It's important to understand how your app is presented in the main user interface and
how your app can help users get to the content they want quickly.</p>
<h2>Home Screen</h2>
<p>The Home Screen is the start of the user experience, providing search, content
recommendations, and access to apps and settings. This screen provides a rich and cinematic
overview of apps and content.</p>
<img src="{@docRoot}preview/tv/design/images/atv-home.jpg" alt="TV Home screen" />
<p>By bringing the power of Google search to the big screen, Android TV makes new, dynamic
connections between content. A favorite movie may lead to the discovery of a new music artist,
planning a trip to Paris might surface new YouTube content and photos.</p>
<img src="{@docRoot}preview/tv/design/images/search.jpg" alt="Recommendations Row" />
<p>To learn more about searching within your app, see
<a href="{@docRoot}preview/tv/ui/in-app-search.html">Searching in TV Apps</a>.
<p>The recommendations row on Android TV is a central feature of the Home Screen that allows
users quick access to dynamic and relevant content for their media-consumption activities. The
row is optimized for quick browsing of personalized content and activity resumption (on the
device and across devices), while also providing a way for users to act on meaningful new
<img src="{@docRoot}preview/tv/design/images/recommendations.png" alt="Recommendations Row" />
Recommendations are based on the users recent and frequent usage behaviors, as well as
expressed content preferences. They appear as cards that represent a system or app action,
notification, activity, or piece of actionable media. Your app can provide suggestions for the
recommendations row to help get your content noticed. To learn more, see
<a href="{@docRoot}preview/tv/ui/recommendations.html">Recommendations</a>.
<h2>Apps and Games</h2>
<p>Apps and Games rows both have special areas on the Home Screen. Within their respective
areas, Apps and Games titles are ordered to reflect the users recent usage.</p>
<img src="{@docRoot}preview/tv/design/images/apps-games-rows.jpg" alt="Apps and Games Rows" />
<p>Access to Settings is found at the bottom of the Home Screen. From here, the user can access
Android and device-specific settings.
<img src="{@docRoot}preview/tv/design/images/settings.jpg" alt="Settings Row" />