Workaround for corner case in TransitionManager

This works around a problem where removing a review with unfinished
transitions results in leaked object references to KeyguardTransportControlView.

The workaround disables transitions until we have a better fix.

Fixes bug 11307391

Change-Id: I1df82f2c6f1cd9f5c9076d4c76cfd4aec3b6806c
diff --git a/packages/Keyguard/src/com/android/keyguard/ b/packages/Keyguard/src/com/android/keyguard/
index a7af6a4..464201c 100644
--- a/packages/Keyguard/src/com/android/keyguard/
+++ b/packages/Keyguard/src/com/android/keyguard/
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
     protected static final boolean DEBUG = false;
     protected static final String TAG = "TransportControlView";
-    private static final boolean ANIMATE_TRANSITIONS = true;
+    private static final boolean ANIMATE_TRANSITIONS = false;
     private ViewGroup mMetadataContainer;
     private ViewGroup mInfoContainer;