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#ifndef XLIFF_FILE_H
#define XLIFF_FILE_H
#include "Values.h"
#include "Configuration.h"
#include <set>
using namespace std;
extern const XMLNamespaceMap XLIFF_NAMESPACES;
extern const char*const XLIFF_XMLNS;
struct Stats
string config;
size_t files;
size_t toBeTranslated;
size_t noComments;
size_t totalStrings;
struct TransUnit {
string id;
StringResource source;
StringResource target;
StringResource altSource;
StringResource altTarget;
string rejectComment;
class XLIFFFile
static XLIFFFile* Parse(const string& filename);
static XLIFFFile* Create(const Configuration& sourceConfig, const Configuration& targetConfig,
const string& currentVersion);
inline const Configuration& SourceConfig() const { return m_sourceConfig; }
inline const Configuration& TargetConfig() const { return m_targetConfig; }
inline const string& CurrentVersion() const { return m_currentVersion; }
inline const string& OldVersion() const { return m_oldVersion; }
set<string> Files() const;
void AddStringResource(const StringResource& res);
inline set<StringResource> const& GetStringResources() const { return m_strings; }
bool FindStringResource(const string& filename, int version, bool source);
void Filter(bool (*func)(const string&,const TransUnit&,void*), void* cookie);
void Map(void (*func)(const string&,TransUnit*,void*), void* cookie);
TransUnit* EditTransUnit(const string& file, const string& id);
// exports this file as a n XMLNode, you own this object
XMLNode* ToXMLNode() const;
// writes the ValuesFile out to a string in the canonical format (i.e. writes the contents of
// ToXMLNode()).
string ToString() const;
Stats GetStats(const string& config) const;
struct File {
int Compare(const File& that) const;
inline bool operator<(const File& that) const { return Compare(that) < 0; }
inline bool operator<=(const File& that) const { return Compare(that) <= 0; }
inline bool operator==(const File& that) const { return Compare(that) == 0; }
inline bool operator!=(const File& that) const { return Compare(that) != 0; }
inline bool operator>=(const File& that) const { return Compare(that) >= 0; }
inline bool operator>(const File& that) const { return Compare(that) > 0; }
string filename;
vector<TransUnit> transUnits;
StringResource* find_string_res(TransUnit& g, const StringResource& str);
Configuration m_sourceConfig;
Configuration m_targetConfig;
string m_currentVersion;
string m_oldVersion;
set<StringResource> m_strings;
vector<File> m_files;
int convert_html_to_xliff(const XMLNode* original, const string& name, XMLNode* addTo, int* phID);
#endif // XLIFF_FILE_H