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<h1 itemprop="name" style="margin-bottom:0;">Google Wallet Instant Buy</h1>
<p itemprop="description">Add fast, secure checkout for users buying physical goods and
services from your app. Transactions are monitored for fraud 24/7. Keep your existing
payments infrastructure and integrate Google Wallet quickly, easily and free of charge.</p>
<p>To ensure that your app content is consistent with the requirements for
Instant Buy access, <a class="external-link" href="">apply for content review</a> before
starting development. Note that Instant Buy is currently only
available to US-based merchants. Once you've completed integration, you can
apply for production access by <a class="external-link" href="">submitting your sandbox integration for review</a>.</p>
<p>Check out the <a
Buy API reference</a> and visit
<a href=""></a>
for complete information about integrating Google Wallet Instant Buy into your app.</p>
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<h3 style="clear:left">Key Developer Features</h3>
<h4>Add the "Buy with Google" button</h4>
<p>Easily embed a “Buy with Google” button in your flow to let customers purchase instantly
from your app. Customers can grant you access to their payment information with just
a few clicks.
<br />
<a href=""
class="external-link">Add a "Buy with Google" button</a>.</p>
<h4>Streamline Purchases with Google+ Sign-On</h4>
<p>For users ready to purchase, you can simplify the login and account creation steps
by adding Google+ sign in. Users can sign in with a single click and share their
profile information during the purchase.
<br />
<a href=""
class="external-link">Add Google+ Sign-In for Wallet</a>.</p>
<h4>Minimize User Data Entry</h4>
<p>Google Wallet provides auto-completion of addresses, minimizing user data entry. You can also
retrieve billing and shipping addresses directly from the user’s Wallet to-do form pre-fills.<br />
<a class="external-link"
billing addresses</a>.</p>
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<h3 style="clear:left">Getting Started</h3>
<h4>1. Get the Google Play services SDK</h4>
<p>The Google Wallet Android APIs are part of the Google Play services platform.</p>
<p>To get started, <a href="{@docRoot}google/play-services/setup.html">set up
the Google Play services SDK</a>. Then see the <a class="external-link"
to learn how to set up your app.
<h4>2. Run the sample</h4>
<p>Once you've installed the Google Play services package, try the Google Wallet
sample located in <code>&lt;android-sdk&gt;/extras/google-play-services/samples/wallet</code>.
The sample shows you how to use the major components of the Instant Buy API.</p>
<p>The <a
class="external-link" href="">Instant Buy Android API tutorial</a>
provides directions on how to get the Wallet sample up and running.</p>
<h4>3. Read the documentation</h4>
<p>For quick access while developing your Android apps, the <a
href="{@docRoot}reference/com/google/android/gms/wallet/package-summary.html">Google Wallet
API reference</a> is available here on</p>
<p>Detailed documentation for the Instant Buy API is available at <a class="external-link"