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page.title=Samples: Walkthroughs
<p>This section provides detailed walkthroughs of several key samples. The samples are as
<li><a href="{@docRoot}ndk/samples/sample_hellojni.html">hello-jni</a>: A very basic app that
illustrates core workings of the NDK.</li>
<li><a href="{@docRoot}ndk/samples/sample_na.html">native-activity</a>: An app that shows the
fundamentals of constructing a purely native app. It places particular emphasis on the
{@code android_native_app_glue library}.</li>
<li><a href="<a href="{@docRoot}ndk/samples/sample_teapot.html">Teapot</a>: A simple OpenGL demo,
showcasing the <code>ndk_helper</code> class.</li>