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Provides classes for implementing print services. Print services are plug-in components
that know how to talk to printers via some standard protocols. These services serve as a
bridge between the system and the printers. Hence, the printer and print protocol specific
implementation is factored out of the system and can be independently developed and updated.
A print service implementation should extend {@link android.printservice.PrintService}
and implement its abstract methods. Also the print service has to follow the contract for
managing {@link android.printservice.PrintJob}s.
The system is responsible for starting and stopping a print service depending on whether
there are active print jobs for the printers managed by the service. The print service
should also perform printer discovery in a timely fashion to ensure good user experience.
The interaction between the system and the print service during printer discovery is
encapsulated by a {@link android.printservice.PrinterDiscoverySession} instance created
by the print service when requested by the system.