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#ifndef _IDMAP_H_
#define _IDMAP_H_
#define LOG_TAG "idmap"
#include <utils/Log.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <stdio.h>
// Used to retry syscalls that can return EINTR.
#define TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(exp) ({ \
typeof (exp) _rc; \
do { \
_rc = (exp); \
} while (_rc == -1 && errno == EINTR); \
_rc; })
int idmap_create_path(const char *target_apk_path, const char *overlay_apk_path,
const char *idmap_path);
int idmap_create_fd(const char *target_apk_path, const char *overlay_apk_path, int fd);
// Regarding target_package_name: the idmap_scan implementation should
// be able to extract this from the manifest in target_apk_path,
// simplifying the external API.
int idmap_scan(const char *overlay_dir, const char *target_package_name,
const char *target_apk_path, const char *idmap_dir);
int idmap_inspect(const char *idmap_path);
#endif // _IDMAP_H_