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* Copyright (C) 2013 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <utils/Mutex.h>
#include "drm/DrmAPI.h"
#include "hardware/CryptoAPI.h"
extern "C" {
android::DrmFactory *createDrmFactory();
android::CryptoFactory *createCryptoFactory();
namespace android {
class MockDrmFactory : public DrmFactory {
MockDrmFactory() {}
virtual ~MockDrmFactory() {}
bool isCryptoSchemeSupported(const uint8_t uuid[16]);
bool isContentTypeSupported(const String8 &mimeType);
status_t createDrmPlugin(const uint8_t uuid[16], DrmPlugin **plugin);
class MockCryptoFactory : public CryptoFactory {
MockCryptoFactory() {}
virtual ~MockCryptoFactory() {}
bool isCryptoSchemeSupported(const uint8_t uuid[16]) const;
status_t createPlugin(
const uint8_t uuid[16], const void *data, size_t size,
CryptoPlugin **plugin);
class MockDrmPlugin : public DrmPlugin {
MockDrmPlugin() {}
virtual ~MockDrmPlugin() {}
// from DrmPlugin
status_t openSession(Vector<uint8_t> &sessionId);
status_t closeSession(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId);
status_t getKeyRequest(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &initData,
String8 const &mimeType, KeyType keyType,
KeyedVector<String8, String8> const &optionalParameters,
Vector<uint8_t> &request, String8 &defaultUrl);
status_t provideKeyResponse(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &response,
Vector<uint8_t> &keySetId);
status_t removeKeys(Vector<uint8_t> const &keySetId);
status_t restoreKeys(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &keySetId);
status_t queryKeyStatus(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
KeyedVector<String8, String8> &infoMap) const;
status_t getProvisionRequest(Vector<uint8_t> &request,
String8 &defaultUrl);
status_t provideProvisionResponse(Vector<uint8_t> const &response);
status_t getSecureStops(List<Vector<uint8_t> > &secureStops);
status_t releaseSecureStops(Vector<uint8_t> const &ssRelease);
status_t getPropertyString(String8 const &name, String8 &value ) const;
status_t getPropertyByteArray(String8 const &name,
Vector<uint8_t> &value ) const;
status_t setPropertyString(String8 const &name,
String8 const &value );
status_t setPropertyByteArray(String8 const &name,
Vector<uint8_t> const &value );
status_t setCipherAlgorithm(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
String8 const &algorithm);
status_t setMacAlgorithm(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
String8 const &algorithm);
status_t encrypt(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &keyId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &input,
Vector<uint8_t> const &iv,
Vector<uint8_t> &output);
status_t decrypt(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &keyId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &input,
Vector<uint8_t> const &iv,
Vector<uint8_t> &output);
status_t sign(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &keyId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &message,
Vector<uint8_t> &signature);
status_t verify(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &keyId,
Vector<uint8_t> const &message,
Vector<uint8_t> const &signature,
bool &match);
String8 vectorToString(Vector<uint8_t> const &vector) const;
String8 arrayToString(uint8_t const *array, size_t len) const;
String8 stringMapToString(KeyedVector<String8, String8> map) const;
SortedVector<Vector<uint8_t> > mSessions;
SortedVector<Vector<uint8_t> > mKeySets;
static const ssize_t kNotFound = -1;
ssize_t findSession(Vector<uint8_t> const &sessionId) const;
ssize_t findKeySet(Vector<uint8_t> const &keySetId) const;
Mutex mLock;
KeyedVector<String8, String8> mStringProperties;
KeyedVector<String8, Vector<uint8_t> > mByteArrayProperties;
class MockCryptoPlugin : public CryptoPlugin {
bool requiresSecureDecoderComponent(const char *mime) const;
ssize_t decrypt(bool secure,
const uint8_t key[16], const uint8_t iv[16],
Mode mode, const void *srcPtr,
const SubSample *subSamples, size_t numSubSamples,
void *dstPtr, AString *errorDetailMsg);
String8 subSamplesToString(CryptoPlugin::SubSample const *subSamples, size_t numSubSamples) const;
String8 arrayToString(uint8_t const *array, size_t len) const;