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* Copyright (C) 2010 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef _MTP_SERVER_H
#define _MTP_SERVER_H
#include "MtpRequestPacket.h"
#include "MtpDataPacket.h"
#include "MtpResponsePacket.h"
#include "MtpEventPacket.h"
#include "mtp.h"
#include "MtpUtils.h"
#include <utils/threads.h>
namespace android {
class MtpDatabase;
class MtpStorage;
class MtpServer {
// file descriptor for MTP kernel driver
int mFD;
MtpDatabase* mDatabase;
// appear as a PTP device
bool mPtp;
// group to own new files and folders
int mFileGroup;
// permissions for new files and directories
int mFilePermission;
int mDirectoryPermission;
// current session ID
MtpSessionID mSessionID;
// true if we have an open session and mSessionID is valid
bool mSessionOpen;
MtpRequestPacket mRequest;
MtpDataPacket mData;
MtpResponsePacket mResponse;
MtpEventPacket mEvent;
MtpStorageList mStorages;
// handle for new object, set by SendObjectInfo and used by SendObject
MtpObjectHandle mSendObjectHandle;
MtpObjectFormat mSendObjectFormat;
MtpString mSendObjectFilePath;
size_t mSendObjectFileSize;
Mutex mMutex;
// represents an MTP object that is being edited using the android extensions
// for direct editing (BeginEditObject, SendPartialObject, TruncateObject and EndEditObject)
class ObjectEdit {
MtpObjectHandle mHandle;
MtpString mPath;
uint64_t mSize;
MtpObjectFormat mFormat;
int mFD;
ObjectEdit(MtpObjectHandle handle, const char* path, uint64_t size,
MtpObjectFormat format, int fd)
: mHandle(handle), mPath(path), mSize(size), mFormat(format), mFD(fd) {
virtual ~ObjectEdit() {
Vector<ObjectEdit*> mObjectEditList;
MtpServer(int fd, MtpDatabase* database, bool ptp,
int fileGroup, int filePerm, int directoryPerm);
virtual ~MtpServer();
MtpStorage* getStorage(MtpStorageID id);
inline bool hasStorage() { return mStorages.size() > 0; }
bool hasStorage(MtpStorageID id);
void addStorage(MtpStorage* storage);
void removeStorage(MtpStorage* storage);
void run();
void sendObjectAdded(MtpObjectHandle handle);
void sendObjectRemoved(MtpObjectHandle handle);
void sendDevicePropertyChanged(MtpDeviceProperty property);
void sendStoreAdded(MtpStorageID id);
void sendStoreRemoved(MtpStorageID id);
void sendEvent(MtpEventCode code, uint32_t param1);
void addEditObject(MtpObjectHandle handle, MtpString& path,
uint64_t size, MtpObjectFormat format, int fd);
ObjectEdit* getEditObject(MtpObjectHandle handle);
void removeEditObject(MtpObjectHandle handle);
void commitEdit(ObjectEdit* edit);
bool handleRequest();
MtpResponseCode doGetDeviceInfo();
MtpResponseCode doOpenSession();
MtpResponseCode doCloseSession();
MtpResponseCode doGetStorageIDs();
MtpResponseCode doGetStorageInfo();
MtpResponseCode doGetObjectPropsSupported();
MtpResponseCode doGetObjectHandles();
MtpResponseCode doGetNumObjects();
MtpResponseCode doGetObjectReferences();
MtpResponseCode doSetObjectReferences();
MtpResponseCode doGetObjectPropValue();
MtpResponseCode doSetObjectPropValue();
MtpResponseCode doGetDevicePropValue();
MtpResponseCode doSetDevicePropValue();
MtpResponseCode doResetDevicePropValue();
MtpResponseCode doGetObjectPropList();
MtpResponseCode doGetObjectInfo();
MtpResponseCode doGetObject();
MtpResponseCode doGetThumb();
MtpResponseCode doGetPartialObject(MtpOperationCode operation);
MtpResponseCode doSendObjectInfo();
MtpResponseCode doSendObject();
MtpResponseCode doDeleteObject();
MtpResponseCode doGetObjectPropDesc();
MtpResponseCode doGetDevicePropDesc();
MtpResponseCode doSendPartialObject();
MtpResponseCode doTruncateObject();
MtpResponseCode doBeginEditObject();
MtpResponseCode doEndEditObject();
}; // namespace android
#endif // _MTP_SERVER_H