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* Copyright (C) 2007-2008 ARM Limited
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------
* File Name: omxVCM4P10_DeblockLuma_I.c
* OpenMAX DL: v1.0.2
* Revision: 9641
* Date: Thursday, February 7, 2008
* H.264 luma deblock
#include "omxtypes.h"
#include "armOMX.h"
#include "omxVC.h"
#include "armCOMM.h"
#include "armVC.h"
* Function: omxVCM4P10_DeblockLuma_I
* Description:
* This function performs deblock filtering the horizontal and vertical edges of a luma macroblock
* Remarks:
* Parameters:
* [in] pSrcDst pointer to the input macroblock. Must be 8-byte aligned.
* [in] srcdstStep image width
* [in] pAlpha pointer to a 2x2 table of alpha thresholds, organized as follows: { external
* vertical edge, internal vertical edge, external horizontal
* edge, internal horizontal edge }
* [in] pBeta pointer to a 2x2 table of beta thresholds, organized as follows: { external
* vertical edge, internal vertical edge, external horizontal edge,
* internal horizontal edge }
* [in] pThresholds pointer to a 16x2 table of threshold (TC0), organized as follows: { values for
* the left or above edge of each 4x4 block, arranged in vertical block order
* and then in horizontal block order)
* [in] pBS pointer to a 16x2 table of BS parameters arranged in scan block order for vertical edges and then horizontal edges;
* valid in the range [0,4] with the following restrictions: i) pBS[i]== 4 may occur only for 0<=i<=3, ii) pBS[i]== 4 if and only if pBS[i^1]== 4. Must be 4-byte aligned.
* [out] pSrcDst pointer to filtered output macroblock.
* Return Value:
* OMX_Sts_NoErr - no error
* OMX_Sts_BadArgErr - bad arguments
* - Either of the pointers in pSrcDst, pAlpha, pBeta, pTresholds or pBS is NULL.
* - pSrcDst is not 8-byte aligned.
* - srcdstStep is not a multiple of 8
* - pBS is out of range, i.e., one of the following conditions is true: pBS[i]<0, pBS[i]>4, pBS[i]==4 for i>=4, or (pBS[i]==4 && pBS[i^1]!=4) for 0<=i<=3.
OMXResult omxVCM4P10_DeblockLuma_I(
OMX_U8* pSrcDst,
OMX_S32 srcdstStep,
const OMX_U8* pAlpha,
const OMX_U8* pBeta,
const OMX_U8* pThresholds,
const OMX_U8 *pBS
OMXResult errorCode;
armRetArgErrIf(pSrcDst == NULL, OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
armRetArgErrIf(armNot8ByteAligned(pSrcDst), OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
armRetArgErrIf(srcdstStep & 7, OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
armRetArgErrIf(pAlpha == NULL, OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
armRetArgErrIf(pBeta == NULL, OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
armRetArgErrIf(pThresholds == NULL, OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
armRetArgErrIf(armNot4ByteAligned(pThresholds), OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
armRetArgErrIf(pBS == NULL, OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
armRetArgErrIf(armNot4ByteAligned(pBS), OMX_Sts_BadArgErr);
errorCode = omxVCM4P10_FilterDeblockingLuma_VerEdge_I(
pSrcDst, srcdstStep, pAlpha, pBeta, pThresholds, pBS);
armRetArgErrIf(errorCode != OMX_Sts_NoErr, errorCode)
errorCode = omxVCM4P10_FilterDeblockingLuma_HorEdge_I(
pSrcDst, srcdstStep, pAlpha+2, pBeta+2, pThresholds+16, pBS+16);
return errorCode;