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* Generic advertisement service (GAS) server
* Copyright (c) 2017, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.
* Copyright (c) 2020, The Linux Foundation
* Copyright (c) 2022, Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.
* This software may be distributed under the terms of the BSD license.
* See README for more details.
#ifndef GAS_SERVER_H
#define GAS_SERVER_H
struct gas_server;
struct gas_server * gas_server_init(void *ctx,
void (*tx)(void *ctx, int freq,
const u8 *da,
struct wpabuf *buf,
unsigned int wait_time));
void gas_server_deinit(struct gas_server *gas);
int gas_server_register(struct gas_server *gas,
const u8 *adv_proto_id, u8 adv_proto_id_len,
struct wpabuf *
(*req_cb)(void *ctx, void *resp_ctx, const u8 *sa,
const u8 *query, size_t query_len,
int *comeback_delay),
void (*status_cb)(void *ctx, struct wpabuf *resp,
int ok),
void *ctx);
int gas_server_rx(struct gas_server *gas, const u8 *da, const u8 *sa,
const u8 *bssid, u8 categ, const u8 *data, size_t len,
int freq);
void gas_server_tx_status(struct gas_server *gas, const u8 *dst, const u8 *data,
size_t data_len, int ack);
int gas_server_set_comeback_delay(struct gas_server *gas, void *resp_ctx,
u16 comeback_delay);
int gas_server_set_resp(struct gas_server *gas, void *resp_ctx,
struct wpabuf *resp);
bool gas_server_response_sent(struct gas_server *gas, void *resp_ctx);
static inline void gas_server_deinit(struct gas_server *gas)
#endif /* CONFIG_GAS_SERVER */
#endif /* GAS_SERVER_H */