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#include <stdint.h>
#include "radiotap.h"
/* Radiotap header iteration
* implemented in radiotap.c
struct radiotap_override {
uint8_t field;
uint8_t align:4, size:4;
struct radiotap_align_size {
uint8_t align:4, size:4;
struct ieee80211_radiotap_namespace {
const struct radiotap_align_size *align_size;
int n_bits;
uint32_t oui;
uint8_t subns;
struct ieee80211_radiotap_vendor_namespaces {
const struct ieee80211_radiotap_namespace *ns;
int n_ns;
* struct ieee80211_radiotap_iterator - tracks walk thru present radiotap args
* @this_arg_index: index of current arg, valid after each successful call
* to ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_next()
* @this_arg: pointer to current radiotap arg; it is valid after each
* call to ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_next() but also after
* ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_init() where it will point to
* the beginning of the actual data portion
* @this_arg_size: length of the current arg, for convenience
* @current_namespace: pointer to the current namespace definition
* (or internally %NULL if the current namespace is unknown)
* @is_radiotap_ns: indicates whether the current namespace is the default
* radiotap namespace or not
* @overrides: override standard radiotap fields
* @n_overrides: number of overrides
* @_rtheader: pointer to the radiotap header we are walking through
* @_max_length: length of radiotap header in cpu byte ordering
* @_arg_index: next argument index
* @_arg: next argument pointer
* @_next_bitmap: internal pointer to next present u32
* @_bitmap_shifter: internal shifter for curr u32 bitmap, b0 set == arg present
* @_vns: vendor namespace definitions
* @_next_ns_data: beginning of the next namespace's data
* @_reset_on_ext: internal; reset the arg index to 0 when going to the
* next bitmap word
* Describes the radiotap parser state. Fields prefixed with an underscore
* must not be used by users of the parser, only by the parser internally.
struct ieee80211_radiotap_iterator {
struct ieee80211_radiotap_header *_rtheader;
const struct ieee80211_radiotap_vendor_namespaces *_vns;
const struct ieee80211_radiotap_namespace *current_namespace;
unsigned char *_arg, *_next_ns_data;
le32 *_next_bitmap;
unsigned char *this_arg;
const struct radiotap_override *overrides;
int n_overrides;
int this_arg_index;
int this_arg_size;
int is_radiotap_ns;
int _max_length;
int _arg_index;
uint32_t _bitmap_shifter;
int _reset_on_ext;
extern int ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_init(
struct ieee80211_radiotap_iterator *iterator,
struct ieee80211_radiotap_header *radiotap_header,
int max_length, const struct ieee80211_radiotap_vendor_namespaces *vns);
extern int ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_next(
struct ieee80211_radiotap_iterator *iterator);
#endif /* __RADIOTAP_ITER_H */