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S_LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
ifneq ($(filter VER_0_8_X VER_2_1_DEVEL,$(WPA_SUPPLICANT_VERSION)),)
# The order of the 2 Android.mks does matter!
# TODO: Clean up the Android.mks, reset all the temporary variables at the
# end of each, so that one doesn't depend on variables
# set up in the other
include $(S_LOCAL_PATH)/hostapd/ \
ifneq ($(TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT), user)
ifeq ($(shell test $(PLATFORM_VERSION_LAST_STABLE) -ge 8 ; echo $$?), 0)
include $(S_LOCAL_PATH)/hs20/client/
endif #End of Check for platform version
endif #End of Check for target build variant