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* SHA-1 in C
* By Steve Reid <>
* 100% Public Domain
// Ported to C++, Google style, under namespace rtc and uses basictypes.h
#include "webrtc/base/basictypes.h"
namespace rtc {
struct SHA1_CTX {
uint32 state[5];
// TODO: Change bit count to uint64.
uint32 count[2]; // Bit count of input.
uint8 buffer[64];
#define SHA1_DIGEST_SIZE 20
void SHA1Init(SHA1_CTX* context);
void SHA1Update(SHA1_CTX* context, const uint8* data, size_t len);
void SHA1Final(SHA1_CTX* context, uint8 digest[SHA1_DIGEST_SIZE]);
#endif // WEBRTC_BASE_SHA1_H_
} // namespace rtc