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Bugs reported after the release of 3.4.1. Not sure what happened to
any record of bugs reported after the release of 3.4.0. Oh well.
For ref:
(3.4.1.RC1: 24 Feb 2009, vex r1884, valgrind r9253).
(3.4.1: 28 Feb 2009, vex r1884, valgrind r9293).
185128 Helgrind: hg_main.c:3860 (hg_handle_client_request):
Assertion 'found' failed.
185499 testcase usability kde brainfuck
185517 Wrong write detection
185794 "WARNING: unhandled syscall: 285" (fallocate) on x86_64
in several tools
185801 exp-ptrcheck: evaluate_Dwarf3_Expr: unhandled DW_OP_ 0x93
185816 Valgrind is unable to handle debug info for files with
split debug info that are prelinked afterwards
186238 bbToIR_AMD64: disInstr miscalculated next %rip
186248 Support full AMD floating-point implementation.
186507 exp-ptrcheck unhandled syscalls prctl, etc.
186790 Suppression pattern used for leaks are not reported
186796 Symbols with length>200 in suppression files are ignored
157154 documentation (leak-resolution doc speaks about num-callers
def=4) + what is a loss record
186963 Report mutexes humanic names
187043 sched_getcpu() produces Segmentation Fault
187048 mutex PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED attribute missinterpretation
187416 support for __NR_{setregid,setreuid,setresuid} in
187680 valgrind: the 'impossible' happened (probably invalid)
187760 valgrind: the 'impossible' happened: VG_(arena_memalign)
188038 Helgrind internal error
188046 bashisms in the configure script
188127 vex amd64->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0xF0 0xF 0xB0 0xA
(ancient cmpxchg stuff, probably invalid now)
188161 valgrind --track-origins=yes asserts (transient trunk
stuff, now fixed?)
188248 pthread_cleanup_push, pthread_rwlock_unlock, assertion
fail "!lock->heldBy"
188258 javascript fragment gives different result under valgrind
(requires SSSE3 exns; cant easily fix?)
188427 Add support for epoll_create1 (with patch)
188530 Support for SIOCGSTAMPNS
188560 Include valgrind.spec in the tarball
188572 Valgrind on Mac should suppress setenv() mem leak
188656 valgrind doesn't build on x86_64 machine (INVALID)
188657 Massif: ms_main.c:1700 (update_stack_stats): Assertion
'stacks_szB >= -stack_szB_delta' failed
188735 Cachegrind fails to produce any output on java apps
188969 thread's stack is not computed correctly
188984 Data corruption for returned from function long double
(fp grumblings)
189028 impossible happend in unlinkBlock (m_mallocfree.c:206)
(usual memory corruption) -- invalid
189054 Valgrind fails to build because of duplicate non-local
asm labels
189143 crash when running using wine to run vcsetup.exe under
189183 valgrind core dump on aix5.3 platform
189232 Illegal opcode - unhandled instruction bytes: 0xCB 0x55
0x8B 0xEC
189361 Cache simulation slightly wrong
189661 Valgrind on Mac hangs on a race-condition
189737 vex amd64->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0xAC (lods)
189762 epoll_create syscall not handled (in ptrcheck)
189763 drd assertion failure: s_threadinfo[tid].is_recording
190219 unhandled syscall: 328 (x86-linux, __NR_eventfd2 ?)
190390 Allow to set the number of frames for helgrind conflicts
190391 okular crashes helgrind
190429 Valgrind reports lost of errors in with x86_64
2.9.90 glibc
(next 2 are wine-specific)
190660 False warnings for _strlen
190675 Spurious error "Wrong time stamp of .PDB file"
190820 No debug information on powerpc-linux
(-- 27 Apr 09 --)