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---------- Legend --------------------------------------------------
n-i-bz = not in bugzilla
pending = is scheduled to be fixed (or at least considered) on this branch
wontfix = will not fix on this branch
many = fix composed of many commits
WF = waiting for feedback from bug reporter
PRI: 33 = fix this for 3.3.1
Vfd = fix has been verified on 3.3.X branch
*** definitely fix
### merge fix to 3.3 branch
??? marginal
NNN won't fix
Vfd fix has been verified on 3.3.X branch
Fxd fixed
---------- Bugs reported after (in) 3.3.1 --------------------------
LOW/MED/HIGH describe impact of bug
HIGH - major loss of functionality, no workaround
MED - loss of functionality, not critical or workaround possible
LOW - minor incorrectness, ought-to-fix etc
re Keller vpath bug, don't use attached patch; use Ashley's one
instead (on @dev ?)
disInstr(ppc): unhandled instruction: 0x7C1F42A6
primary 31(0x1F), secondary 678(0x2A6)
"Gupta Richa", users@, 3 Apr 08
(0x7C1F42A6 == mfsprg r0,7)
// not fixed in 3.4.0 -- triaged, but low prio
126255 Wont pend vex x86->IR: 0xDF 0x75 (fbstp) (x87 BCD stores)
140939 MED pend --track-fds reports leakage of stdout/in/err and
doesn't respect -q, w/ patch
149878 LOW pend (proper) check for calloc integer overflow
(possibly with a viable patch now)
156065 LOW pend VALGRIND_MEMPOOL_ALLOC vs. zero-size allocs
triggers false "overlapping" error
158042 WF,LOW pend --db-attach at invalid free() gives broken stack
trace on x86_64
Can't repro; reported queried
158730 Wont pend ppc: illegal opcode crash on instruction fctiwz
Not sure this does have anything to do with fctiwz.
VEX generates code that doesn't run on e500
159501 MED pend incorrect handling of ALSA ioctls
(has two patches, looks reasonable)
159659 Wont pend scas does not use ES segment selector
159720 Wont pend Opcode 0xFF 0x58 0xEB 0x5 unhandled on x86
(this is a "lcall" or callf -- far call)
(no test case)
160595 Wont pend Why my program hang-up when work with valgrind ?
(no info so far, probably a threading bug in client)
160872 MED pend race errors reported where
(might be a problem with pthread_setspecific)
161374 WF,HIGH pend SYS_readdir syscall not implemented
will fix if reporter supplies a test case
161609 LOW pend Results returned by VG_(get_StackTrace)() do not
match its documentation
162020 MED pend Valgrinding an empty/zero-byte file crashes valgrind
162229 LOW pend VALGRIND_DO_LEAK_CHECK emits false positive
162456 ??? pend valgrind-3.2.3 on ppc fails
problem undetermined (probably close)
162630 Fixd many hg_main.c:926 (mk_SHVAL_fail): the 'impossible' happened.
162718 ??? pend x86: avoid segment selector 0 in sys_set_thread_area()
decide if this is a problem or not
163253 ??? pend canonicaliseSymtab forgot some fields in DiSym
is this correct?
163910 LOW pend Typo in Helgrind's Documentation
164298 Wont pend Valgrind asserts on finitel with long double using
gcc-4.3 -- closed as wontfix
164485 MED pend VG_N_SEGNAMES and VG_N_SEGMENTS are (still) too small
165417 LOW pend helgrind/tests/hg05_race2: VG_(get_data_description)()
succeeds on x86 and amd64 but fails on ppc
165468 LOW pend Inconsistent formatting in memcheck manual
165598 ??? pend fixed mmap() regions (via MAP_FIXED) cause various
strange failures
(I think this should be closed as invalid)
166355 HIGH,WF pend unshare syscall not supported (amd64, #272)
167212 ??? pend Valgrind does not attach to GDB correctly, traceback
spits garbage
167483 LOW pend __libc_freeres error valgrind with shared libraries with
multiple --rpath (w/ repro case)
167640 HIGH,WF pend un-efficient memory management cause segmentation fault
w/ test case
Can't reproduce
167676 ??? pend Valgrind loads wrong threading library on Red Hat 9
167700 HIGH,WF pend vex x86->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0xD5 0x36 0x5B
0xC3 (aad)
168538 ??? pend Poor detection of stacks for clone can lead to
bad results, w/ patch
Looks plausible
169539 WF pend mremap fails on specific address on 32-bit memcheck
w/ test case
(not clear if this is still valid)
169562 MED pend memcheck warns on some unaligned bcopy()s
w/ test case
169957 LOW pend Bad report about stack memory after long jump
from signal handler, w/ test case
170510 MED pend Don't warn about ioctl of size 0 without
direction hint, w/ patch
171627 ??? pend Valgrind macros change program behavior
175138 WF pend aspacem assertion failed: segment_is_sane at
m_aspacemgr/aspacemgr-linux.c:1412 (add_segment)
FAQ.html and FAQ.html (Greg Czajknowski, @users, 21 Nov 08)
Better return values from VG_(record_error) (kcc)
%gs register not implemented in amd64 (test prog, 15 Dec)
// not fixed in 3.4.0 -- not triaged
175721 unexpected summarise_context messages
175819 Support for ipv6 socket reporting with --track-fds
175984 LDT is process-shared, not per-thread
175985 missing modify_ldt syscall support on x86_64
176641 The 'impossible' happened (dup of kernel bug)
176926 memcheck floating point exception at valgrind startup with PPC 440EPX
178092 Incomplete stack traces when using makecontext/swapcontext
// 22 Dec 2008
---------- Bugs fixed in 3.4.0 -------------------------------------
n-i-bz Fixd 8048 Make return types for some of the requests 64-bit clean
n-i-bz Fixd 8760 glibc 2.9 support
n-i-bz Fixd 8800 ignore unsafe .valgrindrc's (CVE-2008-4865)
n-i-bz Fixd 8812 MPI_Init(0,0) is valid but libmpiwrap.c segfaults
n-i-bz Fixd ???? Building in an env without gdb gives bogus gdb attach
92456 Fixd many Tracing the origin of uninitialised memory
106497 Fixd ???? Valgrind does not demangles some C++template symbols
162222 Fixd ???? ==106497
151612 Fixd 8725-7 Suppression with "..." (w/ good patch)
156404 Fixd 8712/3 Unable to start oocalc under memcheck on openSUSE
10.3 (64-bit)
159285 Fixd 8736 unhandled syscall:25 (stime, on x86-linux)
159452 Fixd 8734 unhandled ioctl 0x8B01 on "valgrind iwconfig"
w/ plausible-looking patch
160954 Fixd 1870,1 ppc build of valgrind crashes with illegal instruction
== 161251
160956 Fixd 7888 mallinfo implementation, w/ patch
162092 Fixd 8729,32 Valgrind fails to start gnome-system-monitor
162819 ??? 8285/6 malloc_free_fill test doesn't pass on glibc2.8 x86
need to look at this
163794 Fixd 8228 assertion failure with "--track-origins=yes"
163933 Fixd 8229 sigcontext.err and .trapno must be set together
163955 Fixd 8722 remove pointless constraint !(--db-attach=yes &&
164476 Fixd 8263,6 Missing kernel module loading system calls
164669 Fixd r8747 SVN regression: mmap() drops posix file locks
166581 Fixd 8704 Callgrind output corruption when program forks
167288 Fixd 8731 Patch file for missing system calls on Cell BE
168943 Fixd vx1872 unsupported scas instruction pentium
171645 Fixd vx1869 Unrecognised instruction (MOVSD, non-binutils
172417 Fixd vx1867 x86->IR: 0x82 ...
172563 Fixd vx???? amd64->IR: 0xD9 0xF5 - fprem1
173099 Fixd 8758 .lds linker script generation error
173177 Fixd 8720 [x86_64] WARNING: unhandled syscall: 125/126/179
173751 Fixd vx1876 amd64->IR: 0x48 0xF 0x6F 0x45
(even more redundant prefixes)
174532 WF DUP amd64->IR: 0x48 0xF 0xED 0x0
== 173751
174908 Fixd 8774 --log-file value not expanded correctly for core file
175044 Fixd 8769 Add lookup_dcookie for amd64
175150 Fixd vx1873 x86->IR: 0xF2 0xF 0x11 0xC1 (movss xmm1, xmm0)
non-binutils encoding
---------- Bugs fixed in 3.3.1 -------------------------------------
// Changes in 3.3.1 only below here
r1816 (x86 CondNS after SUBB)
r1817 (amd64 CondNS after SUBB)
r1833 (both, CondNZ after SUBW)
merged; 1847
r7795 (handle r-x mapped .bss sections - merge to trunk)
r8058 r8059 Vfd n-i-bz Massif segfaults at exit
vx1832 vx1839 Vfd n-i-bz Memcheck asserts on Altivec code
r7299 r8081 Mgd n-i-bz fix sizeof bug in Helgrind
r7322 r8073 Mgd n-i-bz check fd on sys_llseek
r7323 r8082 Mgd n-i-bz update syscall lists to kernel
r7324 r8076 Mgd n-i-bz support sys_sync_file_range
r7334 r8078 Mgd n-i-bz handle sys_sysinfo, sys_getresuid,
sys_getresgid on ppc64-linux
r7350 r8080 Mgd n-i-bz intercept memcpy in 64-bit's
r8047 r8148 Mgd n-i-bz Fix wrappers for sys_{futimesat,utimensat}
vx1836/7 vx1845 Vfd 126389 vex x86->IR: 0xF 0xAE (FXRSTOR)
== 158525
vx1838 vx1846 Vfd 152818 vex x86->IR: 0xF3 0xAC (repz lodsb)
vx1834 vx1843 Vfd 153196 vex x86->IR: 0xF2 0xA6 (repnz cmpsb)
vx1807 vx1840 Mgd 155011 vex x86->IR: 0xCF (iret)
r7347 r8085 Mgd 155091 Warning [...] unhandled DW_OP_ opcode 0x23
Vfd 155528 support Core2/SSSE3 insns on x86/amd64
r7355 r7356 Mgd 155929 ms_print fails on massif outputs
containing long lines
r7399 r8083 Mgd 157665 valgrind fails on shmdt(0) after shmat to 0
vx1835 vx1844 Vfd 157748 support x86 PUSHFW/POPFW
r7454 r8084 Mgd 158212 hg: handle pthread_rwlock_try{rd,wr}lock.
r8049 r8086 Vfd 158425 sys_poll incorrectly emulated when RES==0
vx1848 vx1849 Vfd 158744 vex amd64->IR: 0xF0 0x41 0xF 0xC0 (xaddb)
r7917,8051 OR r7942,r7983,r8051
r8148 Mgd 160907 Support for a couple of recent Linux syscalls
r7917 r8148 Mgd 161285 Patch -- support for eventfd() syscall
vx1826 vx1842 Vfd 161378 illegal opcode in debug libm (FUCOMPP)
== 160136
r8065/8 r8069 Mgd 161487 number of suppressions files is limited to 10
r7361 r7362 Mgd 162386 ms_print typo in milliseconds time unit for
r7895 r8063 Mgd 161036 exp-drd: client allocated memory was never freed
r8092 r8143 Mgd n-i-bz libmpiwrap.c: add a wrapper for MPI_Waitany
r8140 r8145 Mgd n-i-bz helgrind support for glibc-2.8
r8144 r8146 Vfd n-i-bz partial fix for mc_leakcheck.c:698 assert:
'lc_shadows[i]->data + lc_shadows[i] ...
various r8148 Mgd 162663 signalfd_wrapper fails on 64bit linux
r8154 r8155 Mgd n-i-bz Massif/Cachegrind output corruption when
programs fork
vx1853 vx1854 33 n-i-bz regalloc: don't incorrectly omit spill stores