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n-i-bz = not in bugzilla
pending = is scheduled to be fixed (or at least considered) on this branch
wontfix = will not fix on this branch
many = fix composed of many commits
sse3fix = fixed by the SSE3 commits
[W] = waiting for feedback from bug reporter
PRI: 32 = fix this for 3.2.2
Vfd = fix has been verified on 3.2.X branch
s93 = possible SuSE 9.3 amd64 assembler bug
Add regtest for #149519.
n-i-bz r6783/6784 x86_linux_REDIR_FOR_index() broken (Fri Jul 27)
n-i-bz vx1794 priv/guest-amd64/toIR.c:2512 (dis_op2_E_G): Assertion
`0' failed. (Michael Abshoff, users@, Sat Aug 11)
n-i-bz vx1786,r6791 x86 INT insn (29 June) (INT (0xCD) 0x40 - 0x43)
n-i-bz r7195 Add sys_utimensat system call for Linux x86 platform
79844 fixed Helgrind complains about race condition which does not exist
82871 fixed Massif output function names too short
89061 fixed Massif: ms_main.c:485 (get_XCon): Assertion `xpt->max_chi...
92615 fixed Write output from Massif at crash
95483 fixed massif feature request: include peak allocation in report
112163 fixed MASSIF crashed with signal 7 (SIGBUS) after running 2 days
119404 r7175 problems running setuid executables (partial fix)
121629 fixed add instruction-counting mode for timing
124478 glibc-fix memcheck reports uninitialized bytes on
timer_create() while it should not
127371 fixed java vm giving unhandled instruction bytes:
0x26 0x2E 0x64 0x65
128359 glibc-fix Please suppress the uninitialized bytes report
on getifaddrs() (glibc 2.3.3)
129937 fixed ==150380
129576 fixed Massif loses track of memory, incorrect graphs
132132 fixed massif --format=html output does not do html entity escaping
132950 wontfix Heap alloc/usage summary
133962 vx1792 unhandled instruction bytes: 0xF2 0x4C 0xF 0x10
134990 fixed use -fno-stack-protector if possible
136382 ==134990
137396 fixed :-) I would really like helgrind to work again...
137714 vx1787 x86/amd64->IR: 0x66 0xF 0xF7 0xC6 (maskmovq, maskmovdq)
141631 fixed Massif: percentages don't add up correctly
142706 fixed massif numbers don't seem to add up
143062 fixed massif crashes on app exit with signal 8 SIGFPE
144453 fixed (get_XCon): Assertion 'xpt->max_children != 0' failed.
145559 r7168 valgrind aborts when malloc_stats is called
145609 r7191 valgrind aborts all runs with 'repeated section!'
145622 r7183 --db-attach broken again on x86-64
145837 fixed ==149519
145887 r7193 PPC32: getitimer() system call is not supported (patch)
146252 fixed ==150678
146456 fixed (update_XCon): Assertion 'xpt->curr_space >= -space_delta'...
146701 fixed ==134990
146781 r7169 Adding support for private futexes
147325 r7170 valgrind internal error on syscall (SYS_io_destroy, 0)
147498 vx1795 amd64->IR: 0xF0 0xF 0xB0 0xF (lock cmpxchg %cl,(%rdi))
147628 vx1796 SALC opcode 0xd6 unimplemented
147825 r6793 crash on amd64-linux with gcc 4.2 and glibc 2.6 (CFI)
148096 VALGRIND_MALLOCLIKE_BLOCK not working correctly?
148174 r6855 Incorrect type of freed_list_volume causes
assertion with large memory allocations
148254 marginal crash writing global var on ppc64 from instrumentation fn
148363 marginal amd64->IR: 0x65 0x4C 0x8B 0x1C (mov %gs:0x10,%r11)
148447 vx1776 x86_64 : new NOP codes: 66 66 66 66 2e 0f 1f
148742 cantrepro Leak-check fails assert on exit
148984 invalid unhandled instruction bytes: 0xF3 0xDD 0x6 0xF3
149182 vx1784/5 PPC Trap instructions not implemented in valgrind
149838 marginal x86->IR: 0xF 0xAE 0xD 0xE0 (FXRSTOR ?)
149504 fixed Assertion hit on alloc_xpt->curr_space >= -space_delta
149519 r6813/4 ppc32: V aborts with SIGSEGV on execution of a signal handler
149878 marginal add (proper) check for calloc integer overflow
149892 fixed ==137714
150044 r7171 SEGV during stack deregister
150045 fixable?? Valgrind doesn't recognize pthread stack as a stack
when context switching
150380 r7191 dwarf/gcc interoperation (dwarf3 read problems)
150408 fixed ==148447
150678 vx1798 priv/guest-amd64/toIR.c:3741 (dis_Grp5): Assertion
`sz == 4' failed when running Mono on x86_64
150681 Check definedness of client request arguments
151209 r7028 V unable to execute programs for users with UID > 2^16
151570 cantrepro Bogus "Conditional jump ..." error with bit field (3.1.1)
151886 PRIO Suppression entry Memcheck:Param ignored
151908 stalled --db-attach unimplemented on ppc64
151935 bogus --db-command= not parsed properly in .valgrindrc
151938 r7192 help on --db-command= misleading
152022 r7147 subw $0x28, %%sp causes assertion failure in memcheck
152357 vx1799 inb and outb not recognized in 64-bit mode
152501 vx1800 vex x86->IR: 0x27 0x66 0x89 0x45 (daa)
152818 vx1801 vex x86->IR: 0xF3 0xAC 0xFC 0x9C (rep lodsb)
---------- Bugs reported after (in) 3.2.3 --------------------------
//// possibly fix these for a 3.2.4 ?
r6566 r6710 32 n-i-bz AT_FDCWD support for openat()
r6575 r6693 32 n-i-bz walk_type: unhandled base type 0xe PACKED
r6692 r6694 32 n-i-bz libmpiwrap.c: {REAL,INTEGER}{4,8}, 2INT
pending pending 140939 --track-fds reports leakage of
stdout/in/err and doesn't respect -q
pending pending 141366 Add sys_vserver support to valgrind (w/ patch)
pending pending 140522 valgrind 3.2.2 libmpiwrap: MPI_STATUS_IGNORE
and MPI_STATUSES_IGNORE not supported
and makes a valid MPI program crash.
vx1735 vx1750 32 141790 Missing amd64 x87 insns (FCOM, FCOMPP)
vx1761 vx1762 32 n-i-bz Missing amd64 x87 insns (FCOMP)
r6608 r6723 32 n-i-bz intercept for __memmove_chk
r6593 r6711 32 139363 callgrind: fix --collect-systime=yes
with "no instrumentation" mode
r6601 r6712 32 n-i-bz callgrind: Fix threads display
of "callgrind_control -s"
r6734 r6740 32 n-i-nz Callgrind: improve documentation
r6622 r6713 32 n-i-bz .eh_frame crud for m_trampoline.S fns
r6630 pending n-i-bz add additional ptrace reason codes
r6631 pending 142186 add I2C ioctl support
r6830 r6831 n-i-bz division by zero in massif verbose output
r7028 pending 151209 valgrind unable to execute programs for users with UID > 2^16
XXX Ashley logfile qualifiers in coredumps patch
r6612 r6718 32 142228 RedHat8: complaint of elf_dynamic_do_rela
r6646 r6718 32 142229 RedHat8: unexpected "write(buf) points
to uninitialised byte(s)" (partial fix)
vx1736 vx1751 32 133984 int3 (x86) support
vx1741 vx1751 32 133984 int3 (amd64) support
r6599 r6714 32 n-i-bz Correctly handle DW_CFA_def_cfa_sf
vx1737 vx1752 32 n-i-bz x86->IR: 26 2E 64 65 90 %es:%cs:%fs:%gs:nop
vx1739 vx1753 32 n-i-bz ppc64 iselWordExpr_AMode fix
r6641 r6715 32 n-i-bz handle sys_ioprio_set on amd64-linux
vx1740 vx1754 32 n-i-bz handle REX.W fsqrt
r6721 r6724 32 144112 undefined reference to __stack_chk_fail
possible false errors on amd64 cmpq/jae, cmpq/jbe
r6649 r6716 32 n-i-bz 64-bit allocation counts?
r6665 r6666 142488 ~/.valgrindrc is loaded twice if CWD==HOME
r6656 r6717 n-i-bz Clarify the "out of memory" message.
6655/6657 SSE3 feature tests for regtests
vx1742/3 vx1755 32 143079,142279
fix some asserts in x86/amd64 front ends
vx1748 vx1757 32 143354 return nodecode instead of panic or
assert failures
== 142279
== 143079
142104 pinsrw and pmovmskb with 64-bit regs
r6668 r6669 142197 Tool-prefixed options like
--massif:alloc-fn=foo are broken
r6671 r6672 142491 Maximise use of alloc_fns array
vx1747 vx1756 32 143817 Unused bitfield pad bits confuse memcheck
XXXX check that x86/amd64 backends can deal with Shl8
vx1749 vx1758 32 143907 sahf/lahf on amd64
r6728 r6279 32 n-i-bz ppc-linux startup stack overflow fix
XXX increase #segs and #segnames from 5000/1000 ?
vx1760,r6725 n-i-bz gcc-4.2 build fixes
XXX 143924: --db-attach=yes and --trace-children=yes
r6745 r6743 32 n-i-bz Documentation overhaul
r6746/7/8 pending n-i-bz Improve callgrind documentation
r6749 pending n-i-bz callgrind_annotate: Fix a warning
r6751 pending n-i-bz callgrind: fix build with srcdir != builddir
r6744/53 r6762 32 n-i-bz valgrind: glibc 2.6 support
r6756 r6755 32 n-i-bz handle MPI_DOUBLE_PRECISION
r6758 r6760 32 n-i-bz handle a whole bunch of MPI2 types
r6861 pending 149963 fix behavior with callgrind runs of another user
//// maybe do not fix in 3.2 branch
64 bit DWARF in unwind (r6610) (definitely merge (??))
get rid of kludge_then_addDiCfSI (r6611; do not merge)
r6630 pending ?? ptrace extra reason codes
r6631 pending ?? 142186 dd support for some I2C ioctls.
r6706 pending no n-i-bz memcheck: wrap getenv/setenv/putenv
Christoph Bartoschek m_hashtable.c fixes, dev@, 11 July
Christoph Bartoschek Superblock slowness test case, users@, 11 July
3.2.4 criteria: FC7 runs, SuSE 10.3a? runs, gcc-4.2 works OK
------- Bugs reported and fixed in 3.2.3 ------
vx1731 vx1732 32 n-i-bz vex: the `impossible' happened:
eqIRConst (users, 25 Jan 07)
[Regression from 3.2.1]
r6553,6 r6558 32 n-i-bz DirkM __stpcpy_chk intercept
---------- Bugs reported prior to, and not fixed in, 3.2.3 ---------
pending pending 124478 memcheck reports uninitialized bytes on
pending pending 128359 Please suppress the uninitialized bytes
report on getifaddrs() (glibc 2.3.3)
pending wontfix 133154 crash when using client requests to
register/deregister stack
pending pending 133327 support for voicetronix ioctl (w/patch)
pending pending 133679 Callgrind does not write path names to
sources with dwarf debug info
pending pending s93 133962 amd64->IR: 0xF2 0x4C 0xF 0x10 (rex64X ...)
pending pending s93 135023 amd64->IR: 0x49 0xDD 0x86 0xE0
(rex64Z fldl 0xe0(%r14))
pending pending s93 136529 Unhandled instruction error for legal
Signal race condition (users list, 13 June, Johannes Berg)
Unrecognised instruction at address 0x70198EC2 (users, 19 July, Bennee)
pending pending 133984 unhandled instruction bytes:
0xCC 0x89 0xEC 0x31 (int3)
pending pending 134138 Stale default library used after reconfiguring
pending pending 134219 Launcher defaults to ppc32-linux even
with --enable-only64bit
pending pending 134316 Callgrind does not distinguish between
parent and child
XXX: check status of Core2 cpuid code
pending pending 135026 incorrect complaint that shm_nattch is
pending pending 135264 ppc->IR: dcbzl instruction missing
pending pending 136401 off-by-one in ESP checking
pending pending n-i-bz amd64 INCW-CondZ (André Wöbbeking,
users, Oct 19) (== Espindola #1)
pending pending 137830 crash upon delivery of SIGALRM (NPTL)
(can't reproduce)
pending pending 138019 valgrind memcheck crashes with SIGSEGV
pending pending 139076 valgrind VT_GETSTATE error
pending pending 138702 amd64->IR: 0xF0 0xF 0xC0 0x90
(lock xadd %dl,0xb5(%rax))
v6632 pending 139300 support linux key management system calls
------- Bugs reported and fixed in 3.2.2 ------
vx1709 vx1710 Vfd 129390 ppc?->IR: some kind of VMX prefetch (dstt)
vx1722 vx1724 Vfd 129968 amd64->IR: 0xF 0xAE 0x0 (fxsave)
r6242? r6438 Vfd 133054 'make install' fails with syntax errors
r6481 r6480 Vfd 132998 startup fails in when running on UML
(/proc/self/map start==end problem)
r6439 r6440 Vfd 134207 pkg-config output contains @VG_PLATFORM@
vx1660 vx1690 32 n-i-bz %eflags rule for SUBL-CondNLE
v6084 v6421 Vfd 134727 valgrind exits with "Value too large
for defined data type"
vx1667 vx1691 Vfd n-i-bz ppc32/64: support mcrfs
v6211 v6422 Vfd n-i-bz Cachegrind: Update cache parameter detection
vx1672 vx1692 Vfd 135012 x86->IR: 0xD7 0x8A 0xE0 0xD0 (xlat)
vx1673/4 vx1693 Vfd 126147 x86->IR: 0xF2 0xA5 0xF 0x77 (repne
movsw) w/test
vx1676 vx1694/6 Vfd 136650 amd64->IR: 0xC2 0x8 0x0
vx1679 vx1695 Vfd 135421 x86->IR: unhandled Grp5(R) case 6 [ok]
vx1675 vx1697 32 n-i-bz x86 COPY-CondP (Espindola #2, dev, Nov 1)
vx1677 vx1704 Vfd n-i-bz IR comments
vx1678 vx1698 Vfd n-i-bz jcxz (x86) (users, 8 Nov)
r6341 r6424 Vfd n-i-bz ExeContext hashing fix
r6356 r6425 Vfd n-i-bz Dwarf CFI 0:24 0:32 0:48 0:7 (Nov 8)
r6365 r6423 Vfd n-i-bz Drepper: obscure Cachegrind simulation bug
r6367 r6423 Vfd n-i-bz Same fix as r6365, but for Callgrind simulation.
r6371 r6426 Vfd n-i-bz libmpiwrap.c: fix handling of MPI_LONG_DOUBLE
r6374 r6427 Vfd n-i-bz make User errors suppressible (XXX: DOCS!)
r6377/8 r6428 Vfd 136844 corrupted malloc line when using
==138507 --gen-suppressions=yes
vx1686 vx1701 Vfd n-i-bz Reg-alloc speedups
r6382/3 r6429 Vfd n-i-bz Fix confusing leak-checker flag hints
r6384 r6385 Vfd n-i-bz Support recent autoswamp versions
r6291 r6430 Vfd n-i-bz ppc32/64 dispatcher speedups
vx1670/1 vx1699 Vfd n-i-bz ppc64 fe rld/rlw improvements
vx1669 vx1700 Vfd n-i-bz ppc64 be imm64 improvement (hdefs.c only)
Vfd 136300 support 64K pages on ppc64-linux
== 139124
r6404/5 r6431 Vfd n-i-bz fix ppc insn set tests for gcc >= 4.1
vx1711 vx1712 Vfd 137493 x86->IR: recent binutils no-ops
Vfd 137714 x86->IR: 0x66 0xF 0xF7 0xC6 (maskmovdqu)
r6444 r6445 Vfd 138424 "failed in UME with error 22"
(at least produce a better error msg)
== 138856
r6410 r6432 Vfd 138627 Enhancement of prctl ioctl
r6411 r6433 Vfd 138896 usb ioctl handling
== 136059
vx1705 vx1706 Vfd 139050 ppc32->IR: mfspr 268/269 instructions
not handled
Vfd n-i-bz ppc32->IR: lvxl/stvxl
r6462/3 r6464/5 32 n-i-bz glibc-2.5 support
r6469 r6470 32 n-i-bz memcheck: provide replacement for mempcpy
r6479 r6498 32 n-i-bz memcheck: replace bcmp in
32 n-i-bz Use 'ifndef' in VEX's Makefile correctly
r6473 r6474 32 n-i-bz Supps for MVL 4.0.1 on ppc32-linux
r6477 r6478 32 n-i-bz libmpiwrap.c: Fixes for MPICH
r6495 r6497 32 n-i-bz More robust handling of hinted client mmaps
r6526 r6528 32 139776 Invalid read in unaligned memcpy with
Intel compiler v9
r6502 r6503 32 n-i-bz Generate valid XML even for very long
fn names
r6514 r6515 32 n-i-bz Don't prompt about suppressions for unshown
reachable leaks (tests/nanoleak2.c)
r6505 r6504 32 n-i-bz ifort 9.1 on amd64 suppression
vx1725 vx1727 32 139910 amd64 rcl is not supported
r6510 r6513 32 n-i-bz unwinder: DW_CFA_undefined
r6509 r6512 32 n-i-bz fix stack unwinding w/ icc9 generated
code on amd64
vx1728 vx1729 32 n-i-bz fix false uninit-value errs in icc9
generated FP code
r6523 r6527 32 n-i-bz reduce extraneous frames in libmpiwrap.c
r6530 r6531 32 n-i-bz support pselect6 on amd64-linux
------- Bugs reported and fixed in 3.2.1 ------
SSE3 commits: vx1635,1636, v5997
v5974 v6013 n-i-bz Expanding brk() into last available page asserts
and VT_* ioctls
v5973 v6014 n-i-bz ppc64-linux stack RZ fast-case snafu
v5978 v6015 n-i-bz 'c' in --gen-supps=yes doesn't work
v5986 v6016 n-i-bz VG_N_SEGMENTS too low (users, 28 June)
v6030 v6031 n-i-bz VG_N_SEGNAMES too low (Stu Robinson)
sse3fix vx1646 Vfd 106852 x86->IR: fisttp (SSE3)
v5968 v6017 117172 FUTEX_WAKE does not use uaddr2
v5970 v6018 124039 Lacks support for VKI_[GP]IO_UNIMAP*
vx1639 vx1649 Vfd 127521 amd64->IR: 0xF0 0x48 0xF 0xC7 (cmpxchg8b)
vx1632/v5987 Vfd
vx1643/v6032 128917 amd64->IR: 0x66 0xF 0xF6 0xC4 (psadbw,SSE2)
v5988 v6019 129246 JJ: ppc32/ppc64 syscalls, w/ patch
sse3fix vx1646 Vfd 129358 x86->IR: fisttpl (SSE3)
v6003,4 v6025 Vfd 129866 cachegrind/callgrind causes executable to die
v5979 v6021 130020 Can't stat .so/.exe error while reading symbols
wontfix wontfix 130358 Inconsistent 80-bit floats on x86
v5983 v6022 130388 Valgrind aborts when process calls malloc_trim()
v5989 v6020 130638 PATCH: ppc32 missing system calls
vx1633 vx1644 130785 amd64->IR: unhandled instruction "pushfq"
vx1634 vx1645 131481: (HINT_NOP) vex x86->IR: 0xF 0x1F 0x0 0xF
131298 ==131481
vx1638 vx1648 Vfd 132146 Programs with long sequences of bswap[l,q]s
vx1655 vx1657 Vfd 132918 vex amd64->IR: 0xD9 0xF8 (fprem)
vx1652,3 vx1654 Vfd 132813 Assertion at priv/guest-x86/toIR.c:652 fails
v6040 v6041 133051 'cfsi->len > 0 && cfsi->len < 2000000' failed
v6036 v6037 132722 valgrind header files are not standard C
v5990 v6023 n-i-bz Livelocks entire machine (users list,
17 June, Timothy B. Terriberry)
v5991,4,6 v6024 n-i-bz Graydon leak checking fix
v5992,6006 wontfix n-i-bz Graydon mempool trim patch
v6001 v6026 n-i-bz Alex Bennee mmap problem (9 Aug)
v5999 v6027 n-i-bz BartV: Don't print more lines of a
stack-trace than were obtained.
v6010 v6028 n-i-bz ppc32 SuSE 10.1 redir
v6011 v6029 n-i-bz amd64 padding suppressions
vx1637 vx1647 n-i-bz amd64 insn printing fix.
vx1640,1 vx1650 n-i-bz ppc cmp reg,reg fix
vx1642 vx1651 n-i-bz x86/amd64 iropt e/rflag reduction rules
v6051 v6048 n-i-bz SuSE 10.1 (ppc32) minor fixes
vx1656 vx1658 Vfd 133678 amd64->IR: 0x48 0xF 0xC5 0xC0 (pextrw?)
v6049 v6054 Vfd 133694 aspacem assertion: aspacem_minAddr <= holeStart
v6043 v6055 n-i-bz callgrind: fix warning about malformed
creator line
v6044 v6056 n-i-bz callgrind: fix annotate script for data
produced with --dump-instr=yes
v6045, v6057 n-i-bz callgrind: fix failed assertion when
v6053 toggling instrumentation mode
v6064 v6067 n-i-bz callgrind_annotate: fix warnings with
v6059 v6060 n-i-bz docs path hardwired (Dennis Lubert)
v6068 v6066 n-i-bz Yet another X padding suppression