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n-i-bz = not in bugzilla
pending = is scheduled to be fixed (or at least considered) on this branch
wontfix = will not fix on this branch
many = fix composed of many commits
------- Bugs reported after (in) 3.1.1 ------
v5868 fixed 108258 NPTL pthread cleanup handlers not called
v5906 fixed 117290 valgrind is sigKILL'd on startup
v5414 fixed 118703 m_signals.c:1427 Assertion 'tst->status == VgTs_WaitSys'
low 118903 bash (2.05) doesn't support empty list in for-loop
low 119446 LinuxThread error suppressions not working
vx1617 fixed 118466 add %reg, %reg generates incorrect validity for bit 0
v5847 fixed 123210 New: strlen from ld-linux on amd64
v5838 fixed 123244 DWARF2 CFI reader: unhandled CFI instruction 0:18
v5785 fixed 123248 syscalls in glibc-2.4: openat, fstatat, symlinkat
low 123258 socketcall.recvmsg(msg.msg_iov[i] points to uninit
v5886 fixed 123535 mremap(new_addr) requires MREMAP_FIXED in 4th arg
???? fixed 123836 small typo in the doc
low 123837 semctl syscall: is 4th argument is optional ?
v5820/1 fixed 124029 ppc compile failed: `vor' gcc 3.3.5
low 124039 VKI_[GP]IO_UNIMAP* and VT_* ioctls
v5823 fixed 124222 Segfault: @@don't know what type ':' is
v5849 fixed 124475 ppc32: crash (syscall?) timer_settime()
low 124478 memcheck reports uninit'd bytes on timer_create()
vx1604 fixed 124499 amd64->IR: 0xF 0xE 0x48 0x85 (femms)
v5818 fixed 124528 FATAL: aspacem assertion failed: segment_is_sane
wontfix 124697 vex x86->IR: 0xF 0x70 0xC9 0x0 (pshufw)
vx1603 fixed 124892 vex x86->IR: 0xF3 0xAE (REPx SCASB)
v5849 fixed 124808 ppc32: sys_sched_getaffinity() not handled
v5823 fixed n-i-bz Very long stabs strings crash m_debuginfo
vx1602 fixed n-i-bz amd64->IR: 0x66 0xF 0xF5 (pmaddwd)
v5849 fixed 125492 ppc32: support a bunch more syscalls
v5852/5907 fixed 121617 ppc32/64: coredumping gives assertion failure
v5897 fixed 121814 Coregrind return error as exitcode patch
v5868 fixed 108528 NPTL pthread cleanup handlers not called
vx1612 fixed 125607 amd64->IR: 0x66 0xF 0xA3 0x2 (btw etc)
vx1613 fixed 125651 amd64->IR: 0xF8 0x49 0xFF 0xE3 (clc?)
AshleyP's XML merger / XML changes ?
segfaults on 2.4.24-cm32lnxi6plsd2pcsmp (x86)
fixed n-i-bz memcheck/tests/stack_changes
segfaults on ppc32-linux
vx1607 fixed 126253 x86 movx is wrong
vx1605/6 fixed 126451 3.2 SVN doesn't work on ppc32 CPU's without FPU
v5877 fixed 126217 increase # threads
n-i-bz none/tests/x86/int patch (devs, 29 Apr)
v5880 fixed n-i-bz vectorise copy_address_range_state
n-i-bz mpicc -fpic bug (Goedeken Richard, inbox)
vx1611 fixed 126243 vex x86->IR: popw mem
low 125265 vex x86->IR: 0xD9 0xD0 (fnop)
low 126257 vex x86->IR: 0xF2 0x0F 0xF0 0x40 (lddqu) (sse3)
low 126258 vex x86->IR: 0xDF 0x4D (fisttp) (sse3)
126384 rdpmc
126389 fxrstr
126400 addsubpd (sse3)
126417 haddpd (sse3)
126418 haddps (sse3)
126419 hsubps (sse3)
126420 hsubpd (sse3)
126421 movddup (sse3)
vx1615 fixed 126583 amd64->IR: 0x48 0xF 0xA4 0xC2 (shld $1,%rax,%rdx)
vx1614 fixed 126668 amd64->IR: 0x1C 0xFF (sbb $0xff,%al)
v5885 fixed 126696 support for CDROMREADRAW ioctl and CDROMREADTOCENTRY fix
v5888 fixed 126722 assertion: segment_is_sane at m_aspacemgr/aspacemgr.c:1624
v5884 fixed 126938 bad checking for syscalls linkat, renameat, symlinkat
vx1554 pending n-i-bz re-add stfiwx support (PPC32)
mpicc build failures?
------- Bugs reported prior to 3.1.1 ------
v5262 v5446 n-i-bz fsub 3,3,3 in ppc32 dispatcher doesn't clear NaNs
v5270 v5447 n-i-bz ppc32: __NR_{set,get}priority
v5384 wontfix 117096 Weird errors when --log-fd= has invalid value
v5968 pending 117172 FUTEX_WAKE does not use uaddr2
v5470 v5479 117332 missing line info with icc 8.1 (x86)
pending pending 117362 partially defined equality
vx1591 vx1592 117366 amd64: 0xDD 0x7C fnstsw
== 118274
vx1593 vx1594 117367 amd64: 0xD9 0xF4 fxtract
v5256 v5260 117369 amd64: __NR_getpriority (140)
vx1482 vx1514 117419 ppc32: lfsu f5, -4(r11)
vx1492 vx1515 117419 ppc32: fsqrt
pending wontfix n-i-bz ppc32: jm-insns doesn't do FP tests
pending wontfix 117564 __NR_clone param test (w/ partial patch)
v5514 v5671 117936 more stabs problems
pending pending 118118 SIGBUS in disInstr_AMD64 after long run
vx1533 vx1590 118239 amd64: 0xF 0xAE 0x3F (clflush)
pending pending 118466 add %r,%r mishandled by memcheck
v5635 v5672 118939 vm86old system call
many wontfix n-i-bz VALGRIND_COUNT_LEAKS arg types (Olly Betts)
v5429 v5450 n-i-bz memcheck/tests/mempool reads freed memory
v5366/67/70 v5480 n-i-bz AshleyP's custom-allocator assertion
vx1501 vx1516 n-i-bz Dirk strict-aliasing stuff
v5368 v5448 n-i-bz More space for debugger cmd line (Dan Thaler)
v5378/80 v5379/81 n-i-bz Clarified leak checker output message
v5382 v5481 n-i-bz AshleyP's --gen-suppressions output fix
v5396 v5449 n-i-bz cg_annotate's --sort option broken
v5427 v5451 n-i-bz OSet 64-bit fastcmp bug
v5445 v5673 n-i-bz VG_(getgroups) fix (Shinichi Noda)
vx1519 vx1578 n-i-bz ppc32/64: allocate from callee-saved FP/VMX regs
v5500 v5674 n-i-bz misaligned path word-size bug in mc_main.c
vx1521/2 vex1595/6 119297 Incorrect error message for sse code
vx1585 vx1586 120410 x86: prefetchw (0xF 0xD 0x48 0x4)
vx1419 vx1581 120658 Build fixes for gcc 2.96
v5593 wontfix 120658 Pass -Wdeclaration-after-statement to VEX build
pending pending 120732 Generating trapno for sigcontext (x86)
v5641 v5676 120734 Support for changing EIP in signal handler (x86)
v5616 v5677 n-i-bz memcheck/tests/zeropage de-looping fix
vx1569 vx1582 n-i-bz x86 fxtract doesn't work reliably
probably-wontfix 121029 std::pow returns different float values
pending pending 121617 Assertion 'sizeof(*regs) == sizeof(prs->pr_reg)
vx1583 vx1584 121662 x86: lock xadd (0xF0 0xF 0xC0 0x2)
v5647 v5678 121893 calloc does not always zero memory
pending pending n-i-bz XML output truncated (users, Jan 26 09:08:34 2006)
pending pending 121896 ESP modification in ucontext from signal handlers
(closed INVALID)
v5651 v5679 121901 no support for syscall tkill
v5700 v5701 n-i-bz Suppression update for Debian unstable
vx1587 vx1589 122067 amd64: fcmovnu (0xDB 0xD9)
v5371 pending 122117 Compile error (unknown symbol EM_X86_64)
(next 4 are ppc32-specific FP problems)
v5662 v5703 n-i-bz broken signal handling in ppc32/64 cpuid-ing
many v5694/5 n-i-bz ppc32 rounding mode problems
Is fixed properly in head
For 31BRANCH copy in r5591 kludge
many vx1577 119482 ppc32: mtfsb1
many wontfix 120277 ppc32: fres, fctid, fctidz, frsqrte
[skip for 3.1.1 unless gcc/glibc requires it]
vx1579 vx1580 n-i-bz ppc32/64: mtocrf/mfocrf
v5629 v5680 n-i-bz Dave Nomura extra suppression
pending pending 119973 Sun JVM problems (possible sigcontext problem?)
don't forget:
Control-Z bug (Control-Z is ignored)
Possibly just close:
119404 executing ssh from inside valgrind fails
last trawled 28 Feb 06:
bug-mail: Looked at everything up to and including 28 Feb 06.
v-users: Looked at everything up to and including 28 Feb 06.