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# Use the "prereq" command to copy manuel1 to a filename containing a space.
# This used to not work properly, because the debug info would not be read
# correctly for filenames containing spaces (bug #88678).
# Nb: we only run this test on Linux. This is because on Darwin you can't
# easily rename an executable with a .dSYM -- the original executable name
# gets baked into the .dSYM, so renaming the .dSYM as well isn't enough, you
# have to modify the contents of the .dSYM. Another idea would be to avoid
# the renaming in the first place by just using 'with space' as the
# filename, but automake doesn't seem to like files containing spaces.
prereq: cp ../manuel1 'with space'
prog: 'with space'
vgopts: -q
cleanup: rm 'with space'
stderr_filter_args: manuel1.c