gdbserver_tests/filter_gdb filter out 'entry value'.

Some versions of gdb might try to print the entry value of an
argument if they know it with @entry=... Filter that out too.

git-svn-id: svn:// a5019735-40e9-0310-863c-91ae7b9d1cf9
diff --git a/gdbserver_tests/filter_gdb b/gdbserver_tests/filter_gdb
index 39f5946..4a516d3 100755
--- a/gdbserver_tests/filter_gdb
+++ b/gdbserver_tests/filter_gdb
@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
 #       'exited with code' and 'exited normally' are printed slightly
 #       differently between gdb versions, normalize to "Program exited...".
 #       for hgtls the breakpoint p=... address might show var location.
+#	gdb might also try to show the "entry value" p=p@entry=0x...
 sed -e '/Remote debugging using/,/vgdb launched process attached/d'                                   \
     -e '/filter_gdb BEGIN drop/,/filter_gdb END drop/d'                                               \
     -e 's/^\[?1034hReading symbols/Reading symbols/'                                                \
@@ -103,6 +104,7 @@
     -e 's/0x........ in \(main (argc=1, argv=0x........) at watchpoints.c:[24][3689]\)/\1/'           \
     -e 's/0x........ in \(main () at clean_after_fork.c:34\)/\1/'                                     \
     -e 's/\(^.*signal SIGFPE.*$\)/\1\nafter trap SIGFPE/'                                             \
+    -e 's/p=p@entry=0x/p=0x/'									      \
     -e 's/\(^Breakpoint 1, tls_ptr (p=0x........\) <tests[0-9+]*>\() at tls.c:55\)/\1\2/'         \
     -e '/Id   Target Id         Frame/d'                                                              \
     -e 's/^\([ \*] [1234] \) *Thread /\1Thread /'                                                     \