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<title>Tremor - function - ov_time_seek_page</title>
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<td><p class=tiny>Tremor documentation</p></td>
<td align=right><p class=tiny>Tremor version 1.0 - 20020403</p></td>
<p><i>declared in "ivorbisfile.h";</i></p>
<p>For seekable
streams, this seeks to closest full page preceding the given time. This function is faster than <a href="ov_time_seek.html">ov_time_seek</a> because it doesn't seek through the last few samples to reach an exact time, but it is also less accurate. This should be used when speed is important.
<p>This function also updates everything needed within the
decoder, so you can immediately call <a href="ov_read.html">ov_read()</a> and get data from
the newly seeked to position.
<p>This function does not work for unseekable streams.
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int ov_time_seek_page(<a href="OggVorbis_File.html">OggVorbis_File</a> *vf, ogg_int64_t ms);
<dd>Pointer to our already opened and initialized OggVorbis_File structure.</dd>
<dd>Location to seek to within the file, specified in milliseconds.</dd>
<h3>Return Values</h3>
0 for success</li>
nonzero indicates failure, described by several error codes:</li>
<li>OV_ENOSEEK - Bitstream is not seekable.
<li>OV_EINVAL - Invalid argument value.
<li>OV_EREAD - A read from media returned an error.
<li>OV_EFAULT - Internal logic fault; indicates a bug or heap/stack
<li>OV_EBADLINK - Invalid stream section supplied to libvorbisidec, or the requested link is corrupt.
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<td><p class=tiny>Tremor documentation</p></td>
<td align=right><p class=tiny>Tremor version 1.0 - 20020403</p></td>