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* Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "InternalRoutines.h"
BYTE *MemoryGetResponseBuffer(
TPM_CC command // Command that requires the buffer
LIB_EXPORT BOOL Memory2BEqual(const TPM2B *aIn, // IN: compare value
const TPM2B *bIn // IN: compare value
#define MemoryCopy(destination, source, size, destSize) \
MemoryMove((destination), (source), (size), (destSize))
LIB_EXPORT INT16 MemoryCopy2B(TPM2B *dest, // OUT: receiving TPM2B
const TPM2B *source, // IN: source TPM2B
UINT16 dSize // IN: size of the receiving buffer
LIB_EXPORT void MemoryMove(void *destination, // OUT: move destination
const void *source, // IN: move source
UINT32 size, // IN: number of octets to moved
UINT32 dSize // IN: size of the receive buffer
UINT16 MemoryRemoveTrailingZeros(TPM2B_AUTH *auth // IN/OUT: value to adjust
LIB_EXPORT void MemorySet(void *destination, // OUT: memory destination
char value, // IN: fill value
UINT32 size // IN: number of octets to fill
LIB_EXPORT void MemoryConcat2B(
TPM2B *aInOut, // IN/OUT: destination 2B
TPM2B *bIn, // IN: second 2B
UINT16 aSize // IN: The size of aInOut.buffer (max values for aInOut.size)
LIB_EXPORT BOOL MemoryEqual(const void *buffer1, // IN: compare buffer1
const void *buffer2, // IN: compare buffer2
UINT32 size // IN: size of bytes being compared
#endif // __TPM2_MEMORYLIB_FP_H