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// toys/android/getprop.c
struct getprop_data {
size_t size;
char **nv; // name/value pairs: even=name, odd=value
// toys/example/hello.c
struct hello_data {
int unused;
// toys/example/skeleton.c
struct skeleton_data {
union {
struct {
char *b_string;
long c_number;
struct arg_list *d_list;
long e_count;
char *also_string;
char *blubber_string;
} s;
struct {
long b_number;
} a;
int more_globals;
// toys/lsb/dmesg.c
struct dmesg_data {
long level;
long size;
// toys/lsb/killall.c
struct killall_data {
char *sig;
int signum;
pid_t cur_pid;
char **names;
short *err;
// toys/lsb/md5sum.c
struct md5sum_data {
unsigned state[5];
unsigned oldstate[5];
uint64_t count;
union {
char c[64];
unsigned i[16];
} buffer;
// toys/lsb/mknod.c
struct mknod_data {
char *arg_context;
char *m;
// toys/lsb/mktemp.c
struct mktemp_data {
char *tmpdir;
// toys/lsb/mount.c
struct mount_data {
struct arg_list *optlist;
char *type;
char *bigO;
unsigned long flags;
char *opts;
int okuser;
// toys/lsb/passwd.c
struct passwd_data {
char *algo;
// toys/lsb/pidof.c
struct pidof_data {
char *omit;
// toys/lsb/seq.c
struct seq_data {
char *sep;
char *fmt;
// toys/lsb/su.c
struct su_data {
char *s;
char *c;
// toys/lsb/umount.c
struct umount_data {
struct arg_list *t;
char *types;
// toys/other/acpi.c
struct acpi_data {
int ac;
int bat;
int therm;
int cool;
char *cpath;
// toys/other/base64.c
struct base64_data {
long columns;
// toys/other/blockdev.c
struct blockdev_data {
long bsz;
// toys/other/dos2unix.c
struct dos2unix_data {
char *tempfile;
// toys/other/fallocate.c
struct fallocate_data {
long size;
// toys/other/free.c
struct free_data {
unsigned bits;
unsigned long long units;
// toys/other/hexedit.c
struct hexedit_data {
char *data;
long long len, base;
int numlen, undo, undolen;
unsigned height;
// toys/other/ifconfig.c
struct ifconfig_data {
int sockfd;
// toys/other/ionice.c
struct ionice_data {
long pid;
long level;
long class;
// toys/other/login.c
struct login_data {
char *hostname;
int login_timeout, login_fail_timeout;
// toys/other/losetup.c
struct losetup_data {
char *jfile;
long offset;
long size;
int openflags;
dev_t jdev;
ino_t jino;
// toys/other/lspci.c
struct lspci_data {
char *ids;
long numeric;
FILE *db;
// toys/other/makedevs.c
struct makedevs_data {
char *fname;
// toys/other/mix.c
struct mix_data {
long right;
long level;
char *dev;
char *chan;
// toys/other/mkpasswd.c
struct mkpasswd_data {
long pfd;
char *method;
char *salt;
// toys/other/modinfo.c
struct modinfo_data {
char *field;
char *knam;
char *base;
long mod;
// toys/other/netcat.c
struct netcat_data {
char *filename; // -f read from filename instead of network
long quit_delay; // -q Exit after EOF from stdin after # seconds.
char *source_address; // -s Bind to a specific source address.
long port; // -p Bind to a specific source port.
long wait; // -w Wait # seconds for a connection.
// toys/other/nsenter.c
struct nsenter_data {
char *nsnames[6];
long targetpid;
// toys/other/oneit.c
struct oneit_data {
char *console;
// toys/other/shred.c
struct shred_data {
long offset;
long iterations;
long size;
int ufd;
// toys/other/stat.c
struct stat_data {
char *fmt;
union {
struct stat st;
struct statfs sf;
} stat;
struct passwd *user_name;
struct group *group_name;
// toys/other/swapon.c
struct swapon_data {
long priority;
// toys/other/switch_root.c
struct switch_root_data {
char *console;
dev_t rootdev;
// toys/other/taskset.c
struct taskset_data {
int nproc;
// toys/other/timeout.c
struct timeout_data {
char *s_signal;
char *k_timeout;
int nextsig;
pid_t pid;
struct timeval ktv;
struct itimerval itv;
// toys/other/truncate.c
struct truncate_data {
char *s;
long size;
int type;
// toys/other/xxd.c
struct xxd_data {
long g;
long l;
long c;
// toys/pending/arp.c
struct arp_data {
char *hw_type;
char *af_type_A;
char *af_type_p;
char *interface;
int sockfd;
char *device;
// toys/pending/arping.c
struct arping_data {
long count;
unsigned long time_out;
char *iface;
char *src_ip;
int sockfd;
unsigned start;
unsigned end;
unsigned sent_at;
unsigned sent_nr;
unsigned rcvd_nr;
unsigned brd_sent;
unsigned rcvd_req;
unsigned brd_rcv;
unsigned unicast_flag;
// toys/pending/bootchartd.c
struct bootchartd_data {
char buf[32];
long smpl_period_usec;
int proc_accounting;
int is_login;
void *head;
// toys/pending/brctl.c
struct brctl_data {
int sockfd;
// toys/pending/compress.c
struct compress_data {
// Huffman codes: base offset and extra bits tables (length and distance)
char lenbits[29], distbits[30];
unsigned short lenbase[29], distbase[30];
void *fixdisthuff, *fixlithuff;
// CRC
void (*crcfunc)(char *data, int len);
unsigned crc;
// Compressed data buffer
char *data;
unsigned pos, len;
int infd, outfd;
// Tables only used for deflation
unsigned short *hashhead, *hashchain;
// toys/pending/crond.c
struct crond_data {
char *crontabs_dir;
char *logfile;
int loglevel_d;
int loglevel;
time_t crontabs_dir_mtime;
uint8_t flagd;
// toys/pending/crontab.c
struct crontab_data {
char *user;
char *cdir;
// toys/pending/dd.c
struct dd_data {
int sig;
// toys/pending/dhcp.c
struct dhcp_data {
char *iface;
char *pidfile;
char *script;
long retries;
long timeout;
long tryagain;
struct arg_list *req_opt;
char *req_ip;
struct arg_list *pkt_opt;
char *fdn_name;
char *hostname;
char *vendor_cls;
// toys/pending/dhcpd.c
struct dhcpd_data {
char *iface;
long port;
// toys/pending/diff.c
struct diff_data {
long ct;
char *start;
struct arg_list *L_list;
int dir_num, size, is_binary, status, change, len[2];
int *offset[2];
// toys/pending/dumpleases.c
struct dumpleases_data {
char *file;
// toys/pending/expr.c
struct expr_data {
int argidx;
// toys/pending/fdisk.c
struct fdisk_data {
long sect_sz;
long sectors;
long heads;
long cylinders;
// toys/pending/fold.c
struct fold_data {
int width;
// toys/pending/fsck.c
struct fsck_data {
int fd_num;
char *t_list;
struct double_list *devices;
char *arr_flag;
char **arr_type;
int negate;
int sum_status;
int nr_run;
int sig_num;
long max_nr_run;
// toys/pending/ftpget.c
struct ftpget_data {
long port; // char *port;
char *password;
char *username;
FILE *sockfp;
int c;
int isget;
char buf[sizeof(struct sockaddr_storage)];
// toys/pending/getty.c
struct getty_data {
char *issue_str;
char *login_str;
char *init_str;
char *host_str;
long timeout;
char *tty_name;
int speeds[20];
int sc;
struct termios termios;
char buff[128];
// toys/pending/groupadd.c
struct groupadd_data {
long gid;
// toys/pending/host.c
struct host_data {
char *type_str;
// toys/pending/hwclock.c
struct hwclock_data {
char *fname;
int utc;
// toys/pending/iconv.c
struct iconv_data {
char *from;
char *to;
void *ic;
// toys/pending/ip.c
struct ip_data {
char stats, singleline, flush, *filter_dev, gbuf[8192];
int sockfd, connected, from_ok, route_cmd;
int8_t addressfamily, is_addr;
// toys/pending/ipcrm.c
struct ipcrm_data {
struct arg_list *qkey;
struct arg_list *qid;
struct arg_list *skey;
struct arg_list *sid;
struct arg_list *mkey;
struct arg_list *mid;
// toys/pending/ipcs.c
struct ipcs_data {
int id;
// toys/pending/klogd.c
struct klogd_data {
long level;
int fd;
// toys/pending/last.c
struct last_data {
char *file;
struct arg_list *list;
// toys/pending/logger.c
struct logger_data {
char *priority_arg;
char *ident;
// toys/pending/mke2fs.c
struct mke2fs_data {
// Command line arguments.
long blocksize;
long bytes_per_inode;
long inodes; // Total inodes in filesystem.
long reserved_percent; // Integer precent of space to reserve for root.
char *gendir; // Where to read dirtree from.
// Internal data.
struct dirtree *dt; // Tree of files to copy into the new filesystem.
unsigned treeblocks; // Blocks used by dt
unsigned treeinodes; // Inodes used by dt
unsigned blocks; // Total blocks in the filesystem.
unsigned freeblocks; // Free blocks in the filesystem.
unsigned inodespg; // Inodes per group
unsigned groups; // Total number of block groups.
unsigned blockbits; // Bits per block. (Also blocks per group.)
// For gene2fs
unsigned nextblock; // Next data block to allocate
unsigned nextgroup; // Next group we'll be allocating from
int fsfd; // File descriptor of filesystem (to output to).
struct ext2_superblock sb;
// toys/pending/modprobe.c
struct modprobe_data {
struct arg_list *probes;
struct arg_list *dbase[256];
char *cmdopts;
int nudeps;
uint8_t symreq;
void (*dbg)(char *format, ...);
// toys/pending/more.c
struct more_data {
struct termios inf;
int cin_fd;
// toys/pending/openvt.c
struct openvt_data {
unsigned long vt_num;
// toys/pending/pgrep.c
struct pgrep_data {
long sid; //-s
long ppid; //-P
char *signame;
// toys/pending/ping.c
struct ping_data {
long wait_exit;
long wait_resp;
char *iface;
long size;
long count;
long ttl;
int sock;
// toys/pending/ps.c
struct ps_data {
struct arg_list *o;
unsigned width;
dev_t tty;
void *fields;
long uptime;
// toys/pending/route.c
struct route_data {
char *family;
// toys/pending/sh.c
struct sh_data {
char *command;
// toys/pending/sulogin.c
struct sulogin_data {
long timeout;
struct termios crntio;
// toys/pending/syslogd.c
struct syslogd_data {
char *socket;
char *config_file;
char *unix_socket;
char *logfile;
long interval;
long rot_size;
long rot_count;
char *remote_log;
long log_prio;
struct unsocks *lsocks; // list of listen sockets
struct logfile *lfiles; // list of write logfiles
int sigfd[2];
// toys/pending/tar.c
struct tar_data {
char *fname;
char *dir;
struct arg_list *inc_file;
struct arg_list *exc_file;
char *tocmd;
struct arg_list *exc;
struct arg_list *inc, *pass;
void *inodes, *handle;
// toys/pending/tcpsvd.c
struct tcpsvd_data {
char *name;
char *user;
long bn;
char *nmsg;
long cn;
int maxc;
int count_all;
int udp;
// toys/pending/telnet.c
struct telnet_data {
int port;
int sfd;
char buff[128];
int pbuff;
char iac[256];
int piac;
char *ttype;
struct termios def_term;
struct termios raw_term;
uint8_t term_ok;
uint8_t term_mode;
uint8_t flags;
unsigned win_width;
unsigned win_height;
// toys/pending/telnetd.c
struct telnetd_data {
char *login_path;
char *issue_path;
int port;
char *host_addr;
long w_sec;
int gmax_fd;
pid_t fork_pid;
// toys/pending/tftpd.c
struct tftpd_data {
char *user;
long sfd;
struct passwd *pw;
// toys/pending/top.c
struct top_data {
long iterations;
long delay;
long cmp_field;
long reverse;
long rows;
long smp;
long threads;
long m_flag;
long num_new_procs;
long scroll_offset;
struct termios inf;
// toys/pending/tr.c
struct tr_data {
short map[256]; //map of chars
int len1, len2;
// toys/pending/traceroute.c
struct traceroute_data {
long max_ttl;
long port;
long ttl_probes;
char *src_ip;
long tos;
long wait_time;
struct arg_list *loose_source;
long pause_time;
long first_ttl;
char *iface;
uint32_t gw_list[9];
int recv_sock;
int snd_sock;
unsigned msg_len;
char *packet;
uint32_t ident;
int istraceroute6;
// toys/pending/useradd.c
struct useradd_data {
char *dir;
char *gecos;
char *shell;
char *u_grp;
long uid;
long gid;
// toys/pending/watch.c
struct watch_data {
int interval;
// toys/posix/chgrp.c
struct chgrp_data {
uid_t owner;
gid_t group;
char *owner_name, *group_name;
int symfollow;
// toys/posix/chmod.c
struct chmod_data {
char *mode;
// toys/posix/cksum.c
struct cksum_data {
unsigned crc_table[256];
// toys/posix/cmp.c
struct cmp_data {
int fd;
char *name;
// toys/posix/cp.c
struct cp_data {
union {
struct {
// install's options
char *group;
char *user;
char *mode;
} i;
struct {
char *preserve;
} c;
char *destname;
struct stat top;
int (*callback)(struct dirtree *try);
uid_t uid;
gid_t gid;
int pflags;
// toys/posix/cpio.c
struct cpio_data {
char *archive;
char *pass;
char *fmt;
// toys/posix/cut.c
struct cut_data {
char *delim;
char *flist;
char *clist;
char *blist;
void *slist_head;
unsigned nelem;
void (*do_cut)(int fd);
// toys/posix/date.c
struct date_data {
char *file;
char *setfmt;
char *showdate;
// toys/posix/df.c
struct df_data {
struct arg_list *fstype;
long units;
// toys/posix/du.c
struct du_data {
long maxdepth;
long depth, total;
dev_t st_dev;
void *inodes;
// toys/posix/expand.c
struct expand_data {
struct arg_list *tabs;
unsigned tabcount, *tab;
// toys/posix/find.c
struct find_data {
char **filter;
struct double_list *argdata;
int topdir, xdev, depth, envsize;
time_t now;
// toys/posix/grep.c
struct grep_data {
long m;
struct arg_list *f;
struct arg_list *e;
struct arg_list *regex;
// toys/posix/head.c
struct head_data {
long lines;
int file_no;
// toys/posix/id.c
struct id_data {
int is_groups;
// toys/posix/kill.c
struct kill_data {
char *signame;
struct arg_list *olist;
// toys/posix/ls.c
struct ls_data {
char *color;
struct dirtree *files, *singledir;
unsigned screen_width;
int nl_title;
char uid_buf[12], gid_buf[12];
// toys/posix/mkdir.c
struct mkdir_data {
char *arg_mode;
char *arg_context;
// toys/posix/mkfifo.c
struct mkfifo_data {
char *m_string;
char *Z;
mode_t mode;
// toys/posix/nice.c
struct nice_data {
long priority;
// toys/posix/nl.c
struct nl_data {
long w;
char *s;
char *n;
char *b;
long l;
long v;
// Count of consecutive blank lines for -l has to persist between files
long lcount;
// toys/posix/od.c
struct od_data {
struct arg_list *output_base;
char *address_base;
long max_count;
long jump_bytes;
int address_idx;
unsigned types, leftover, star;
char *buf;
uint64_t bufs[4]; // force 64-bit alignment
off_t pos;
// toys/posix/paste.c
struct paste_data {
char *delim;
// toys/posix/patch.c
struct patch_data {
char *infile;
long prefix;
struct double_list *current_hunk;
long oldline, oldlen, newline, newlen;
long linenum;
int context, state, filein, fileout, filepatch, hunknum;
char *tempname;
// toys/posix/renice.c
struct renice_data {
long nArgu;
// toys/posix/sed.c
struct sed_data {
struct arg_list *f;
struct arg_list *e;
// processed pattern list
struct double_list *pattern;
char *nextline, *remember;
void *restart, *lastregex;
long nextlen, rememberlen, count;
int fdout, noeol;
unsigned xx;
// toys/posix/sort.c
struct sort_data {
char *key_separator;
struct arg_list *raw_keys;
char *outfile;
char *ignore1, ignore2; // GNU compatability NOPs for -S and -T.
void *key_list;
int linecount;
char **lines;
// toys/posix/split.c
struct split_data {
long lines;
long bytes;
long suflen;
char *outfile;
// toys/posix/strings.c
struct strings_data {
long num;
// toys/posix/tail.c
struct tail_data {
long lines;
long bytes;
int file_no;
// toys/posix/tee.c
struct tee_data {
void *outputs;
// toys/posix/touch.c
struct touch_data {
char *time;
char *file;
char *date;
// toys/posix/uniq.c
struct uniq_data {
long maxchars;
long nchars;
long nfields;
long repeats;
// toys/posix/uudecode.c
struct uudecode_data {
char *o;
// toys/posix/wc.c
struct wc_data {
unsigned long totals[3];
// toys/posix/xargs.c
struct xargs_data {
long max_bytes;
long max_entries;
long L;
char *eofstr;
char *I;
long entries, bytes;
char delim;
extern union global_union {
struct getprop_data getprop;
struct hello_data hello;
struct skeleton_data skeleton;
struct dmesg_data dmesg;
struct killall_data killall;
struct md5sum_data md5sum;
struct mknod_data mknod;
struct mktemp_data mktemp;
struct mount_data mount;
struct passwd_data passwd;
struct pidof_data pidof;
struct seq_data seq;
struct su_data su;
struct umount_data umount;
struct acpi_data acpi;
struct base64_data base64;
struct blockdev_data blockdev;
struct dos2unix_data dos2unix;
struct fallocate_data fallocate;
struct free_data free;
struct hexedit_data hexedit;
struct ifconfig_data ifconfig;
struct ionice_data ionice;
struct login_data login;
struct losetup_data losetup;
struct lspci_data lspci;
struct makedevs_data makedevs;
struct mix_data mix;
struct mkpasswd_data mkpasswd;
struct modinfo_data modinfo;
struct netcat_data netcat;
struct nsenter_data nsenter;
struct oneit_data oneit;
struct shred_data shred;
struct stat_data stat;
struct swapon_data swapon;
struct switch_root_data switch_root;
struct taskset_data taskset;
struct timeout_data timeout;
struct truncate_data truncate;
struct xxd_data xxd;
struct arp_data arp;
struct arping_data arping;
struct bootchartd_data bootchartd;
struct brctl_data brctl;
struct compress_data compress;
struct crond_data crond;
struct crontab_data crontab;
struct dd_data dd;
struct dhcp_data dhcp;
struct dhcpd_data dhcpd;
struct diff_data diff;
struct dumpleases_data dumpleases;
struct expr_data expr;
struct fdisk_data fdisk;
struct fold_data fold;
struct fsck_data fsck;
struct ftpget_data ftpget;
struct getty_data getty;
struct groupadd_data groupadd;
struct host_data host;
struct hwclock_data hwclock;
struct iconv_data iconv;
struct ip_data ip;
struct ipcrm_data ipcrm;
struct ipcs_data ipcs;
struct klogd_data klogd;
struct last_data last;
struct logger_data logger;
struct mke2fs_data mke2fs;
struct modprobe_data modprobe;
struct more_data more;
struct openvt_data openvt;
struct pgrep_data pgrep;
struct ping_data ping;
struct ps_data ps;
struct route_data route;
struct sh_data sh;
struct sulogin_data sulogin;
struct syslogd_data syslogd;
struct tar_data tar;
struct tcpsvd_data tcpsvd;
struct telnet_data telnet;
struct telnetd_data telnetd;
struct tftpd_data tftpd;
struct top_data top;
struct tr_data tr;
struct traceroute_data traceroute;
struct useradd_data useradd;
struct watch_data watch;
struct chgrp_data chgrp;
struct chmod_data chmod;
struct cksum_data cksum;
struct cmp_data cmp;
struct cp_data cp;
struct cpio_data cpio;
struct cut_data cut;
struct date_data date;
struct df_data df;
struct du_data du;
struct expand_data expand;
struct find_data find;
struct grep_data grep;
struct head_data head;
struct id_data id;
struct kill_data kill;
struct ls_data ls;
struct mkdir_data mkdir;
struct mkfifo_data mkfifo;
struct nice_data nice;
struct nl_data nl;
struct od_data od;
struct paste_data paste;
struct patch_data patch;
struct renice_data renice;
struct sed_data sed;
struct sort_data sort;
struct split_data split;
struct strings_data strings;
struct tail_data tail;
struct tee_data tee;
struct touch_data touch;
struct uniq_data uniq;
struct uudecode_data uudecode;
struct wc_data wc;
struct xargs_data xargs;
} this;