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/* Flags values for the third argument of NEWTOY()
* Included from both main.c (runs in toys.h context) and scripts/install.c
* (which may build on crazy things like macosx when cross compiling).
// Flags describing command behavior.
#define TOYFLAG_USR (1<<0)
#define TOYFLAG_BIN (1<<1)
#define TOYFLAG_SBIN (1<<2)
#define TOYMASK_LOCATION ((1<<4)-1)
// This is a shell built-in function, running in the same process context.
#define TOYFLAG_NOFORK (1<<4)
// Start command with a umask of 0 (saves old umask in this.old_umask)
#define TOYFLAG_UMASK (1<<5)
// This command runs as root.
#define TOYFLAG_STAYROOT (1<<6)
#define TOYFLAG_NEEDROOT (1<<7)
// Call setlocale to listen to environment variables.
// This invalidates sprintf("%.*s", size, string) as a valid length constraint.
#define TOYFLAG_LOCALE (1<<8)