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/* ln.c - Create filesystem links
* Copyright 2012 Andre Renaud <>
* See
config LN
bool "ln"
default y
usage: ln [-sfnv] [FROM...] TO
Create a link between FROM and TO.
With only one argument, create link in current directory.
-s Create a symbolic link
-f Force the creation of the link, even if TO already exists
-n Symlink at destination treated as file
-v Verbose
#define FOR_ln
#include "toys.h"
void ln_main(void)
char *dest = toys.optargs[--toys.optc], *new;
struct stat buf;
int i;
// With one argument, create link in current directory.
if (!toys.optc) {
// Is destination a directory?
if (((toys.optflags&FLAG_n) ? lstat : stat)(dest, &buf)
|| !S_ISDIR(buf.st_mode))
if (toys.optc>1) error_exit("'%s' not a directory", dest);
buf.st_mode = 0;
for (i=0; i<toys.optc; i++) {
int rc;
char *oldnew, *try = toys.optargs[i];
if (S_ISDIR(buf.st_mode)) new = xmprintf("%s/%s", dest, basename(try));
else new = dest;
// Force needs to unlink the existing target (if any). Do that by creating
// a temp version and renaming it over the old one, so we can retain the
// old file in cases we can't replace it (such as hardlink between mounts).
oldnew = new;
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_f) {
new = xmprintf("%s_XXXXXX", new);
rc = mkstemp(new);
if (rc >= 0) {
if (unlink(new)) perror_msg("unlink '%s'", new);
rc = (toys.optflags & FLAG_s) ? symlink(try, new) : link(try, new);
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_f) {
if (!rc) {
int temp;
rc = rename(new, oldnew);
temp = errno;
if (rc && unlink(new)) perror_msg("unlink '%s'", new);
errno = temp;
new = oldnew;
if (rc)
perror_msg("cannot create %s link from '%s' to '%s'",
(toys.optflags & FLAG_s) ? "symbolic" : "hard", try, new);
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_v) fprintf(stderr, "'%s' -> '%s'\n", new, try);
if (new != dest) free(new);