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# TODO(luc) Add 'doc' to this list when ready
SUBDIRS = ccstruct ccutil classify cutil dict image textord viewer wordrec ccmain training tessdata testing java api
EXTRA_DIST = eurotext.tif phototest.tif ReleaseNotes \
acinclude.m4 config runautoconf tesseract.spec
#EXTRA_DIST = doc/html doc/@PACKAGE_NAME@_@PACKAGE_VERSION@.pdf doc/
# Need to remove CVS directories from directories
# added using EXTRA_DIST. $(distdir)/tessdata would in
# theory suffice.
rm -rf `find $(distdir) -name CVS`
rm -rf `find $(distdir) -name .svn`
rm -rf `find $(distdir) -name .deps`
# Also remove extra files not needed in a distribution
rm -rf `find $(distdir) -name`
rm -rf `find $(distdir) -name acinclude.m4`
rm -rf `find $(distdir) -name aclocal.m4`