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June 2006 - V1.0 of open source Tesseract checked-in.
Sep 7 2006 - V1.01.
Added mfcpch.cpp and getopt.cpp for VC++.
Fixed problem with greyscale images and no libtiff.
Stopped debug window from being used for the usage output.
Fixed load of inttemp for big-endian architectures.
Fixed some Mac compilation issues.
Oct 4 2006 - V1.02
Removed dependency on Aspirin.
Fixed a few missing Apache license headers.
Removed $log.
Feb 2 2007 - V1.03
Added mftraining and cntraining.
Added baseapi with adaptive thresholding for grey and color.
Fixed many memory leaks.
Fixed several bugs including lack of use of adaptive classifier.
Added ifdefs to eliminate graphics code and add embedded platform support.
Incorporated several patches, including 64-bit builds, Mac builds.
Minor accuracy improvements.
May 15 2007 - V1.04
Added dll exports for Windows.
Fixed name collisions with stl etc.
Made some preliminary changes ready for unicodeization.
Several bug fixes discovered during unicodeization.
July 02 2007 - V2.00
Converted internal character handling to UTF8.
Trained with 6 languages.
Added unicharset_extractor, wordlist2dawg.
Added boxfile creation mode.
Added UNLV regression test capability.
Fixed problems with copyright and registered symbols.
Fixed extern "C" declarations problem.
August 27 2007 - V2.01
Fixed UTF8 input problems with box file reader.
Fixed various infinite loops and crashes in dawg code.
Removed include of config_auto.h from host.h.
Added automatic wctype encoding to unicharset_extractor.
Fixed dawg table too full error.
Removed svn files from tarball.
Added new functions to tessdll.
Increased maximum utf8 string in a classification result to 8.
January 23 2008 - V2.02
Improvements to clustering, training and classifier.
Major internationalization improvements for large-character-set
languages, eg Kannada.
Removed some compiler warnings.
Added multipage tiff support for training and running.
Updated graphics output to talk to new java-based viewer.
Added ability to save n-best lists.
Added leptonica support for more file types.
Improved Init/End to make them safe.
Reduced memory use of dictionaries.
Added some new APIs to TessBaseAPI.
April 21 2008 - V2.02 (again)
Fixed namespace collisions with jpeg library (INT32).
Portability fixes for Windows for new code.
Updates to autoconf system for new code.
April 22 2008 - V2.03
Fixed crash introduced in 2.02.
Fixed lack of tessembedded.cpp in distribution.
Added test for leptonica header files and conditional test for lib.
June 30 2009 - V2.04
Integrated bug fixes and patches and misc changes for portability.
Integrated a patch to remove some of the "access" macros.
Removed dependence on lua from the viewer, speeding it up
Fixed the viewer so it compiles and runs properly!
Specifically fixing issues: 1, 63, 67, 71, 76, 81, 82, 106, 111,
112, 128, 129, 130, 133, 135, 142, 143, 145, 147, 153, 154, 160,
165, 170, 175, 177, 187, 192, 195, 199, 201, 205, 209, 108, 169