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// Copyright 2017 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package vmimpl provides an abstract test machine (VM, physical machine, etc)
// interface for the rest of the system. For convenience test machines are subsequently
// collectively called VMs.
// The package also provides various utility functions for VM implementations.
package vmimpl
import (
// Pool represents a set of test machines (VMs, physical devices, etc) of particular type.
type Pool interface {
// Count returns total number of VMs in the pool.
Count() int
// Create creates and boots a new VM instance.
Create(workdir string, index int) (Instance, error)
// Instance represents a single VM.
type Instance interface {
// Copy copies a hostSrc file into VM and returns file name in VM.
Copy(hostSrc string) (string, error)
// Forward setups forwarding from within VM to host port port
// and returns address to use in VM.
Forward(port int) (string, error)
// Run runs cmd inside of the VM (think of ssh cmd).
// outc receives combined cmd and kernel console output.
// errc receives either command Wait return error or vmimpl.ErrTimeout.
// Command is terminated after timeout. Send on the stop chan can be used to terminate it earlier.
Run(timeout time.Duration, stop <-chan bool, command string) (outc <-chan []byte, errc <-chan error, err error)
// Diagnose forces VM to dump additional debugging info
// (e.g. sending some sys-rq's or SIGABORT'ing a Go program).
// Returns true if it did anything.
Diagnose() bool
// Close stops and destroys the VM.
// Env contains global constant parameters for a pool of VMs.
type Env struct {
// Unique name
// Can be used for VM name collision resolution if several pools share global name space.
Name string
OS string // target OS
Arch string // target arch
Workdir string
Image string
SSHKey string
SSHUser string
Debug bool
Config []byte // json-serialized VM-type-specific config
// BootError is returned by Pool.Create when VM does not boot.
type BootError struct {
Title string
Output []byte
func (err BootError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%v\n%s", err.Title, err.Output)
func (err BootError) BootError() (string, []byte) {
return err.Title, err.Output
// Create creates a VM type that can be used to create individual VMs.
func Create(typ string, env *Env) (Pool, error) {
ctor := ctors[typ]
if ctor == nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("unknown instance type '%v'", typ)
return ctor(env)
// Register registers a new VM type within the package.
func Register(typ string, ctor ctorFunc) {
ctors[typ] = ctor
var (
// Close to interrupt all pending operations in all VMs.
Shutdown = make(chan struct{})
ErrTimeout = errors.New("timeout")
ctors = make(map[string]ctorFunc)
type ctorFunc func(env *Env) (Pool, error)
func Multiplex(cmd *exec.Cmd, merger *OutputMerger, console io.Closer, timeout time.Duration,
stop, closed <-chan bool, debug bool) (<-chan []byte, <-chan error, error) {
errc := make(chan error, 1)
signal := func(err error) {
select {
case errc <- err:
go func() {
select {
case <-time.After(timeout):
case <-stop:
case <-closed:
if debug {
log.Logf(0, "instance closed")
signal(fmt.Errorf("instance closed"))
case err := <-merger.Err:
if cmdErr := cmd.Wait(); cmdErr == nil {
// If the command exited successfully, we got EOF error from merger.
// But in this case no error has happened and the EOF is expected.
err = nil
return merger.Output, errc, nil
func RandomPort() int {
return rand.Intn(64<<10-1<<10) + 1<<10
func UnusedTCPPort() int {
for {
port := RandomPort()
ln, err := net.Listen("tcp", fmt.Sprintf("localhost:%v", port))
if err == nil {
return port