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# This is the official list of people who can contribute (and who have contributed)
# code to the syzkaller project repository. The AUTHORS file lists the copyright holders;
# this file lists people. For example, Google employees are listed here
# but not in AUTHORS, because Google holds the copyright.
Google Inc.
Dmitry Vyukov
Andrey Konovalov
David Drysdale
Vishwath Mohan
Billy Lau
Michael Pratt
Jess Frazelle
Zach Riggle
Willem de Bruijn
Eric Biggers
Atul Prakash
Julia Hansbrough
Dan Austin
Baozeng Ding
Lorenzo Stoakes
Jeremy Huang
Shuai Bai
Alexander Popov
Jean-Baptiste Cayrou
Yuzhe Han
Thomas Garnier
Utkarsh Anand
Tobias Klauser
Tim Tianyang Chen
Ed Maste
Sumukha PK
Mitchell Horne
Denis Efremov
Ondrej Mosnacek
Daniel Borkmann
Joey Jiao