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# Copyright 2018 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
include <user/trusty_syscalls.h>
write(fd int32, msg ptr[in, array[int8]], size len[msg])
brk(brk int32)
exit_etc(status int32, flags int32)
read(fd int32, msg ptr[out, array[int8]], size len[msg])
ioctl(fd int32, req int32, buf ptr[in, array[int8]])
nanosleep(clock_id int32, flags int32, sleep_time int64)
gettime(clock_id int32, flags int32, time ptr[out, int64])
mmap(uaddr vma, size len[uaddr], flags int32, handle int32)
munmap(uaddr vma, size len[uaddr])
prepare_dma(uaddr ptr[out, array[int8]], size len[uaddr], flags int32, pmem ptr[in, dma_pmem])
finish_dma(uaddr ptr[out, array[int8]], size len[uaddr], flags int32)
port_create(path ptr[in, string], num_recv_bufs int32, recv_buf_size int32, flags int32)
connect(path ptr[in, string], flags int32)
accept(handle_id int32, peer_uuid ptr[out, uuid])
close(handle_id int32)
set_cookie(handle int32, cookie intptr)
handle_set_ctrl(handle int32, cmd int32, evt ptr[in, uevent])
wait(handle_id int32, event ptr[in, uevent], timeout_msecs int32)
wait_any(event ptr[out, uevent], timeout_msecs int32)
get_msg(handle int32, msg_info ptr[in, ipc_msg_info])
read_msg(handle int32, msg_id int32, offset int32, msg ptr[out, ipc_msg])
put_msg(handle int32, msg_id int32)
send_msg(handle int32, msg ptr[in, ipc_msg])
dma_pmem {
todo int32
uuid {
todo int32
uevent {
todo int32
ipc_msg_info {
todo int32
ipc_msg {
todo int32