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2005-06-09 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.12.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.12-1.
2005-06-08 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Minor namespace cleanup.
* defs.h (string_quote): Remove declaration.
* file.c (openmodessol) [LINUXSPARC]: Make static.
(fileflags): Likewise.
(aclcmds, aclipc) [HAVE_SYS_ACL_H]: Likewise.
(direnttypes) [FREEBSD || LINUX]: Likewise.
(xattrflags): Likewise.
* process.c (unalignctl_string): Make static.
(setarg): Disable.
* syscall.c (subcalls_table): Make static.
(socket_map) [!(LINUX && (ALPHA || MIPS))]: Likewise.
(sparc_socket_decode): Make static, define for [SPARC || SPARC64] only.
(decode_subcall): Make static.
(syscall_fixup): Likewise.
(get_error): Likewise.
(syscall_enter): Likewise.
* util.c (tv_tv): Disable.
(getpc): Likewise.
(string_quote): Make static.
Fixes RH#159688.
2005-05-12 Philippe De Muyter <>
* util.c (getpc, printcall): Check #if defined(M68K), not M68k.
Enables `-i' on m68k machines.
2005-06-06 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [X86_64]: Reorder elements so
matching works right.
Fixes RH#159787.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket, SYS_bind, SYS_connect, SYS_listen)
(SYS_accept, SYS_getsockname, SYS_getpeername, SYS_socketpair)
(SYS_send, SYS_recv, SYS_sendto, SYS_recvfrom, SYS_shutdown)
(SYS_setsockopt, SYS_getsockopt, SYS_sendmsg, SYS_recvmsg)
(SYS_getsockname, SYS_semop, SYS_semgsub_et, SYS_semget, SYS_semctl)
(SYS_semtimedop, SYS_msgsnd, SYS_msgrcv, SYS_msgget)
(SYS_msgctl, SYS_shmat, SYS_shmdt, SYS_shmget)
(SYS_shmctl): Macros renamed to SYS_sub_*.
* syscall.c (dumpio): Match SYS_sub_* if defined instead of SYS_*.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_waitid): Define if not defined.
* linux/syscallent.h: Fix pread/pwrite names to pread64/pwrite64.
* defs.h (struct sysent): New member `native_scno'.
(known_scno): Declare new function.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add new final field to interesting syscalls.
* syscall.c (known_scno): New function.
(dumpio, internal_syscall, syscall_fixup, trace_syscall): Use it.
* process.c (internal_fork, internal_exit): Likewise.
* strace.c (proc_open): Likewise.
* util.c [LINUX] (setbpt): Likewise.
* linux/syscall.h: Remove [!defined(X86_64)] from conditional
for defining SYS_socket_subcall et al.
* linux/syscallent.h: Likewise for #error check.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Likewise for SYS_{socketcall,ipc} cases.
Fixes RH#158934.
2005-06-02 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (printstatfs64): Cast values to unsigned long long and use
%llu formats.
Fixes RH#158243.
2005-05-31 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Deal with memory management issues.
* defs.h (tprint_iov): Update prototype.
* desc.c (sys_epoll_wait) [HAVE_SYS_EPOLL_H]: Do not allocate
epoll_event array of arbitrary size on the stack, to avoid
stack overflow.
* file.c (print_xattr_val): Check for integer overflow during
malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
* io.c (tprint_iov) [HAVE_SYS_UIO_H]: Check for integer overflow
during malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
Change iovec array handling to avoid heap memory allocation.
* mem.c (get_nodes) [LINUX]: Check for integer overflow during
size calculation and do not allocate array of arbitrary size on
the stack, to avoid stack overflow.
* net.c (printcmsghdr) [HAVE_SENDMSG]: Do not allocate array of
arbitrary size on the stack, to avoid stack overflow. Do not
trust cmsg.cmsg_len to avoid read beyond the end of allocated
(printmsghdr) [HAVE_SENDMSG]: Update tprint_iov() usage.
* process.c (sys_setgroups): Check for integer overflow during
malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption. Change gid_t
array handling to avoid heap memory allocation.
(sys_getgroups): Likewise.
(sys_setgroups32) [LINUX]: Likewise.
(sys_getgroups32) [LINUX]: Likewise.
* stream.c (sys_poll) [HAVE_SYS_POLL_H]: Check for integer
overflow during malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
Change pollfd array handling to avoid heap memory allocation.
* system.c (sys_sysctl) [LINUX]: Check for integer overflow
during malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
* util.c (dumpiov) [HAVE_SYS_UIO_H]: Check for integer overflow
during malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
Fixes RH#159196.
* util.c (printxval): Change third argument from "char *" to
"const char *".
(printflags): Add third argument, "const char *", with similar
meaning to the third argument of printxval().
* defs.h (printxval): Change third argument from "char *" to
"const char *".
(printflags): Add third argument.
* bjm.c (sys_query_module) [LINUX]: Pass third argument to
* desc.c (sys_fcntl): Likewise.
(sys_flock) [LOCK_SH]: Likewise.
(print_epoll_event) [HAVE_SYS_EPOLL_H]: Likewise.
* file.c (sys_open): Likewise.
(solaris_open) [LINUXSPARC]: Likewise.
(sys_access): Likewise.
(sys_chflags, sys_fchflags) [FREEBSD]: Likewise.
(realprintstat) [HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T &&
(printstat64) [HAVE_STAT64 &&
(sys_setxattr, sys_fsetxattr): Likewise.
* ipc.c (sys_msgget, sys_msgsnd, sys_msgrcv, sys_semget,
sys_shmget, sys_shmat) [LINUX || SUNOS4 || FREEBSD]: Likewise.
(sys_mq_open) [LINUX]: Likewise.
(printmqattr) [HAVE_MQUEUE_H]: Likewise.
* mem.c (print_mmap) [!HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T]: Likewise.
(sys_mmap64) [_LFS64_LARGEFILE || HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T]: Likewise.
(sys_mprotect): Likewise.
(sys_mremap, sys_madvise, sys_mlockall) [LINUX]: Likewise.
(sys_msync) [MS_ASYNC]: Likewise.
(sys_mctl) [MC_SYNC]: Likewise.
(sys_remap_file_pages, sys_mbind, sys_get_mempolicy) [LINUX]:
* net.c (printmsghdr) [HAVE_STRUCT_MSGHDR_MSG_CONTROL]: Likewise.
(sys_send, sys_sendto): Likewise.
(sys_sendmsg) [HAVE_SENDMSG]: Likewise.
(sys_recv, sys_recvfrom): Likewise.
(sys_recvmsg) [HAVE_SENDMSG]: Likewise.
(printicmpfilter) [ICMP_FILTER]: Likewise.
* proc.c (proc_ioctl) [SVR4 && !HAVE_MP_PROCFS || FREEBSD]: Likewise.
* process.c (sys_clone) [LINUX]: Likewise.
(printwaitn): Likewise.
(sys_waitid) [SVR4 || LINUX]: Likewise.
* signal.c (sys_sigvec) [SUNOS4 || FREEBSD]: Likewise.
(sys_sigaction): Likewise.
(printcontext) [SVR4]: Likewise.
(print_stack_t) [LINUX) || FREEBSD]: Likewise.
(sys_rt_sigaction) [LINUX]: Likewise.
* sock.c (sock_ioctl) [LINUX]: Likewise.
* stream.c (sys_putmsg, sys_getmsg): Likewise.
(sys_putpmsg) [SYS_putpmsg]: Likewise.
(sys_getpmsg) [SYS_getpmsg]: Likewise.
(sys_poll): Likewise.
(print_transport_message) [TI_BIND]: Likewise.
(stream_ioctl): Likewise.
* system.c (sys_mount, sys_reboot): Likewise.
(sys_cacheflush) [LINUX && M68K]: Likewise.
(sys_capget, sys_capset) [SYS_capget]: Likewise.
* term.c (term_ioctl) [TIOCMGET]: Likewise.
* time.c (sys_clock_nanosleep, sys_timer_settime) [LINUX]:
Fixes RH#159310.
* bjm.c (sys_query_module) [LINUX]: Unitize "out of memory"
errors reporting style.
* strace.c (rebuild_pollv) [USE_PROCFS]: Likewise.
* system.c (sys_capget, sys_capset) [SYS_capget]: Likewise.
* util.c (printstr): Likewise.
(dumpiov) [HAVE_SYS_UIO_H]: Likewise.
(fixvfork) [SUNOS4]: Likewise.
* desc.c (decode_select): Continue to decode syscall arguments
in case of OOM condition.
* file.c (sys_getdents): Likewise.
(sys_getdents64) [_LFS64_LARGEFILE]: Likewise.
(sys_getdirentries) [FREEBSD]: Likewise.
* mem.c (sys_mincore): Changed type of variables which deal with
malloc size from int to unsigned long.
Fixes RH#159308.
2005-05-22 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* bjm.c [LINUX]: Do not include <linux/linkage.h>. It is not
safe to include kernel headers, and this one is not used anyway.
Fixes RH#158488.
2005-05-26 Roland McGrath <>
* system.c (sys_sysctl): Check for errors accessing user pointers.
Use malloc instead of alloca in case size is insane.
2005-05-09 Roland McGrath <>
* Check for libaio.h.
* desc.c (sys_io_setup, sys_io_submit, sys_io_cancel,
sys_io_getevents, sys_io_destroy): New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use those for io_* syscalls.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Zach Brown <>.
Fixes RH#155065.
* debian/control (Architecture): Add ppc64.
Fixes Debian bug #301089.
2005-05-05 Anton Blanchard <>
* process.c (ptrace_cmds): Add PTRACE_GETVRREGS and PTRACE_SETVRREGS
if defined.
2005-05-09 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Refuse negative -s argument value.
Fixes Debian bug #303256.
2005-04-25 Anton Blanchard <>
* file.c (openmodes): Add O_NOATIME flag if defined.
2005-04-05 Anton Blanchard <>
* linux/powerpc/ioctlent.h: Regenerated.
* signal.c (signame): Don't try and dereference negative index.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Add debug_setcontext, vserver,
mbind, *_mempolicy, mq_*, sys_kexec_load, add_key, request_key,
keyctl, waitid, sys_semtimedop. Fix various other syscalls.
* ipc.c (shm_resource_flags): New variable, table has SHM_HUGETLB
but not IPC_NOWAIT, which have the same value.
(sys_shmget): Use that instead of resource_flags.
2005-03-22 Roland McGrath <>
* desc.c (decode_select): Increase local buffer size.
Fixes RH#151570.
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.11.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.11-1.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Fix 113 entry (syscall, not vm86old).
2005-03-14 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.10.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.10-1.
2005-02-26 GOTO Masanori <>
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Fix the reversed order of lstat64 and
fstat64. Clean up osf_nrecvmsg and osf_ngetsockname.
2005-02-28 Andreas Schwab <>
* syscall.c (getrval2): Move #ifdef IA64 inside #ifdef LINUX.
2005-03-14 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Update various calls.
From Thiemo Seufer <>.
Fixes Debian bug #256684.
* debian/control (Architecture): Add s390.
Fixes Debian bug #294172.
2005-03-06 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (trace) [PTRACE_GETSIGINFO]: Fetch siginfo_t for SIGSEGV
and SIGBUS signals, use si_addr in output.
2005-03-01 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (print_xattr_val): Add a cast.
2005-02-05 Roland McGrath <>
* desc.c (decode_select): Calculate size of passed fd_set vectors and
copy in the user's size rather than the standard sizeof(fd_set).
Fixes Debian bug #65654, #284290.
* util.c (printpath, printpathn): Print NULL and don't try any fetch
when ADDR is zero.
Fixes Debian bug #63093.
* debian/control (Build-Depends): Fix for s390 and sparc.
From Bastian Blank <>.
Fixes Debian bug #293564.
2004-12-19 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (main) [!USE_PROCFS]: In child process, raise SIGSTOP
right before execv() call. Remove fake_execve() call.
* defs.h (fake_execve): Remove unused declaration.
* process.c (fake_execve): Remove unused function.
Fixes RH#143365.
2005-02-04 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.9.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.9-2.
* file.c (O_LARGEFILE): Omit when #undef'd because it was zero.
2005-02-02 Roland McGrath <>
* debian/control: Add strace-udeb package for installer debugging.
* debian/rules (binary-arch): Build it.
From Joshua Kwan <>.
Fixes Debian bug #268294.
* file.c (openmodes) [O_LARGEFILE] [O_LARGEFILE == 0]: Redefine to
known values for Linux.
* util.c (printcall): Print 16 ?s when long is 8 bytes.
Fixes RH#146932.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Declare sys_epoll_create, sys_epoll_ctl,
* linux/sparc64/syscall.h: Just #include "../sparc/syscall.h" here.
* ioctl.c (nioctlents2): Add const to type.
Fixes Debian bug #278449.
* sock.c (iffflags): New variable, table of IFF_* values.
(print_addr): New function.
SIOCGIFINDEX, and fix their output.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#138223.
Fixes Debian bug #192164.
2004-12-20 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* Use AC_GNU_SOURCE macro instead of changing CFLAGS.
* defs.h [HAVE_CONFIG_H]: Include config.h first.
* strace.c: Include "defs.h" first.
Fixes RH#143370.
* syscall.c (call_summary): Fix potential NULL dereference.
Fixes RH#143369.
2004-12-19 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* syscall.c (qual_signal): Check bounds for numeric signal names.
Fix parser of symbolic signal names.
Fix return code, as required by qualify() function.
* syscall.c (qual_desc): Check bounds for descriptor number.
* syscall.c (qual_syscall): Correct return code, to be consistent
with qualify() and other qual_* functions.
Fixes RH#143362.
2005-02-01 Roland McGrath <>
New macros.
[LINUX] (mount_flags): Add them.
[LINUX] (sys_mount): If any of (MS_BIND|MS_MOVE|MS_REMOUNT) bits are
set in the flags argument, don't try to fetch the filesystem string.
Fixes RH#141932.
* config.guess: Update from canonical version, timestamp 2004-11-12.
* config.sub: Likewise, timestamp 2004-11-30.
* process.c [LINUX] [X86_64] (sys_arch_prctl): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare it.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Use it.
Part of RH#142667.
* process.c (sys_sched_setscheduler): Use %#lx format for bad pointer.
(sys_sched_getparam, sys_sched_setparam): Likewise.
Part of RH#142667.
* signal.c [HAVE_SIGACTION] [LINUX && X86_64] (SA_RESTORER): Define
here too.
Part of RH#142667.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use sys_mincore instead of printargs.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise. Also use sys_getrlimit,
sys_semtimedop, sys_umount2.
Part of RH#142667.
* syscall.c (qual_signal): Fix inverted return value and bogus
argument to qualify_one in the named case.
* file.c (print_xattr_val): Don't use auto array sized by syscall
argument. Use malloc instead, so it can fail for insane values.
Fixes Debian bug #283704.
* net.c (sys_getsockopt): Fix a format %ld -> %d.
* linux/syscall.h [IA64] (SYS_semtimedop): #undef it.
* syscall.c (syscall_enter) [X86_64]: Fix 32-bit argument register map
not to double the middle entry!
Fixes RH#146093.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Fix exit_group entry.
* util.c (getpc) [S390 || S390X]: Implement it.
Patch by David Wilder <>.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Add fadvise64, fstatfs64, statfs64, mbind,
[gs]et_mempolicy, mq_*, sys_kexec_load, vserver, and waitid.
Fixes RH#146245.
2005-01-22 Andreas Schwab <>
* net.c (sys_getsockopt): Change type of len to int.
2004-10-19 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.8.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.8-1.
* file.c (sys_fadvise64): Conditionalize just on [LINUX].
* Check for sys/epoll.h.
* desc.c: Protect #include <sys/epoll.h> with [HAVE_SYS_EPOLL_H].
(epollctls, epollevents): Protect each entry with #ifdef on its macro.
* strace.c (handle_group_exit): Don't detach leader that wasn't
Remove droptcb loop at end, no longer required since 2.6 reports each
thread death.
Fixes RH#135254.
* strace.c (trace): Use handle_group_exit for non-TCB_ATTACHED child
taking signal when it has nclone_threads > 0.
* strace.c (handle_group_exit, trace): Mark leader with
TCB_GROUP_EXITING and don't be surprised at child deaths when their
leader has it set.
Fixes RH#132150.
* process.c (WCOREFLAG): Define if not defined.
Reported by Marty Leisner <>.
* sock.c [! LINUX]: Include <sys/socket.h> before <sys/sockio.h>.
Reported by Marty Leisner <>.
* debian/rules: Make strace64.1.gz symlink to strace.1.gz instead of
strace64.1 to strace.1, which doesn't exist.
Fixes Debian bug #269220.
2004-09-05 Phil Blundell <>
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: New file.
2004-10-19 Roland McGrath <>
* debian/rules (DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE, CONFIG_OPTS): New variables.
[$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) == s390-linux] (build64, HOST64, CC64): Set them.
(build/Makefile): Use $(CONFIG_OPTS).
(build64/Makefile): Pass --host as well as --build.
From Bastian Blank <>.
Fixes Debian bug #271500.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Update for 2.6.9 syscalls.
From Randolph Chung <>
Fixes Debian bug #273887.
* file.c (sys_llseek): Revert last change.
2004-09-14 Richard Henderson <>
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Add tgkill, *stat64, vserver, mbind,
[gs]et_mempolicy, mq_*, waitid.
2004-10-07 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (sys_llssek, sys_readahead, sys_fadvise64, sys_fadvise64_64):
Use LONG_LONG macro.
* io.c (sys_pread, sys_pwrite, sys_sendfile): Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Fix botched table entries.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* mem.c [LINUX] (sys_mbind, sys_set_mempolicy, sys_get_mempolicy):
New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* linux/syscallent.h: Handle mbind, set_mempolicy, get_mempolicy.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* file.c [LINUX && (I386 || X86_64)] (sys_fadvise64, sys_fadvise64_64):
New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Handle fadvise64 and fadvise64_64 using those.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2004-09-13 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* linux/ioctlsort.c (main): Omit duplicate lines
(with same name and code) from output.
* linux/ Build the list of ioctls defined in
scsi/sg.h (0x22..), scsi/scsi.h and scsi/scsi_ioctl.h (0x53..),
as suggested by Peter Jones <>
* linux/ioctlent.h: Regenerated.
Fixes RH#129808.
2004-09-13 Ulrich Drepper <>
Dmitry V. Levin <>
* time.c [LINUX] (print_rtc): New function, for printing rtc_time
[LINUX] (rtc_ioctl): New function, for parsing RTC_* ioctls.
* ioctl.c [LINUX] (ioctl_decode): Call rtc_ioctl.
* defs.h [LINUX]: Declare rtc_ioctl.
Fixes RH#58606.
2004-10-06 Roland McGrath <>
* desc.c [LINUX] (sys_epoll_create, sys_epoll_ctl, sys_epoll_wait):
New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use those for epoll_* syscalls.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#134463.
* resource.c (resources): Add RLIMIT_LOCKS, RLIMIT_SIGPENDING,
and RLIMIT_MSGQUEUE, if defined.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#133594.
* net.c [HAVE_SENDMSG] (printcmsghdr): New function.
(printmsghdr): Use it.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#131689.
* file.c (sprintmode): Add const to return type.
(sprintfstype): Likewise.
* signal.c (printsiginfo): Add a const.
2004-09-15 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Use sys_waitid.
* linux/syscallent.h: waitid takes 5 arguments, and is in TP category.
* process.c (sys_waitid): Handle fifth argument (struct rusage *).
2004-09-11 Roland McGrath <>
* time.c (sys_clock_nanosleep): Print zero flags arg correctly.
(sys_timer_settime): Likewise.
(printsigevent): Print signals by name for SIGEV_SIGNAL.
(sys_timer_create): Print clock ID symbolically.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#131420.
2004-09-07 Michal Ludvig <>
* defs.h (nioctlents1, nsignals2): Fix typos in decls.
2004-09-03 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (qual_options): Add const to defn.
Update all uses.
(call_count, error_count, tv_count): Variables removed.
(struct call_counts, counts): New type and variable.
Update all users of the old three to use the new array of structs.
(trace_syscall): Allocate counts on first use.
(sorted_count): Variable removed.
(call_summary): Allocate locally.
* syscall.c (sysent0, sysent1, sysent2, sysent): Add const to defn.
(nsyscalls0, nsyscalls1, nsyscalls2): Likewise.
(errnoent0, errnoent1, errnoent2, errnoent): Likewise.
(nerrnos0, nerrnos1, nerrnos2): Likewise.
* signal.c (signalent0, signalent1, signalent2): Likewise.
(nsignals0, nsignals1, nsignals2): Likewise.
(signame): LIkewise.
* ioctl.c (ioctlent0, ioctlent1, ioctlent2): Likewise.
(nioctlents0, nioctlents1, nioctlents2): Likewise.
(ioctl_lookup, ioctl_next_match): Likewise.
* defs.h: Update decls.
* io.c (sys_ioctl): Update users.
* util.c (xlookup, printxval, addflags, printflags): Use const for
struct xlat * argument.
* defs.h (xlookup, printxval, addflags, printflags): Update decls.
* bjm.c: Add const to all struct xlat defns.
* desc.c: Likewise.
* file.c: Likewise.
* ipc.c: Likewise.
* mem.c: Likewise.
* net.c: Likewise.
* proc.c: Likewise.
* process.c: Likewise.
* resource.c: Likewise.
* signal.c: Likewise.
* sock.c: Likewise.
* stream.c: Likewise.
* system.c: Likewise.
* term.c: Likewise.
* time.c: Likewise.
* util.c: Likewise.
2004-09-01 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Add new entries for timer_*, clock_*, and
mq_* syscalls, and names only for new calls up to 252.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add waitid.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_waitid.
* process.c (internal_wait): Take second arg giving index of flags
* defs.h: Update prototype.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Update caller.
Also use internal_wait for SYS_waitid.
* process.c (sys_waitid): Define for [LINUX] as well.
Don't tweak TCB_SUSPENDED--internal_wait does that.
(waitid_types): Conditionalize use of nonstandard P_* macros.
2004-08-31 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.7.
* debian/changelog: 4.5.7-1.
* strace.spec: 4.5.7-2.
* debian/rules: Rewrite sparc64 change of 2004-07-12.
Always do each build in a separate build directory.
Fixes Debian bug #254728.
* time.c (clocknames): Use #ifdef around CLOCK_* uses.
* strace.1: Say that -c shows system CPU time, not real time.
Fixes Debian bug #254438.
* syscall.c (dumpio): Match pread and pwrite system calls too.
Fixes Debian bug #239947.
* net.c (sockoptions): Add all SO_* macros known in Linux 2.6.9.
Fixes Debian bug #171653.
2004-07-12 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* signal.c [LINUX] (parse_sigset_t): Fix hex strings parser.
Fixes RH#128091.
2004-08-30 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Don't call fake_execve under -c.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#129166.
* net.c (sockipoptions): Add some options.
[SOL_IPV6] (sockipv6options): New variable.
(sys_getsockopt, printsockopt): Use it for SOL_IPV6 level.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#128391.
* time.c (clocknames): New variable, symbolic names for clock_t.
(sys_clock_settime, sys_clock_gettime, sys_clock_nanosleep): Use it.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#129378.
* system.c (personality_options): Hard-code values here.
Don't #include <linux/personality.h> at all.
Fixes RH#130965 and Debian bug #40588.
* file.c (print_xattr_val): New function to show attribute values.
(sys_setxattr, sys_fsetxattr, sys_getxattr, sys_fgetxattr): Use it.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#131177.
2004-07-12 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.6.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.6-1.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add linux/sparc64 files.
* debian/rules: On sparc-linux, build strace64 as well.
From Ben Collins <>.
Fixes Debian bug #254728.
2004-07-07 David S. Miller <>
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Sync with reality.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h (sys_sendfile64, sys_futex, sys_gettid,
sys_sched_setaffinity, sys_sched_getaffinity, sys_setxattr,
sys_lsetxattr, sys_fsetxattr, sys_getxattr, sys_lgetxattr,
sys_fgetxattr, sys_listxattr, sys_llistxattr, sys_flistxattr,
sys_removexattr, sys_lremovexattr, sys_fremovexattr,
sys_remap_file_pages, sys_readahead, sys_tgkill, sys_statfs64,
sys_fstatfs64, sys_clock_settime, sys_clock_gettime,
sys_clock_getres, sys_clock_nanosleep, sys_timer_create,
sys_timer_settime, sys_timer_gettime): New declarations.
* linux/sparc64/dummy2.h, linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h,
linux/sparc64/syscall.h, linux/sparc64/errnoent.h,
linux/sparc64/errnoent1.h, linux/sparc64/errnoent2.h,
linux/sparc64/ioctlent.h, linux/sparc64/ioctlent1.h,
linux/sparc64/ioctlent2.h, linux/sparc64/signalent.h,
linux/sparc64/signalent.h, linux/sparc64/signalent.h,
linux/sparc64/signalent1.h, linux/sparc64/signalent2.h,
linux/sparc64/syscall1.h, linux/sparc64/syscallent.h,
linux/sparc64/syscallent1.h: New files.
* defs.h (LINUXSPARC): Define also when SPARC64.
Ignore SIGTRAP after execve by defining TCB_WAITEXECVE.
Define possibly missing __NR_exit_group. Declare getrval2.
* (sparc64): New architecture case.
* file.c (stat_sparc64): New structure.
(printstat_sparc64): New output routine for that.
(printstat): Call it, if personality is 2.
(printstat64): Likewise.
* util.c: Conditionalize ptrace defines on LINUXSPARC
(SPARC64 && LINUX): Define r_pc to r_tpc, and PTRACE_FOOREGS
to PTRACE_FOOREGS64 so that more sparc code can be shared
between 64-bit and 32-bit.
(_hack_syscall5): Correct trap number when SPARC64.
(PTRACE_WRITE{TEXT,DATA}): Add SPARC64 to ifdef guard.
(getpc): Handle SPARC64 && LINUX.
(printcall): Likewise.
(arg fetching/setting): Use same code for SPARC64 LINUX
as for SPARC.
(setbpt): Handle SPARC64 && LINUX.
(clearbpt): Likewise.
* signal.c: Conditionalize ptrace defines on SPARC and
(SPARC64 && LINUX): Define r_pc to r_tpc, and PTRACE_FOOREGS
to PTRACE_FOOREGS64 so that more sparc code can be shared
between 64-bit and 32-bit.
(m_siginfo): Use same definition on SPARC64 as SPARC.
(sys_sigreturn): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
* syscall.c: Conditionalize ptrace defines on SPARC and
(SPARC64 && LINUX): Define r_pc to r_tpc, and PTRACE_FOOREGS
to PTRACE_FOOREGS64 so that more sparc code can be shared
between 64-bit and 32-bit.
(getscno): Use same static state on SPARC64 as SPARC,
and add SPARC64 handling.
(get_error): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
(force_result): Likewise.
(syscall_enter): Likewise.
(trace_syscall): Handle sys_socketcall and sys_ipc on SPARC64
just like SPARC.
(getrval2): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
* process.c: Conditionalize ptrace defines on SPARC and
(SPARC64 && LINUX): Define r_pc to r_tpc, and PTRACE_FOOREGS
to PTRACE_FOOREGS64 so that more sparc code can be shared
between 64-bit and 32-bit.
(change_syscall): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
(struct_user_offsets): Ifdef out those which do not exist
on SPARC64.
* net.c (sys_pipe): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
* ioctl.c: Fix initializer typo for nioctlents2, was
nioctlents1 by accident.
2004-06-28 Andreas Schwab <>
* process.c (internal_exec): Move TCB_WAITEXECVE handling here.
(sys_execve): Remove it here.
2004-07-12 Roland McGrath <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add linux/sh64/syscallent.h.
* debian/control (Section): Move to utils, matching Debian override.
* net.c (addrfams): Make variable global.
* sock.c (sock_ioctl): Decode the arguments for SIOCGIFNAME,
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#126917.
* linux/ioctlsort.c: Add some #includes.
[POWERPC]: Kludge out high bits.
* linux/ia64/ioctlent.h: Regenerated using RHEL3 headers.
* linux/powerpc/ioctlent.h: Likewise.
2004-07-11 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ Replace asm with $asm in all places.
* [LINUX]: Add maintainer-mode rules to regenerate
the ioctlent.h file.
2004-07-08 Roland McGrath <>
* resource.c (sys_quotactl): Truncate first argument to 32 bits, since
that's what the kernel will do.
2004-07-07 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ Take optional second argument to use as directory
name in place of `asm'.
2004-06-27 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.5.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.5-1.
2004-06-22 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (syscall_fixup) [LINUX && X86_64]: For 32-bit process,
sign extend the low 32 bits of RAX to 64 bits.
Fixes RH#126547.
* syscall.c (force_result): [LINUX && X86_64]: Fix RAX*4 -> RAX*8.
2004-06-03 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.4.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.4-1.
* net.c (domains): Add many PF_* values #ifdef PF_*.
(addrfams): Add many AF_* values #ifdef AF_*.
Fixes Debian bug #250506.
2004-05-02 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* linux/ioctlsort.c (compare): When ioctl codes equal, compare
(main): Print a note that program output is generated by
* linux/ Build the list of ioctls defined in
linux/fb.h (0x46..), linux/kd.h (0x4B..), linux/cdrom.h (0x53..),
asm/ioctls.h (0x54..), linux/vt.h (0x56..), linux/videotext.h
(0x71..), linux/videotext.h (0x72..), asm/sockios.h (0x89..),
linux/sockios.h (0x89..), linux/wireless.h (0x8B..).
* linux/ioctlent.h: Regenerated from linux-2.6.5.
Fixes RH#122257.
2004-06-03 Roland McGrath <>
* debian/control (Architecture): Add amd64.
Fixes Debian bug #246568.
* strace.c (main) [LINUX]: Expand TCBTAB as necessary for threads
attached. Attach threads only under -f. Set TCB_FOLLOWFORK in them.
(expand_tcbtab): New function, broken out of ...
* process.c (fork_tcb): ... here, call that.
* defs.h: Declare expand_tcbtab.
2004-04-19 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (printstatus): Add a space before | in output.
2004-04-16 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 4.5.3.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.3-1.
2004-03-18 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* resource.c (sys_quotactl) [LINUX]: Cast arithmetic shift operand
from long to unsigned long, to fix output of the quotactl command
Fixes RH#118694.
2004-04-16 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/s390/ioctlent.h, linux/s390x/ioctlent.h: Update DASD ioctls.
From Maxim Shchetynin <>.
* Check for <mqueue.h>.
* ipc.c (sys_mq_open, printmqattr) [! HAVE_MQUEUE_H]: Don't try to
decode struct mq_attr.
* NEWS: Mention mq support.
* linux/syscall.h: Support new mq_* syscalls on Linux.
* linux/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/dummy.h: Likewise.
* ipc.c: Likewise.
* time.c (printsigevent): Handle SIGEV_THREAD.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#120701.
2004-04-13 Roland McGrath <>
* net.c (msg_flags): Grok MSG_FIX, MSG_SYN, MSG_RST, MSG_NOSIGNAL,
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#120541.
* process.c (printstatus): Mask out bits presented symbolically, and
print "| 0xnnn" if the remaining bits are not all zero.
Fixes Debian bug #240062.
* process.c (print_affinitylist): Rewritten to handle indirect values.
(sys_sched_setaffinity, sys_sched_getaffinity): Update callers.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#118685.
* acinclude.m4: Quote first argument to AC_DEFUN in all cases.
2004-04-08 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main) [LINUX]: When attaching for -p, look in
/proc/PID/task for all threads and attach them as presumed
CLONE_THREAD children.
* NEWS: Mention the feature.
Fixes RH#120462.
2004-03-02 Roland McGrath <>
* util.c (setbpt): Fix one missed spot to use new arg0_index macro.
From Michael Holzheu <>.
* debian/control (Standards-Version): Update to 3.6.1.
2004-03-01 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.2.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.2-1.
* strace.c (main): Avoid potential buffer overruns from ludicrous
arguments or PATH values.
* syscall.c (qual_signal): Bail out for too-long string.
* mem.c [LINUX]: <asm/mman.h> -> <linux/mman.h>
Fixes Debian bug #223207.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Copy linux/syscall.h decls of sys_sched_*.
* Check for `struct user_desc' in <asm/ldt.h>.
* process.c [HAVE_STRUCT_USER_DESC]: Use struct user_desc in place of
struct modify_ldt_ldt_s.
* mem.c [HAVE_STRUCT_USER_DESC]: Likewise.
* system.c (sysctl_vm): Conditionalize VM_* macro uses, add some more.
From Tim Yamin <>.
* process.c (sys_execve): Clear instead of set TCB_WAITEXECVE on
erring syscall.
* Check for `struct pt_all_user_regs'
and `struct ia64_fpreg' in <sys/ptrace.h>.
* util.c, process.c, syscall.c, signal.c: Work around conflicts between
<sys/ptrace.h> and <linux/ptrace.h> for defining those types.
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [LINUX && IA64]: Conditionalize
PT_AR_CSD and PT_AR_SSD uses in case of older kernel headers.
* util.c [LINUX] (arg0_index, arg1_index): New macros.
[S390 || S390X]: Define them with inverted values.
(setbpt): Use them for u_arg indices.
2004-02-26 Andreas Schwab <>
* defs.h [LINUX && IA64]: Declare getrval2 also on IA64.
* net.c (sys_pipe) [LINUX && IA64]: For IA64 use the two return values.
* syscall.c (getrval2) [LINUX && IA64]: Implement for IA64.
2004-03-01 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/dummy.h (sys_sched_getscheduler, sys_sched_setparam,
sys_sched_getparam, sys_sched_setscheduler, sys_sched_getscheduler,
sys_sched_get_priority_max, sys_sched_get_priority_min): Remove macros.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_sched_getscheduler, sys_sched_setparam,
sys_sched_getparam, sys_sched_setscheduler, sys_sched_getscheduler,
sys_sched_get_priority_min): New functions.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#116990.
2004-02-20 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Update some syscalls.
From Randolph Chung <>.
Fixes Debian bug #231632.
2003-12-31 David Mosberger <>
* process.c (internal_exit): For ia64, also recognize IA-32 252
as exit_group().
(change_syscall): For IA64, also support changing IA-32 syscalls.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): For IA64, also recognize IA-32
syscall 252 (exit_group) as an internal_exit() syscall.
* util.c (SYS_fork): For IA64, define them to the IA-32 syscall
(SYS_vfork): Likewise.
(arg_setup): For IA64 version, also support IA-32 syscalls.
(get_arg0): Likewise.
(get_arg1): Likewise.
(set_arg0): Likewise.
(set_arg1): Likewise.
2004-02-15 Anton Blanchard <>
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Add rtas call.
Shift multiplexed syscalls to start at 300, we are already about
to hit 256 real syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h: SYS_socket_subcall is now 300 for [POWERPC].
2004-02-19 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Use TCP->pid, not PID, in -p message.
Fixes Debian bug #229802.
2004-01-13 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (force_result) [LINUX] [S390 || S390X]: Remove bogus upeek
* stream.c (internal_stream_ioctl): Fix typo strict -> struct.
Reported by Petter Reinholdtsen <>.
2003-12-31 David Mosberger <>
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [IA64]: Fix up register name list.
2003-12-14 Anton Blanchard <>
* file.c (sys_getdents64): Don't cast d_ino and d_off to unsigned long.
Use %llu formats for them.
* file.c [LINUX] (fsmagic): Add SYSFS_MAGIC.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Update to include recently added
* syscall.c (get_error) [POWERPC]: Cast result to unsigned long for
ppc64, we were misreporting syscalls that really succeeded as having
2004-01-13 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.1: Remove comment about vfork on Linux.
Fixes Debian bug #223390.
* file.c (direnttypes): Define under [LINUX] as well. Add DT_UNKNOWN.
(sys_getdents64) [LINUX]: Print d_type field.
2003-12-15 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (trace) [WCOREDUMP]: Show coredump status of the
killed process if available. Fixes RH#112117.
2003-11-13 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.1.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.1-1.
2003-09-06 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* defs.h (ioctl_lookup): Prototype change.
* ioctl.c (ioctl_next_match): New function.
* defs.h: Declare it.
* io.c (sys_ioctl): Use it, to display all possible ioctl names
when there's more than one match.
* ioctl.c (ioctl_lookup): Likewise.
* stream.c (internal_stream_ioctl): Likewise.
Patch from Solar Designer <>.
2003-11-13 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Use sys_setgroups32, sys_getgroups32.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2003-09-06 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Fixes for RH#105359.
* util.c (printuid): New function.
* defs.h: Declare it.
* file.c (sys_chown): Use it.
* file.c (sys_fchown): Likewise.
* process.c (sys_setreuid, sys_setregid, sys_setresuid,
sys_setresgid): Likewise.
* linux/syscallent.h: Better handle getgid32, geteuid32, getegid32,
setreuid32, setregid32, getgroups32, setgroups32, fchown32,
setresuid32, getresuid32, setresgid32, getresgid32, chown32,
setuid32, setgid32, setfsuid32, setfsgid32.
* process.c [LINUX]: Define GETGROUPS32_T.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_setgroups32, sys_getgroups32):
New functions.
* linux/syscall.h (sys_setgroups32, sys_getgroups32):
Declare them.
2003-11-11 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Bail with usage error for missing command before we
open the -o file or fiddle uids.
2003-11-06 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Treat piped output more like file output.
Disallow -ff with piped output. Fixes RH#105366.
Reported by Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (tprintf): Check result of vfprintf and use perror when it
fails while not writing to stderr itself. Fixes Debian bug #218762.
* net.c (printsock): Fix typo in #ifdef AF_NETLINK.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-11-01 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (trace_syscall) [LINUX]: Calculate ONE_TICK once using
setitimer rather than hard-coding a value based on HZ.
Fixes RH#108012, reported by Florian La Roche <>.
2003-10-21 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.1: Fixed a few spelling errors.
Fixes Debian bug #217008.
* syscall.c: Revert last change, was broken.
2003-10-01 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (internal_clone): Don't suspend parent when call requested
a specific PID that is not a traced child.
* signal.c [LINUX] (parse_sigset_t): Rewrite to process hex strings
from right to left so we don't have to presume the size.
Reported by David Woodhouse <>.
2003-09-25 Roland McGrath <>
* mem.c (mmap_prot) [PROT_SEM, PROT_GROWSDOWN, PROT_GROWSUP]: Include
these in the table if they are defined.
2003-09-24 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5-1.
* syscall.c (get_scno) [LINUX] [S390 || S390X]: Bail out of
instruction decoding branch if TCB_INSYSCALL is clear.
Reported by <>.
* linux/ioctlent.h: Swap order of overloaded TC* and SNDCTL_* values.
2003-09-23 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.spec: On ppc64 (maybe others later), create an strace64
package as well containing just /usr/bin/strace64.
* signal.c (sprintsigmask): Print RT_%u for __SIGRTMIN..__SIGRTMAX.
Fixes RH#104365.
2003-08-21 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/syscallent.h: Fix mlock argument count. Fixes RH#101499.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2003-07-28 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* defs.h (ALIGN64): Define for MIPS.
* io.c (PREAD_OFFSET_ARG): Define.
(sys_pread, sys_pwrite): Use it.
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [SH]: Check whether REG_XDREG0
is defined.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h (pread, pwrite): Take six arguments.
(truncate64, ftruncate64): Pretty-print.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h (pread, pwrite): Take six arguments.
(truncate64, ftruncate64): Take four arguments.
2003-07-17 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.99.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.99-1.
2003-07-15 Anton Blanchard <>
* ipc.c: Add SHM_HUGETLB field.
Mask out permission bits in msgget, semget and shmget before
printing resource_flags.
Mask execute permission bits (even though we dont currently
use them).
2003-07-17 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h (tgkill): New at 250.
* linux/syscallent.h: truncate64/ftruncate64 need 3 args.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* linux/syscallent.h: Handle statfs64, fstatfs64, utimes.
* file.c (printstatfs): Print f_fsid and f_frsize.
[LINUX] (printstatfs64, sys_statfs64, sys_fstatfs64): New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Add decls.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-07-09 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h (tgkill): New at 1235.
2003-07-05 Richard Henderson <>
* process.c (sys_clone): Order arguments for alpha the same as x86_64.
(trace_syscall): Print it.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h (osf_syscall): Name properly.
(osf_set_program_attributes): Fix typo.
(osf_nfssvc): Likewise.
(osf_sigsendset): Likewise.
(getdents64, gettid, readahead, tkill, setxattr, lsetxattr, fsetxattr,
getxattr, lgetxattr, fgetxattr, listxattr, llistxattr, flistxattr,
removexattr, lremovexattr, fremovexattr, futex, sched_setaffinity,
sched_getaffinity, tuxcall, io_setup, io_destroy, io_getevents,
io_submit, io_cancel, exit_group, lookup_dcookie, epoll_create,
epoll_ctl, epoll_wait, remap_file_pages, set_tid_address,
restart_syscall, fadvise, timer_create, timer_settime, timer_gettime,
timer_getoverrun, timer_delete, clock_settime, clock_gettime,
clock_getres, clock_nanosleep, semtimedop): New.
2003-07-08 Roland McGrath <>
* signal.c (sys_tgkill): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare it.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add tgkill.
2003-06-27 Roland McGrath <>
* Check for type `struct __old_kernel_stat'.
* file.c (convertoldstat, printoldstat): Define under
[LINUX && HAVE_STRUCT___OLD_KERNEL_STAT] rather than a list of archs.
(sys_oldstat, sys_oldfstat, sys_oldlstat): Likewise.
* linux/dummy.h [! HAVE_STRUCT___OLD_KERNEL_STAT]
(sys_oldstat, sys_oldfstat, sys_oldlstat): #define to printargs.
2003-06-26 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h: Likewise.
* mem.c: Likewise.
* process.c: Likewise.
* sock.c: Likewise.
* syscall.c: Likewise.
* util.c: Likewise.
* linux/shmedia/syscallent.h: Moved to ...
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: ... here.
* config.guess: Update from canonical version, timestamp 2003-06-17.
* config.sub: Likewise.
* syscall.c (force_result) [LINUX] [ARM]: Fix variable usage.
From: Joshua Neal <>.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_futex): Grok FUTEX_REQUEUE and print 5th arg.
* linux/syscallent.h: sys_futex argument count is now 5, not 4.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Jakub Jelinek <>.
* syscall.c (get_scno) [S390 || S390X]: Fix old vs new mode detection.
From Michael Holzheu <>.
2003-06-23 Roland McGrath <>
* net.c (sys_socket): Decode protocol for PF_INET6 same as PF_INET.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-06-10 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.98.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.98-1.
2003-06-09 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Update many syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Update [S390X] value.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Update many syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Update [S390] value.
* linux/shmedia/syscallent.h: New file.
From Stephen Thomas <>.
* strace.c (trace): Print a message and newline for a WIFEXITED report
from the process we just printed an unterminated syscall line for.
2003-06-03 Roland McGrath <>
* util.c (printcall) [LINUX]: Fix typo [IA62] -> [IA64].
Linux/ARM improvements from Russell King <>:
* defs.h [LINUX] (TCB_WAITEXECVE): Define for [ARM] too.
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [LINUX] [ARM]: Add ARM registers.
* signal.c [LINUX] (sys_sigreturn) [ARM]: New case.
* syscall.c (get_scno, syscall_fixup) [LINUX] [ARM]: Case rewritten.
(get_error) [LINUX] [ARM]: Update.
(syscall_enter) [LINUX] [ARM]: New case.
* util.c (printcall) [LINUX] [ARM]: New case.
* debian/control (Standards-Version): Update to 3.5.10.
* strace.c (main): In PATH search, accept only a regular file with
execute bits set. Fixes Debian bug #137103.
2003-06-02 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Set -q when given -o and not -p, and not when not
given -o, to match what the man page always said.
Fixes Debian bug #47113, #153678.
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.97.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.97-1.
*, defs.h, mem.c, process.c, sock.c, syscall.c, util.c:
Merged in SHmedia port from Stephen Thomas <>.
* config.guess: Update from,
timestamp 2003-05-22.
* config.sub: Likewise, timestamp 2003-05-24.
2003-05-22 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h (struct tcb): New member `nzombies'.
* strace.c (alloctcb): Initialize it.
(droptcb): Increment our parent's zombie count.
* process.c (internal_wait): Don't go into TCB_SUSPENDED if the
process has zombies it can reap. On the way out, if we reaped
an untraced process, decrement the zombie count.
* process.c (sys_clone): Mask CSIGNAL out of flags and print that
separately using signame.
* process.c (internal_clone) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Use ARG_FLAGS instead
of literal 0 for index. Consult the right flags without clobbering
anything when we reparent the new child to the caller's parent thread.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Fix sys_clone argument count.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* process.c [LINUX] [S390 || S390X] (ARG_CTID, ARG_TLS): Fix swapped
indices. Reported by Jakub Jelinek <>.
* signal.c [LINUX] (SI_SIGIO, SI_TKILL): New macros.
[LINUX || SVR4] (siginfo_codes): Add strings for them.
* process.c (print_affinitylist): Fix loop condition.
Reported by Ian Wienand <>.
2003-04-10 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (qual_desc): Return zero after parsing number.
From Rob Leslie <>, fixes Debian bug #188379.
2003-04-07 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/syscallent.h: Handle semtimedop subcall of ipc syscall.
* linux/syscall.h: Likewise.
* ipc.c [LINUX] (sys_semtimedop): New function.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* ipc.c (sys_semget): Mask off permission bits for resource_flags.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-04-01 Philippe De Muyter <>
* sock.c, stream.c: Check #ifdef LINUX, not linux.
* file.c: Always provide sys_*attr, regardless of #ifdef XATTR_CREATE.
2003-03-30 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.96.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.96-1.
2003-02-26 Stuart Menefy <>
Various fixes for SuperH [SH]:
* mem.c (sys_old_mmap): mmap() parameters passed in registers
* net.c (sys_pipe), syscall.c (getrval2): pipe() results returned
in registers
* process.c (change_syscall): Fixed register which holds system
call number
* util.c (arg0_offset, arg1_offset): provide definition
* Added new files in linux/sh
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: New file.
* linux/sh/errnoent.h: New file.
* linux/sh/ioctlent.h: New file.
* linux/sh/signalent.h: New file.
* linux/ Take an arg for location of header files
* Replaced lost $
2003-03-30 Roland McGrath <>
* time.c [LINUX]: Handle new Linux 2.5 clock/timer syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h, linux/syscallent.h, linux/dummy.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use sys_getrlimit for 191.
Use name "old_getrlimit" for 76.
Reported by Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-03-18 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_clone): Don't dereference parent_tid argument.
2003-03-17 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: clone takes 5 args.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_clone) [X86_64]: Fix argument order.
2003-03-15 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Add exit_group syscall at 231.
2003-03-14 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Update and add many 2.5 syscalls.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: clone takes 5 arguments.
* process.c [LINUX && IA64] (ARG_*): Update for 2.5 clone calls.
2003-03-12 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Fix arg counts for clone and clone2.
Use sys_clone for clone2.
* linux/syscall.h: Don't declare sys_clone2.
* process.c (sys_clone): Rewritten to handle both flavors,
print all extra args depending on flag bits.
(sys_clone2): Function removed.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Add a bunch of 2.5 syscalls.
2003-03-04 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (get_scno) [IA64]: Do TCB_WAITEXECVE check only when
TCB_INSYSCALL is clear, like other platforms do.
2003-03-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* mem.c [LINUX] (sys_remap_file_pages): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare it.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use it.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_futex): Omit final if op is not FUTEX_WAIT.
2003-02-26 Roland McGrath <>
* Fix typo in netinet/in.h check.
Also include <sys/types.h> and <sys/socket.h> before <netinet/in.h>.
Reported by Alex Semenyaka <>.
2003-02-24 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.95.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.95-1.
* process.c (sys_getresgid): Fix typos in argument access.
2003-02-23 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (sys_getresuid): Fix typos in argument access.
Reported by Anton Blanchard <>.
2003-02-19 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.94.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.94-1.
* version.c: Removed.
* (strace_SOURCES): Remove it.
* strace.c: Use PACKAGE_NAME and VERSION macros instead of version var.
FreeBSD rfork support changes from Russ Cox <>:
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Handle SYS_rfork with internal_fork.
* process.c (internal_fork) [SYS_rfork]: Bail if RFPROC flag not set.
2003-01-23 Roland McGrath <>
* signal.c: Reorder #ifdefs so HAVE_ASM_SIGCONTEXT_H doesn't matter on
SPARC, which doesn't use the header regardless.
* util.c [LINUX && SPARC]: Do renaming kludges around <asm/reg.h>
like signal.c does.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Declare sys_getdents64, sys_llseek.
* linux/dummy.h [! SYS_getpmsg] (sys_getpmsg): #define to printargs.
[! SYS_putpmsg] (sys_putpmsg): Likewise.
* process.c: Reorder includes to put sys/reg.h before linux/ptrace.h,
since they can conflict.
2003-01-21 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (usage): Omit -z, since it has never worked properly.
* NEWS: Likewise.
* strace.c (main): Grok new option `-E var=val' or `-E var' to put
var=val in environ or to remove var, respectively.
(usage): Mention it.
* strace.1, NEWS: Document it.
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.93.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.93-1.
* strace.spec (Source0): Use strace-VERSION.tar.bz2 now.
2003-01-20 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h [LINUX] [S390 || S390X] (TCB_WAITEXECVE): Define it.
* syscall.c (get_scno, syscall_fixup) [LINUX] [S390 || S390X]: Handle
TCB_WAITEXECVE state with special kludges.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_clone) [S390 || S390X]: Argument order is
reversed from other architectures.
* process.c (sys_execve) [LINUX]: Make setting TCB_WAITEXECVE flag
conditional on [TCB_WAITEXECVE] instead of list of processors.
* util.c (restore_arg0): Evaluate args in no-op defns.
* util.c [S390 || S390X] (arg0_offset, arg1_offset): Fix definitions
for clone call on S390. From Michael Holzheu <>.
2003-01-17 Anton Blanchard <>
* util.c [LINUX] (setbpt): Handle SYS_vfork like SYS_fork.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): 256 also for POWERPC.
2003-01-14 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/powerpc/errnoent.h: Add missing errnos.
* linux/powerpc/ioctlent.h: Update ioctl values.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* io.c [LINUX] (sys_pread, sys_pwrite): Fix last change.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Use sys_getdents64, sys_truncate64,
sys_ftruncate64, instead of printargs, for those syscalls.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Only 256 for S390, S390X.
All others at the moment use linux/syscallent.h, where it's 300.
* strace.1: Update bug reporting info.
* resource.c [LINUX] (quotacmds): Grok new command encodings.
From Nathan Scott <>.
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.92.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.92-1.
* Match powerpc* (includes powerpc64), and don't match
ppc (never comes out of config.sub).
* process.c (sys_ptrace): Use #lx format for address argument.
[POWERPC]: Use sizeof(unsigned long) in place of 4 for multipliers.
* process.c [POWERPC]: Likewise.
* signal.c (sys_sigreturn) [POWERPC]: Likewise.
* syscall.c (get_scno) [POWERPC]: Likewise.
* util.c [POWERPC]: Likewise.
(printnum): Use long for NUM.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* defs.h (ALIGN64): Fix defn for PPC, same as FreeBSD one.
* util.c [LINUX] (restore_arg0, restore_arg1): New macros, defined
appropriately via set_arg0 or no-ops for each architecture.
(clearbpt): Use those instead of set_arg0 and set_arg1.
* defs.h [_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE] (_LFS64_LARGEFILE): Define it.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use sys_getdents64, sys_truncate64,
sys_ftruncate64, instead of printargs, for those syscalls.
* process.c: Use <linux/ptrace.h> regardless of <sys/reg.h>.
(sys_ptrace): Use printxval.
(ptrace_cmds): Make PTRACE_GETREGS et al conditional on #ifdef PTRACE_*
instead of only #ifdef SUNOS4. Add PTRACE_[GS]ETFPXREGS.
* ipc.c (PRINTCTL): New macro. #ifdef IPC_64, factor out the flag and
print it before using printxval.
(sys_msgctl, sys_semctl, sys_shmctl): Use it.
2003-01-13 Roland McGrath <>
* config.guess: Update from,
timestamp 2003-01-10.
* config.sub: Likewise, timestamp 2003-01-03.
* install-sh: Update from Automake 1.7.2.
* linux/powerpc/signalent.h: Add SIGRTMIN.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Add missing system calls.
Decode more system calls, we were just printargs for many things.
Remove some x86-specific system calls.
Remove two syscalls between the socket and ipc syscalls,
it was resulting in all IPC syscalls being off by two.
* ioctl.c (ioctl_decode) [POWERPC]: Decode term ioctls like Alpha.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* defs.h [POWERPC] (UESP, EIP, EAX, ORIG_EAX): Remove this cruft.
[LINUX && POWERPC && !__powerpc64__] (ALIGN64): New macro.
* io.c (sys_pread, sys_pwrite): Use ALIGN64.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* term.c [LINUX]: Get kernel definition of struct termios.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* linux/ Look in sound/ directory too.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* desc.c (printflock64): Fix ADDR argument type.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* strace.c [! HAVE_STRSIGNAL]: Clean up #ifdefs on decls for
sys_siglist and _sys_siglist.
Reported by John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>.
Reported by John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>.
* linux/syscall.h [ARM] (SYS_socket_subcall): Set to 300.
2003-01-10 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.91.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.91-1
* util.c [LINUX && X86_64] (arg0_offset, arg1_offset): Use correct
values for x86-64, conditional on current_personality.
* strace.c (droptcb): Clear flags word before calling rebuild_pollv.
* Check struct T_conn_res for QUEUE_ptr or ACCEPTOR_id.
* stream.c (print_transport_message): Use #ifdefs for those members.
* strace.c (rebuild_pollv): Fix typo: struct poll -> struct pollfd.
* Fix siginfo_t/sig_atomic_t checks.
Use prerequisite #include <netinet/in.h> for netinet/*.h checks.
* strace.c (pfd2tcb): Fix for new tcbtab type.
(rebuild_pollv): Likewise.
(detach): Put variables used under [LINUX] inside #ifdef.
* process.c (change_syscall) [POWERPC]: Add missing return.
* util.c [POWERPC] (arg0_offset): Set to 4*PT_R3, not 4*PT_ORIG_R3.
* strace.spec: New file.
* debian/changelog: 4.4.90-1
* debian/rules (binary-arch): Depend on build.
(clean): Don't try to run
* debian/control (Standards-Version): Now 3.5.8.
* Diddle CFLAGS after AC_PROG_CC, not before.
2003-01-09 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (force_result) [S390 || S390X]: Fix typo.
* debian/control: Update Maintainer: field.
2003-01-08 Roland McGrath <>
* NEWS: Update for 4.4.90 test release.
Support for new Linux 2.5 thread features.
* defs.h [LINUX]: Define __NR_exit_group if not defined.
(struct tcb): New members nclone_threads, nclone_detached,
and nclone_waiting.
(waiting_parent): Macro removed.
(pid2tcb): Declare it.
* process.c (internal_clone) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Reparent the new
child to our parent if we are a CLONE_THREAD child ourselves.
Maintain TCB_CLONE_THREAD and TCB_CLONE_DETACHED flags and counts.
(internal_wait) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Factor out detached children when
determining if we have any. If TCB_CLONE_THREAD is set, check
parent's children instead of our own, and bump nclone_waiting count.
(internal_exit) [__NR_exit_group]: Set the TCB_GROUP_EXITING flag if
the syscall was exit_group.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Use internal_exit for exit_group.
* strace.c (pid2tcb): No longer static.
(alloctcb) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Initialize new fields.
(droptcb) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Maintain new fields.
If we have thread children, set TCB_EXITING and don't clear the TCB.
(resume) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Decrement parent's nclone_waiting.
(detach) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: When calling resume, check all thread
children of our parent that might be waiting for us too.
[TCB_GROUP_EXITING] (handle_group_exit): New function.
(trace) [TCB_GROUP_EXITING]: Use that in place of detach or droptcb.
Revamp -f support for Linux.
* util.c [LINUX] (setbpt, clearbpt): New implementations that tweak
the system call to be clone with CLONE_PTRACE set. Various new static
helper functions.
* process.c (internal_clone): Define also #ifdef SYS_clone2.
Initialize TCPCHILD->parent field.
[CLONE_PTRACE]: Don't do PTRACE_ATTACH here, because it's preattached.
Check in case the new child is in the tcb already.
(internal_fork) [LINUX]: Just call internal_clone.
* strace.c (trace) [LINUX]: Under -f/-F, grok an unknown pid
reporting to wait, put it in the TCB with TCB_ATTACHED|TCB_SUSPENDED.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent1.h (sys_oldlstat): #define as printargs.
* file.c [LINUX]: #undef st_[amc]time in case they are macros.
* (AM_CFLAGS): New variable, define to $(WARNFLAGS).
* (EXTRA_DIST): Remove debian/postinst and debian/prerm.
2003-01-09 Wichert Akkerman <>
* debian/postinst, debian/prerm: removed, /usr/doc symlink is no
longer used
* debian/rules: no longer install postinst and prerm
* debian/control: do not end summary with full stop (lintian)
2002-12-30 Roland McGrath <>
* (bin_SCRIPTS): New variable, list strace-graph.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add missing files.
* Fix asm/sigcontext.h check to include prerequisite.
* syscall.c (qualify_one): New function.
(qual_options): Replace lookup field with qualify, update initializer.
(qualify): Update caller.
(qual_signal, qual_fault, qual_desc): Rewritten from lookup_*.
(qual_syscall): Rewritten lookup_syscall, match name more than once.
Fixes RH#70579, bites IA64 -efoo when foo exists on IA32.
* version.c (version): Make const, bump to 4.4.90.
* strace.c: Update decl.
* [LINUX && X86_64]: Remove cruft.
* linux/x86_64/errnoent1.h: New file.
* linux/x86_64/ioctlent1.h: New file.
* linux/x86_64/signalent1.h: New file.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent1.h: New file.
* linux/x86_64/i386-headers.diff: File removed.
* linux/x86_64/ File removed.
* linux/x86_64/ File removed.
* linux/syscallent.h [X86_64]: Disable sanity checks, subcall stuff is
already broken for 32-bit personality on x86-64.
2002-12-29 Roland McGrath <>
*, Punt subdirs, handle everything here.
* linux/ File removed.
* freebsd/ File removed.
* sunos4/ File removed.
* svr4/ File removed.
* linux/alpha/ File removed.
* linux/hppa/ File removed.
* linux/ia64/ File removed.
* linux/powerpc/ File removed.
* linux/s390/ File removed.
* linux/s390x/ File removed.
2002-12-26 Roland McGrath <>
* Grok three flavors of #define line, uniquify.
* linux/hppa/ File removed.
* linux/powerpc/ File removed.
* linux/ New file.
* linux/ File removed.
* freebsd/ New file.
* freebsd/i386/ New file.
* freebsd/i386/ File removed.
2002-12-22 Roland McGrath <>
Update to Autoconf 2.57, and Automakify with version 1.7.
* New file.
* File removed.
* Moved to ...
* ... here. Update for Autoconf 2.5x and Automake.
* aclocal.m4: Moved to ...
* acinclude.m4: ... here. Update for Autoconf 2.5x.
* acconfig.h: File removed.
* AUTHORS: New file, makes automake happy.
* File removed.
* README-CVS: Update to recommend autoreconf instead.
* file.c: HAVE_ST_* -> HAVE_STRUCT_STAT_ST_*.
* strace.c: *_DECLARED -> HAVE_DECL_*
* stream.c: HAVE_* -> HAVE_STRUCT_*
* linux/ (ioctldefs.h ioctls.h): Use $(SHELL) instead of
sh, and use $(srcdir) to find the script.
* linux/powerpc/ (ioctlent.raw): Find in ../.
(ioctlsort.o): Use ../ioctlsort.c, not ../../ioctlsort.c.
* linux/x86_64/ (headers): Renamed to all.
* linux/alpha/ Add empty install target.
* linux/x86_64/ Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/ Likewise.
* linux/ Likewise.
2002-12-26 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h [LINUX && MIPS] (MAX_QUALS): Set to 5000, not 4999.
From Daniel Jacobowitz <>.
2002-12-21 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/syscallent.h: Add some new 2.5 syscall names.
Now clone takes 5 args.
* process.c [LINUX] (clone_flags): Update with 2.5 flag bits.
[LINUX] (sys_clone): Print new args.
* mem.c (print_ldt_entry): Make global.
* linux/syscall.h [I386 || IA64] (SYS_socket_subcall): Bump to 300 for
safety, since up to 260 are already used in 2.5 kernels.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update the table.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* syscall.c (force_result): New function.
* process.c (internal_wait): Handle ECHILD exit from wait call with
WNOHANG flag set; force the return value to 0 in the inferior when it
has live children we are tracing.
* NEWS: Mention the bug fix.
2002-12-17 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Remove placeholders 275-298 to catch up
with linux/syscallent.h additions.
* strace.c (tcbtab): Make this a pointer to pointers, not an array.
(tcbtabsize): New variable.
(main): Initialize them using dynamic allocation.
(alloctcb, main): Use tcbtabsize in place of MAX_PROCS; indirect.
(pid2tcb, cleanup): Likewise.
[USE_PROCFS] (pollv): Make this a pointer, not an array; make static.
(rebuild_pollv): Dynamically allocate the vector.
* defs.h (tcbtab): Update decls.
(MAX_PROCS): Macro removed, no more static limit on this.
* process.c (fork_tcb): New function.
(internal_clone, internal_fork): Use it instead of checking nprocs.
* strace.c (detach) [LINUX]: Use __WALL (or a second try with __WCLONE)
in wait after sending SIGSTOP.
2002-12-16 Roland McGrath <>
* signal.c (sprintsigmask): Increase static buffer size to account for
worst possible case. Reported by Daniel Jacobowitz <>.
* process.c [LINUX] (wait4_options): Fix __WCLONE value. Add
* strace.c (trace) [LINUX]: Only check errno if wait4 actually fails,
so we don't repeat a wait and thus drop a status. Fixes RH#62591.
2002-12-15 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (setarg) [POWERPC]: Support it.
* util.c [POWERPC] (LOOP): Fix value, now 0x48000000 (0: b 0b).
Old value was bogus, not even a proper instruction.
From Guy M. Streeter <>.
* strace.c (main) [! USE_PROCFS]: Always reset SIGCHLD to SIG_DFL.
* Don't check for putpmsg.
* stream.c (sys_getpmsg, sys_putpmsg): Make these conditional on
#ifdef SYS_*, rather than on HAVE_PUTPMSG.
* aclocal.m4 (AC_STAT64): Include <linux/types.h> before <asm/stat.h>
in test. Test our own #ifdef LINUX rather than predefined `linux'.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Use sys_llseek for _llseek.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* syscall.c (syscall_enter) [LINUX && POWERPC]: Define PT_ORIG_R3 if
not defined, since <asm/ptrace.h> defines it only #ifdef __KERNEL__.
* process.c: Likewise.
* desc.c (sys_osf_select): Add missing return type.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Use strerror, not sys_errlist/sys_nerr.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Remove macros for sys_delete_module,
sys_nanosleep, both already in linux/dummy.h.
* syscall.c (get_scno): Move static `currpers' inside #ifdef X86_64.
(trace_syscall): Fix return without value.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update table with names of new syscalls
io_setup, io_destroy, io_getvents, io_submit, io_cancel.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* signal.c [LINUX && I386]: Provide SA_RESTORER constant if not
defined. If the bit is set, print the sa_restorer field of sigaction.
* mem.c: Add sys_{get,set}_thread_area.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update the table for these.
* linux/dummy.h (sys_modify_ldt): Define only #ifndef I386.
(sys_get_thread_area, sys_set_thread_area): New macros #ifndef I386.
* Check for linux/xattr.h and linux/futex.h headers.
* linux/syscall.h: Add sys_* decls for new syscalls getpmsg, putpmsg,
readahead, sendfile64, setxattr, fsetxattr, getxattr, fgetxattr, int
listxattr, flistxattr, removexattr, fremovexattr, sched_setaffinity,
sched_getaffinity, futex.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update the table.
* io.c: Add sys_sendfile64.
* file.c: Add sys_readahead, sys_*xattr.
* process.c: Add sys_futex, sys_*affinity.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Define to 256 on all machines.
(SYS_ipc_subcall): Always SYS_socket_subcall + SYS_socket_nsubcalls.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update the table for socket and ipc subcalls.
2002-11-09 Heiko Carstens <>
Bugfix for s390/s390x:
* syscall.c: Fixed scno derivation for s390/s390x.
2002-11-06 Michal Ludvig <>
Merged patch from Steven J. Hill <>
to allow the compilation of a native MIPS strace.
2002-11-06 Michal Ludvig <>
From Marty Leisner <>,
rewritten by mludvig:
* strace.c (not_failing_only): New.
(usage): Added -z switch description.
(main): Added -z switch parsing to not_failing_only variable.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Added not_failing_only handling.
2002-10-08 Heiko Carstens <>
Missing complete changelog for 2002-10-07 commit:
* Added linux/s390, linux/s390x to ALL_SUBDIRS.
* acconfig.h: New define for s390x.
* config.sub: Added missing define for s390 and new one for s390x.
* Added new define for s390x.
* file.c: Added missing #undef dirent64 and new defines for s390x.
* linux/s390: New directory.
* linux/s390/ New file.
* linux/s390/errnoent.h: New file.
* linux/s390/ioctlent.h: New file.
* linux/s390/signalent.h: New file.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: New file.
* linux/s390x: New directoy.
* linux/s390x/ New file.
* linux/s390x/errnoent.h: New file.
* linux/s390x/ioctlent.h: New file.
* linux/s390x/signalent.h: New file.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: New file.
* linux/syscall.h: Added sys_mincore() prototype and added new
s390x defines.
* process.c: Added s390x defines.
(change_syscall): Changed handling for s390.
(setarg): Added missing s390/s390x code in setarg().
* signal.c: Added s390x define.
(sys_sigreturn): Bugfix in s390/s390x code (wrong number of
arguments to sprintsigmask()).
* stream.c (internal_stream_ioctl): Changed int cast to long cast,
since printstr() expects a long.
* syscall.c (decode_subcall): Changed several variables to be long
instead of int to match 64 bit requirements. Added s390x defines.
(syscall_enter): Changed upeek() call to match s390 and s390x
* util.c: Added s390x defines.
2002-10-07 Michal Ludvig <>
Merged s390x port by Heiko Carstens <>
and bugfixes to s390 by D.J. Barrow.
2002-09-23 Michal Ludvig <>
Merged x86-64 port by Andi Kleen <>
and Michal Ludvig <>
* New target 'headers'. Failure ignored.
* acconfig.h: New defines for x86-64.
* Ditto.
* defs.h: Ditto.
* file.c: Ditto.
* signal.c: Ditto.
* process.c: Added support for x86-64.
* util.c: Ditto.
* syscall.c: Ditto + added automatic personality switching.
* linux/syscall.h: Ditto.
* linux/x86_64: New directory.
* linux/x86_64/ New file.
* linux/x86_64/ Ditto.
* linux/x86_64/i386-headers.diff: Ditto.
* linux/x86_64/ Ditto.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Ditto.
* mem.c (print_mmap): Always print arg[4] as int.
2002-09-23 Michal Ludvig <>
* Fix regular expressions.
* linux/syscall.h: Added missing braces in prototype of
* file.c: Use '#ifdef LINUX' instead of '#ifdef linux'.
(struct fileflags): Made extern to inhibit compiation warnings.
(sys_getdents64): Merged LINUX and SVR4 part.
* syscall.c (get_scno): Split multiline string into two distinct
2002-05-24 John Hughes <>
* stream.h, net.h: Avoid possible infinite loop caused by
unsigned arithmetic in preceeding change.
2002-05-23 John Hughes <>
* acconfig.h: Add HAVE_OPTHDR and HAVE_T_OPTHDR defines.
* aclocal.m4: Add tests for struct opthdr in sys/socket.h and
struct t_opthdr in sys/tiuser.h, define HAVE_OPTHDR and HAVE_T_OPTHDR
if found.
* use tests for struct opthdr and struct t_opthdr.
* defs.h: add new function print_sock_optmgmt.
* io.c: add hack that lets ioctl decode functions set auxilliary
string return.
* stream.c: better decoding for timod ioctls.
* net.c: add function print_sock_optmgmt, used by timod ioctl
decoding functions in stream.c.
2002-05-23 John Hughes <>
* acconfig.h: Make autoheader happy about Linux/SuperH
2002-05-23 John Hughes <>
* strace.c: Get rid of warning if not using POLL_HACK
2002-05-22 John Hughes <>
* net.c: Simplify {get,set}sockopt, decode SO_LINGER, cope with
options that are not just ints, cope with systems that don't
#define SOL_TCP and so on.
2002-05-21 John Hughes <>
* strace.c: Fix warning if POLL_HACK is used.
2002-05-17 John Hughes <>
* svr4/ Some defines on UW come with too many spaces.
2002-05-17 John Hughes <>
* svr4/ Cope with #defines wrapped in #ifdefs.
2002-05-17 John Hughes <>
* stream.c: tidy up output a little.
2002-05-17 John Hughes <>
* process.c, svr4/dummy.h, svr4/syscall.h: decode arguments
to procpriv syscall.
2002-05-01 Wichert Akkerman <>
*, defs.h, process.c, sock.c, syscall.c, util.c: merge
patch from Greg Banks <> for Linux/SuperH
2002-04-01 Wichert Akkerman <>
* strace.c: close tcp->outf in droptcb()
2002-04-01 Wichert Akkerman <>
* net.c: decode packet options
2002-03-31 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/{alpha,hppa,ia64,mips,powerpc,sparc}/syscallent.h: regenerated
2002-03-31 Wichert Akkerman <>
* debian/*: added
* linux/syscallent.h: fix typo and add the reserved stream syscalls
* defs.h, file.c, io.c: fix signed/unsigned issues
* syscall.c: check for negative u_errors
* cvsbuild: renamed to
2001-12-17 Wichert Akkerman <>
* net.c: add new TCP socket options
2001-10-26 John Hughes <>
* svr4/ Cope with #define lines containing
comments that terminate on subsequent lines. Used to
comment out subsequent ioctls!
2001-10-25 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/ioctlent.h: regenerated using current scripts so
term ioctls are included
2001-10-19 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* strace.c(proc_open): On SVR4 only trace the syscalls,
signals and faults we care about.
2001-10-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* acconfig.h: Add HAS_SIGINFO_T.
* aclocal.m4: add check for siginfo_t in signal.h.
* use check for siginfo_t.
* defs.h: if HAVE_SIGINFO_T the declare printsiginfo. On SVR4
allow access to siginfo when signal recieved.
* process.c: Remove SVR4 only version of printsiginfo.
* signal.c: merge SVR4 and LINUX versions of printsiginfo.
* strace.c: on SVR4 print siginfo when signal recieved.
2001-10-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* system.c(sys_ssisys): handle return values for ssisys
2001-10-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* signal.c: handle sigwait
* svr4/dummy.c: Move sigwait to done
* svr4/syscall.h: handle sigwait
2001-10-16 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* system.c(sys_ssisys): decode some args for ssisys.
2001-10-16 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* mem.c: MS_SYNC is zero, so must be first in xlat list.
* svr4/dummy.h: memcntl is much like mctl.
2001-10-16 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* util.c (umovestr): UnixWare (svr4?) returns 0 when trying
to read unmapped page. Make it possible to strace ksh.
2001-10-03 David Mosberger <>
* process.c (internal_clone): Avoid race condition by clearing
breakpoint after attaching to child.
2001-10-02 David Mosberger <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Define ia32 syscall numbers (originally
by Don Dugger, with my refinements).
* linux/ia64/ioctlent.h: Regenerate and manually merge conflicting
* linux/ia64/ (ioctldefs.h ioctls.h): Update for
new ioctlent.h generation scheme.
* linux/syscall.h (sys_clone2): Declare.
[IA64] Define ia32 socket, ipc, and extra syscall numbers.
* linux/ (regexp): Also handle <asm/ioctls.h> so we
don't miss the tty ioctls (unfortunately, some of the sound timer
ioctls are in conflict with them!).
* util.c (setbpt) [IA64]: Add ia32 support (by Don Dugger).
(clrbpt) [IA64]: Ditto.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Handle SYS_clone2, SYS32_wait4,
and SYS32_exit.
(get_scno): Get ia32 syscall number from r1 (orig eax) instead of
r8 (eax). Handle TCB_WAITEXECVE.
(syscall_fixup): Handle ia64.
(syscall_enter): Fix argument fetching for ia64.
* strace.c [IA64 && LINUX]: Include <asm/ptrace_offsets.h>.
(trace) [PT_GETSIGINFO]: Print signal address and pc if possible.
* process.c (tcp): New function.
(change_syscall): Add support for ia64 linux.
(sys_execve): Turn on TCB_WAITEXECVE for ia64 linux.
* desc.c (getlk): Cast l_len to "long long" to avoid warnings when
type is narrower.
* resource.c (sprintrlim64): Ditto.
* defs.h (TCB_WAITEXECVE) [IA64]: Define.
[IA64]: Declare "ia32" variable.
* bjm.c: Do not include <linux/module.h>. It's not safe to include
kernel headers. Declare the necessary constants and structures
directly instead.
2001-10-01 David Mosberger <>
* signal.c (parse_sigset_t): New function.
(sigishandled): Fix off-by-one bug by using parse_sigset_t() and
avoiding relying on internal layout of sigset_t datastructure.
2001-04-26 David Mosberger <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Add getunwind().
2001-04-11 David Mosberger <>
* syscall.c (syscall_enter): Use PT_RBS_END instead of deprecated
PT_AR_BSP. Pick up arguments starting with out0, which is not
always the same as r32 (e.g., consider inlined syscalls).
2001-09-28 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* process.c: FreeBSD-CURRENT no longer has PT_READ_U, and anyway we
were showing it as PT_WRITE_U! Fix from Maxime Henrion.
2001-09-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* net.c: fix display of sockaddr structures, sometimes too many "}",
sometimes too few. Fix suggested by Richard Kettlewell.
2001-08-19 Wichert Akkerman <>
* signal.c: do not include asm/sigcontext.h on IA64 since it gets
the struct from bits/sigcontext.h already which signal.h includes.
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/ change regexps so we catch sound ioctls as well in
* linux/ fix a few things so the ioctl list is generated
* ioctl.c: remember to shift ioctl masks as well
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Linux/**/syscallent.h: synchronize section for fcntl and use sys_fcntl
for sys_fcntl as well
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: updated from Matthew Wilcox
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* process.c: seems Linux/IA64 changed register names on us, switch to
using new names.
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* strace.c: set CLOEXEC flag for outputfile
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/sparc/syscall.h, linux/sparc/syscallent.h: add some LFS calls
2001-07-23 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Support cross-compiling between architectures
2001-07-13 Wichert Akkerman <>
* add S390 to architecture list
2001-07-10 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* TODO, defs.h, io.h, net.c, strace.c, syscall.c, util.c: Merge fixes
from Richard Kettlewell <> which add I/O dumping
of args to readv/writev. Also gets rid of redundant printiovec
routine from net.c (duplicate of tprint_iov in util.c).
2001-07-02 Wichert Akkerman <>
* config.{guess,sub}: updated
2001-05-15 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* signal.c: pass a pointer to sigmask to printsigmask from printcontext,
it was just passing the sigmask (ucp->uc_sigmask).
2001-05-15 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* util.c: Don't run off the end of valid memory in umovestr when
USE_PROCFS. Important for FREEBSD systems (which seem to have an
unmapped page just after the args/env area).
2001-04-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* test for sys/nscsys.h, the non-stop clusters includes.
* process.c: handle rfork{1,all} and rexecve calls on non-stop clusters.
* syscall.c: treat rfork{1,all} and fork{1,all} as fork like calls.
Treat rexecve as an exec.
* system.c: decode arguments to ssisys call on nsc systems.
* svr4/dummy.h, svr4/syscall.h: now we handle rfork{1,all}, ssisys and
rexecve calls.
2001-04-12 Wichert Akkerman <>
* process.c: fix cast for powerpc code
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: update syscall list
* README: fix address for the strace mailinglist
* signal.c: switch to using /proc/<pid>/status on Linux so we can get
the realtime signals as well
2001-04-10 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge patches from Maciej W. Rozycki:
+ util.c: add code to print PC for MIPS
+ linux/mips/syscallent.h: updated
+ system.c: formating fixes for sys_sysmips
+ test for yet more headers
+ stream.c: use configure-headertests instead of relying on OS hints
2001-04-07 Wichert Akkerman <>
* NEWS: start 4.3.1 items
* version.c: updated to say 4.3.1 (was still 4.2, oops!)
2001-04-07 Wichert Akkerman <>
* test for asm/sysmips.h and linux/utsname.h
* linux/syscall.h: fix a typo for sys_sysmips
* system.c: include asm/sysmips.h and linux/utsname.h if they exist,
fix typo
2001-03-31 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/mips/ioctlent.h: updated using new Linux ioctl setup
2001-03-31 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/ia64/ioctlent.h: regenerated
2001-03-31 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/{alpha,ia64,powerpc}/ removed, all archs use the
general Linux
2001-03-31 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/ add dir variable for location of kernel headers
2001-03-29 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/ia64/ioctlent.h: updated using new Linux ioctl setup
2001-03-29 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/powerpc/ioctlent.h: updated using new Linux ioctl setup
2001-03-29 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/hppa/ioctlent.h: updated using new Linux ioctl setup
2001-03-29 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/alpha/ioctlent.h: updated using new Linux ioctl setup
2001-03-28 Wichert Akkerman <>
* use sparc* so we can compile on sparc64 as well
* process.c, syscall.c: work around double define of fpq, fq and fpu
structs on Linux/sparc, and use regs instead of pt_regs
* don't use asm/sigcontext.h on Linux/sparc
2001-03-28 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/sparc/ioctlent.h: updated using new Linux ioctl setup
2001-03-28 Wichert Akkerman <>
* strace.c: use __WALL as wait4 flag if it exists so we can properly
trace threaded programs
2001-03-27 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* aclocal.m4: add check for endianness of long long.
* acconfig.h: add #define for LITTLE_ENDIAN_LONG_LONG.
* check for endianness of long long.
* defs.h: change LONG_LONG macro to work with either endianness of
long long.
2001-03-27 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* net.c: Make compilable by SCO UDK compiler (doesn't like empty
initialisation list for array).
2001-03-27 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* svr4/syscallent.h: ntp_adjtime entry was duplicated on Solaris
systems - bad merge of Harald Boehme's patch by me.
2001-03-27 Wichert Akkerman <>
* lots of files: add Linux/hppa support
2001-03-19 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: we can't have -1 nargs, change to 0
* linux/syscallent.h: not that syscalls 220 and 221 are used now
* config.guess: updated
2001-03-17 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/ioclsort.c: new file
* linux/ complete rewrite to use a more sane approach to get
the ioctl list that doesn't involve attempting to #include all kernel
* linux/.cvsignore: added ioctdefs.h and ioctls.h which are generated
by the new
* ioctl.c: only look at the number and type bits for linux, since no longer supplies the others
2001-03-08 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* freebsd/ On FreeBSD we must cope with COMPATibility syscalls,
pretend they have names ending with "?" so that -e trace=stat (for
example) will work.
* freebsd/i386/syscallent.h: add ? to compatability syscalls.
* freebsd/i386/syscall.h: consistency.
2001-03-08 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* acconfig.h: add new ST_xxx defines.
* aclocal.m4: macros to check for more fields in struct stat.
* use new macros to check for fields in struct stat.
* file.c: use new defines to replace #ifdef FREEBSD by #if HAVE_ST_xxx.
2001-03-08 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* defs.h: rename wimpy get64 as powerful new LONG_LONG
* file.c: use LONG_LONG
* io.c: use LONG_LONG
* mem.c use LONG_LONG
2001-03-08 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* acconfig.h: new #defines HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T and HAVE_LONG_LONG_RLIM_T.
* aclocal.m4: routines to check for long long off_t and rlim_t.
* check for long long off_t and rlim_t.
* desc.c: if HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T treat flock as flock64
* file.c: if HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T treat stat,lstat,fstat and lseek as 64
bit versions.
* io.c: if HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T use 64 bit versions of pread and pwrite.
* mem.c: if HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T use 64 bit version of mmap
* resource.c: if HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T use 64 bit versions of getrlimit
and setrlimit.
* freebsd/syscalls.print: don't explicitly use 64 bit versions of calls,
now done automaticaly for us.
* freebsd/i386/syscall.h: ditto.
* freebsd/i386/syscallent.h ditto.
2001-03-07 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* desc.c: On FreeBSD flock structure uses 64 bit offsets.
* file.c: On FreeBSD use stat64 and pals instead of stat.
* freebsd/syscalls.print: use stat64, lstat64 and fstat64.
* freebsd/i386/syscall.h: ditto.
* freebsd/i386/syscallent.h: ditto.
2001-03-07 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* file.c: merge missing part of Harald Böhme's solaris patches,
was only declaring sys_{stat64,lstat64,fstat64} on linux!
2001-03-07 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* svr4/dummy.h: fix multiple define warning on non LFS64 systems.
* svr4/syscallent.h: pread/pwrite are TF calls.
2001-03-07 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* defs.h: add ALIGN64 macro to cope with FreeBSD's strange insistence
on alignment for off_t (64 bit) arguments. Also simplify get64 so
we don't need to know endianness of long long.
* file.c: FreeBSD now uses 64 bit versions of lseek, truncate,
ftruncate, allows reduction in numvber of horrid #if's
* io.c: FreeBSD now uses 64 bit versions of pread, pwrite.
* mem.c: FreeBSD now uses 64 bit version of mmap.
* freebsd/syscalls.print: use 64 bit versions of various syscalls.
* freebsd/i386/syscall.h: use 64 bit versions of various syscalls.
* freebsd/i386/syscallent.h: use 64 bit versions of various syscalls.
2001-03-06 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* file.c: Implement truncate64 and ftruncate64
* svr4/dummy.h: add dummies for truncate64 and ftruncate64 for non
LFS64 systems.
* svr4/syscall.h: add declarations for truncate64 and ftruncate64.
2001-03-06 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* freebsd/ fix for FreeBSD 4.1 (new optional field in
syscall master file).
2001-03-06 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* syscall.c: fix for FreeBSD 4.1 (SYS_semconfig has disappeared). Also
zap incorrect syscall subarg range check.
2001-03-06 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
*, defs.h, desc.c, file.c, io.c, mem.c, net.c, resource.c,
signal.c, syscall.c, svr4/dummy.h, svr4/syscall.h, svr4/syscallent.h:
merge Harald Böhme's solaris patches (_LFS64_LARGEFILE and kernel aio
2001-03-06 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* dummy.h: add unimplemented UW sycalls
* syscall.h: we can do settimeofday for UW, whopee!
* syscallent.h: fix unimplemented UW syscalls
2001-03-06 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* aclocal.m4: look for pr_syscall in pr_lwp if we HAVE_MP_PROCFS
* defs.h: add PR_SYSCALL to allow use of pr_lwp.pr_syscall if it exists.
* syscall.c: use PR_SYSCALL instead of pr_syscall, fix up UnixWare code
so it doesn't try to use pr_sysarg.
2001-03-06 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* aclocal.m4: on systems other than linux look for stat64 in sys/stat.h
* file.c: handle xstat version _STAT64_VER, aka stat64.
2001-03-06 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* net.c: make sure SOL_ options are defined before using.
* signal.c: declare sigset variable, only used on linux, inside #ifdef.
2001-02-21 Wichert Akkerman <>
* net.c: fix format for printing Unix domain sockets
2001-02-19 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: use new sys_sysmips
* system.c: add sys_sysmips decoding
2001-02-16 Wichert Akkerman <>
* CREDITS: add Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <> who
submitted the IP6 scope ID updates
* aclocal.m4: add AC_SIN6_SCOPE_ID to check if sin6_scope_id is
* check for if_indextoname function and sin6_scope_id
* net.c: teach printsock about IP6 scope ids
2001-02-16 Wichert Akkerman <>
* test for netinet/tcp.h and netinet/udp.h existance
* net.c: include netinet/tcp.h and netinet/udp.h if they exist
* use @mandir@ and @bindir@
2000-11-26 Wichert Akkerman <>
* net.c: fix formating error in sys_setsockopt
* net.c: add list of socketlayers and use that for [gs]etsockopt
2000-10-12 Wichert Akkerman <>
* time.c: use sys/timex.h so things compile with 2.2 kernels
* stream.c: test if MSG_* constants are #defined
2000-09-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* process.c: perform bpt trick for clone as well so we can get the
pid of the child before it starts doing something
* file.c: rename dirent64 struct to kernel_dirent64 so things compile
again with newer libcs
* test/clone.c: improve our testcase a bit
* Merge another patch from Gäel Roualland with FreeBSD updates
2000-09-01 Wichert Akkerman <>
* lots of files: merge patch from Gaël Roualland to add
support for FreeBSD.
2000-08-09 Wichert Akkerman <>
* file.c: update to reflect that st_ino suddenly became a long long
in the in Linux 2.4.0-test6
2000-08-09 Wichert Akkerman <>
* test/clone.c: minor fixup
* Another bunch of patches from John Hughes merged:
* signal.c:
+ SVR4 printcontext(): sigset_t != sigset_t*
+ getcontext returns a value, so print on exit of syscall
+ add UC_FP to ucontext_flags for OS writers that can't spell
+ sys_signal(): special case SIG_{ERR,DFL,IGN}
+ decode_subcall(): only do subcall range checking when needed
* bunch of UnixWare updates
* aclocal.m4, acconfig.h, add test for long long type
2000-07-04 Wichert Akkerman <>
* net.c: add SOL_PACKET and SOL_RAW socket options, update
2000-06-23 Wichert Akkerman <>
* strace.c: close outf before we exec a child process
2000-06-09 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Don't link against libnsl on Linux, it's unnecessary.
* defs.h (struct tcb): Make auxstr member const.
* file.c (fsmagic): And many more magic numbers.
* util.c: Don't include <linux/ptrace.h> for glibc 2.1 and up.
2000-04-26 Wichert Akkerman <>
* defs.h: balance #if/#endif again
* system.c: fix return statements in sys_capget()
* Merge updates from Topi Miettinen <>:
+ file.c: add F_[SG]ETSIG to fcntl flags
+ strace.c: don't setre[gu]id if not needed
+ system.c: handle sys_reboot for Linux
+ term.c: add baudrate constants up to B4000000
+ linux/**/syscallent.h: note that munlockall has no arguments
2000-04-25 David Mosberger <>
* CREDITS: fix email address
* process.c: handle PR_[GS]ET_UNALIGN and PR_[GS]ET_KEEPCAPS
* signal.c: honour offset of sigconfig in sigframe structure for
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Add perfmonctl, pivotroot, mincore, and
madvise syscalls.
* syscall.c (syscall_enter): With Kevin's latest ptrace patches,
AR_BSP points to the _end_ of the active register frame, so we need
to adjust bsp by moving it back by the size of the active frame
before using it.
2000-04-24 Wichert Akkerman <>
* process.c: add sparc support to change_syscall
2000-04-22 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: fix some typos
2000-04-14 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: added names for SVR4, SYSV, BSD4.3 and POSIX
2000-04-13 Wichert Akkerman <>
* defs.h: Linux/MIPS uses syscalls up to >4k, so set MAX_QUALS to
2000-04-09 Wichert Akkerman <>
* README-linux: updated to note that strace might not compile
with development kernels
* bjm.c: sys_query_module: check if malloc succeeds
* system.c: sys_cap[gs]et(): check if malloc succeeds, only malloc once
* linux/syscallent.h: updated for 2.3.99pre3
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: updated for 2.3.99pre3, add all osf syscalls
even though Linux doesn't implement them
* syscall.c: add global variables for MIPS registers as well
* syscall.c: move global variables to before get_scno since that uses them
* util.c: oops, misspelled defined
* process.c: fix ptrace calls in change_syscall
* mem.c: decode sys_madvise
* Merge patch from Topi Miettinen <>
+ add support for quotactl, fdatasync, mlock, mlockall, munlockall & acct
+ small fix for RLIMIT_* and RUSAGE_BOTH
+ enhace support for capget and capset
2000-02-19 Wichert Akkerman <>
* test/vfork.c: new file to test vfork traces
* test/.cvsignore: new file
* defs.h: Up maximum number of traced processed to 64
* strace.c: Disable some debugging code from davidm
* implement setarg for more architectures
* implement change_syscall
1999-12-27 Morten Welinder <>
* syscall.c (lookup_signal, lookup_desc): isdigit requires an
_unsigned_ char parameter.
2000-02-14 Wichert Akkerman <>
* S390 updates
2000-02-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge Linux/ia64 patches
2000-01-02 Pavel Machek <>
* probe if sys/poll.h exists in configure + minor cleanups
* syscall.c: split trace_syscall into few pieces to make code readable
2000-01-21 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Release version 4.2 to get the current updates out and so
we can concentrate in finishing the clone support.
2000-01-11 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Add 1900 to tm_year in sprinttime
1999-12-24 Wichert Akkerman <>
* file.c: protect printstat64 with STAT64 instead of linux so we can
compile on Linux architectures that don't have it
* util.c: fix LOOP for ARM
Fri Dec 24 18:05:00 EST 1999
1999-12-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* file.c: Use ugly libc_stat trick also for stat64.
Implement sys_stat64, sys_fstat64, sys_lstat64, and printstat64.
* process.c (internal_clone): Fix a few typos and add definitions to make
it at least compile.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_stat64, sys_lstat64, and sys_fstat64.
* linux/syscallent.h: Define table entries for sys_stat64, sys_lstat64,
and sys_fstat64.
* aclocal.m4: Define AC_STAT64.
* acconfig.h: Define HAVE_STAT64.
* Add AC_STAT64.
Thu Dec 23 15:01:37 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge patch from to add
support for Linux on the IBM S/390 architecture
* process.c: add internal_clone(), currently only shows the options
* syscall.c: use internal_clone to handle SYS_clone
Mon Dec 20 00:27:50 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Rewrite mmap-handling to support mmap2 on Linux
Tue Dec 14 11:35:16 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Note that Linux can handle sys_semop() as well
Tue Nov 30 11:05:26 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Include linux/in6.h for glibc2.0 and older
Mon Nov 29 16:33:04 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge patches from John Hughes to make configure support UnixWare
Sat Nov 27 21:38:17 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Enhance sys_query_module
Fri Nov 26 10:51:55 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Patches from John Hughes:
+ cosmectic fix in sys_getpmsg
+ allow net.c to compile on systems without AF_INET6
+ Only use long_to_sigset on Linux systems
+ UnixWare treats sigmask_t and sigmask_t* as the same thing
+ Add pollhack
+ Parse mount arguments for UnixWare
+ ACL fixes for UnixWare
Fri Nov 26 01:28:09 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Release 4.1 to get all the changes made out there
Thu Nov 18 18:04:04 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge stracefork from Alexey Kuznetsov <>
+ Socket calls parsed better
+ bunch of alpha OSF syscalls added
+ Fix alpha 32/64 bit issues
Mon Nov 1 20:52:08 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Move Linux kernelmodule-functions from system.c to bjm.c and
remove duplicate for sys_create_module
* Linux MIPS updates:
+ Play with #ifdef's in net.c to get IPv6 right
+ Use printargs for vm86-syscall
Sun Oct 31 22:03:00 CET 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge Linux mips patch from Florian Lohoff <>
Mon Oct 11 00:36:25 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge patch from Keith Owens <> to sys_query_module
and sys_delete_module correctly
Wed Oct 6 02:00:33 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Update cvsbuild to give a better error if autoconf isn't installed
* Add test for linux/ptrace.h to configure
* Since we define GNU_SOURCE in the Makefile we don't need to define
USE_GNU in file.c anymore
Fri Sep 10 04:35:16 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* #define USE_GNU before including file.c so we get some extra O_* flags
Tue Aug 31 16:27:21 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Add missing } in IPv6 output
Tue Aug 31 01:23:08 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Update copyright for strace-graph to BSD to be consistent with
the rest of strace
Mon Aug 30 00:53:57 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge patch from Daniel Jacobowitz: KERN_JAVA_* and KERN_SECURELVL aren't
defined for all kernelversions
* Add strace-graph, written by Richard Braakman <>
Thu Aug 19 13:10:15 CEST 1999 Jakub Jelinek <>
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Declare create_module/init_module.
* Allow compilation in a different directory
than the source one.
* signal.c: Use asm/reg.h and struct regs instead of pt_regs
so that we don't depend on asm/ptrace.h which clashes with
glibc sys/ptrace.h.
* util.c: Likewise.
* syscall.c: Likewise.
Wed Aug 4 18:01:50 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Syscall 94 on Linux alpha is sys_poll
Sun Jul 25 14:38:33 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge in UnixWare patches from John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
Thu Jul 15 23:00:32 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge patch from Maciej W. Rozycki <>:
+ Correctly implement fix sys_createmodule (Linux)
+ Add limited handlig of sys_initmodule (Linux)
Tue Jul 13 17:07:50 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Add configure-test for sys/reg.h and use that
* Use sys/reg.h instead of asm/ptrace.h
Sat Jul 10 01:46:10 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Remove hack in signal.c for arm architecture
* Add hack so we compile correctly on powerpc
Fri Jul 9 02:28:16 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Add a corrected patch from Daniel Jacobowitz
Thu Jul 8 16:00:04 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge patch from Daniel Jacobowitz to allow us to use the kernel types
for the stat structure
Thu Jun 24 15:54:18 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Fix test for sys/reg include
Tue Jun 22 17:26:33 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Fixed some Linux/powerpc sillyness, thanks to Daniel Jacobowitz
* Fixed some SunOS compile problems earlier that I forgot to include
Mon Jun 14 12:44:25 CEST 1999
* Avoid leakint fd into child when forking, patch from
John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
Fri Jun 11 14:54:47 CEST 1999
* Applied IRIX64 patch from Thomas E. Dickey <>
* Applied Solaris and manpage updates from Guy Harris <>
Wed Jun 9 14:48:49 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Brought syscall list for alpha up to date
Wed Jun 2 18:30:12 CEST 1999 Jakub Jelinek <>
* system.c: sys_umount2 syscall support.
* linux/sparc/errnoent.h: Update sparc-linux errnos.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Update used sparc-linux syscalls.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Match 2.2.9 system calls.
* file.c: sparc-linux asm/stat.h uses dev_t etc. types,
so it needs strace's own copy of the stat structure.
* util.c: Make it compile on sparc-linux.
* strace.c: Fix strace -f and -ff operation on sparc-linux.
* signal.c: rt_sigaction has different arguments on sparc*-linux
and alpha-linux.
* syscall.c: Recognize sparc64-linux binaries.
Fri May 28 21:09:00 PST Ulrich Drepper <>
* Fix typo (CFLAG -> CFLAGS).
* syscall.c: Don't include linux/ptrace.h explicitly for glibc.
Thu May 27 13:59:27 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Add some sysctl support, patch from Ulrich Drepper
Wed May 26 01:04:34 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Use kernel dirent structure for Linux
Sun May 9 02:18:30 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Merge in patches from Andreas Schwab <>
+ some layout and other minor fixes
+ add some m68k-specific things to linux/syscallent.h. Note that m68k
is similar enough to i386 to not need it's own subdirectory
+ add support for sendfile and mremap syscalls for Linux
* Merge in patches from Sascha Schumann <>
+ ioctls.h vs sys/ioctl.h on Alpha platform
+ pointer was casted to an int in stream.c
+ strsignal() needs -D_GNU_SOURCE in CFLAGS
+ several other casts changed
+ correct ARM/POWERPC architecture defines in acconfig.h
* Merge in patches from Morten Welinder <>
+ add some autoconf-tests for includefiles
+ handle solaris version of sigcontext struct (actually I hacked this
up again, but the idea is his :)
Sun Apr 18 22:32:42 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Update syscalls for linux alpha, patch from Bart Warmerdam
* Update sparc code so it actually compiles
Fri Apr 16 02:18:05 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Add support for old_*stat functions for Linux. Please note you need
to use reasonably recent kernel headers to compile strace now.
* Change references to LINUX into linux in file.c
* Fix include for LDT in mem.c
Thu Apr 15 22:28:15 CEST 1999 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Change in strace maintainership, jrs passed the torch to me.
* Use autoconf 2.13
* Incorporate all changes already made in the Debian strace package:
+ compiles with more Linux kernels
+ added support for more Linux architectures
+ add support for a lot of extra syscalls
+ fix some problems with hanging children
+ check stray syscall after execv
+ decode capget and capset arguments
+ add more constants to net.c
+ detect ROSE networking
+ add more protocol families to domains
+ add IPIP protocol
+ added MSG_PROXY and MSG_CTRUNC to msg_flags
+ added SO_BSDCOMPAT and SO_REUSEPORT to sockoptions
+ added IP, IPX and TCP-options
+ added IP, IPX and TCP support to get-/setsockopt()
+ added IPX support
+ updated handling of signals
Sun Oct 27 22:28:00 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* util.c (umovestr) [LINUX]: Handle Linux like SunOS4
instead of SVR4. That is, read a few bytes at a time
to avoid overrunning the end of the stack.
Fri May 31 01:48:49 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.1 is released.
Thu May 23 01:04:43 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* aclocal.m4 (AC_DECL_SYS_ERRLIST): Try looking in stdio.h
as well since that's where glibc declares it. Go figure.
* signal.c (sys_sigreturn) [ALPHA]: Use sigcontext
instead of sigcontext_struct since glibc v5+ apparently
plays games with the native OS namespace.
From David Mosberger-Tang <>.
Mon May 20 23:17:14 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.14 is released.
* aclocal.m4 (AC_STRUCT_MSG_CONTROL): New macro.
* net.c (printmsghdr): Handle BSD 4.3 and 4.4 msghdr members
Reported by Henrik Storner <>.
* (AC_CHECK_{HEADERS,FUNCS}): Add checks for
sys/filio.h and sys/stream.h and remove check for poll.
* desc.c (decode_select, sys_select, sys_oldselect) [LINUX]:
Handle old and new styles of argument passing for select on Linux.
* ioctl.c, stream.c: Conditionalize stream code on presence of
sys/stream.h instead of poll because glibc implements poll but
not the rest of the stream interface.
* signal.c [LINUX]: Standardize on the name sigcontext_struct.
(sys_sigprocmask) [ALPHA]: Handle OSF flavor which is more like
* term.c (term_ioctl): Use _VMIN, if present, for TC{G,S}ETA*.
* util.c (umoven, umovestr): Move data in long-sized chunks
at a time, instead of hard coding it to be 4.
From David Mosberger-Tang <>.
Mon May 20 01:19:36 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.13 is released.
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add check for asm/sigcontext.h.
* signal.c [HAVE_ASM_SIGCONTEXT_H]: Conditionally include
asm/sigcontext.h to define sigcontext_struct and don't define it
locally if the header is present.
* syscall.c (nerrnos{0,2}): Correct size computation.
* Remove dependencies and rules relating to files
normally found in the os directory. Because of the new scheme we
don't know precisely where they come from. Sigh.
* Make it work for sunos4, linux, and svr4.
* {sunos4,linux{,/alpha},svr4}/ Make rules correspond
to traditional make syntax. Add signalent.h to files which can
unconditionally be rebuilt. Prevent signalent.h from being
unconditionally being rebuilt since it's customized.
* {sunos4,linux{,/alpha},svr4}/{ioctlent,errnoent,signalent}.h:
Use versions built by {ioctlent,errnoent,signaltent}.sh.
* sunos4/ Work around sprintf troubles with SunOS
4.1.4 and gcc 2.7.2.
Sun May 19 17:14:09 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
*, Add OSARCH concept to finish
build support for the alpha.
*, linux/ Rewrite clean, distclean,
and maintainer-clean rules.
* defs.h, ioctlsort.c: Make ioctl code member unsigned.
* ioctl.c, ioctlsort.c (compare): Perform explicit checking
for less, greater, and equal since subtraction on two's
complement numbers isn't an order relation (it isn't transitive)!
* linux/ Add rules for the signalent.h file.
* linux/alpha/ New file.
Sun May 19 01:12:28 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.12 is released.
* linux{,alpha}/ Tweak for recent kernels.
From Michael E Chastain <>.
* syscall.c (set_personality): New.
* strace.c (main): Call set_personality.
* defs.h, syscall.c, ioctl.c, signal.c: Make sysent, errnoent,
ioctlent, and signalent indirect pointers and redirect them
based on personality.
* {sunos4,svr4,linux{,/alpha}}/signalent.h: New files.
Suggested by Tom Dyas <>.
* util.c (upeek): Handle case where ptrace returns a long
and sizeof(long) != sizeof(int).
From Richard Henderson <>
Fri May 17 21:03:36 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.11 is released.
* many files: Fix more printf warnings for other platforms.
* ipc.c (sys_msgrcv) [LINUX]: Conditionalize definition of ipc_wrapper.
* linux/dummy.h: Handle missing library support for {send,recv}msg.
Reported by Thomas Bogendoerfer <>.
* linux/syscall.h (sys_utimes): Fix a typo in the declaration.
From Thomas Bogendoerfer <>.
Fri May 17 00:50:06 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.10 is released.
* Add os/arch to includes so that a given arch
(like alpha) can override the native arch (like i386).
* Check for sendmsg.
* net.c: Make sendmsg and recvmsg dependent on an autoconf
test. Reported by Michael E Chastain <>.
* acconfig.h, Detect the alpha.
* ioctl.c: Handle the alpha.
* defs.h: Make some members long for the alpha. Define
some register nicknames. Add support for WAITEXECVE.
* file.c [ALPHA]: Support the alpha for statfs. Add
osf_statfs and osf_fstatfs for the alpha. Make damn sure
major and minor results are suitable for passing to printf.
* signal.c, syscall.c: Support the alpha.
* process.c: Add alpha user offsets.
* most files: Use %l? for printf arguments since
most are now longs for the alpha.
* linux/alpha/{errnoent.h,ioctlent.{h,sh},syscallent.h}:
New for the alpha.
From Thomas Bogendoerfer <>.
Wed May 15 00:29:37 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.9 is released.
*, config.sub, install-sh: Upgrade to autoconf 2.10.
* linux/dummy.h, linux/syscallent.h, linux/syscall.h: Add recent
Linux kernel version system calls.
Wed Mar 13 01:03:38 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* ipc.c [SUNOS4]: Add SunOS support for decoding IPC calls.
* syscall.c [SUNOS4]: Compile decode_subcall on SunOS and
decode IPC calls using it.
* sunos4/dummy.h: Alias sys_semop to printargs.
* sunos4/syscall.h: Add new pseudo syscalls for IPC.
* sunos4/syscallent.h: Include new subcalls for IPC.
From Matthias Pfaller <>.
Tue Feb 13 22:08:25 1996 J. Richard Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.8 is released.
* time.c [LINUX]: Explicitly include linux/version.h.
* strace.c (main): Don't let them even *try* to
get strace to attach to itself since some systems
don't handle this case very gracefully.
Reported by David S. Miller <>.
* (distclean): Fix it for subdirectories.
* sunos4/syscallent.h, svr4/syscallent.h: Fill in the new
sys_flags member for each defined system call.
Fri Dec 8 01:17:28 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* defs.h (TRACE_*): New flags to describe what class
of system call each system call is.
(sysent): Add sys_flags member.
* syscall.c (sysent): Define (and later undef) abbreviations
for the system call class flags.
(lookup_class): New function to translate strings to
system call class flags.
(qualify): Handle new system call class mechanism.
* linux/syscallent.h: Fill in the new sys_flags member
for each defined system call.
* defs.h (print_sock): Remove redundant and non-K&R C
compatible prototype. From Juergen Weigert
Thu Dec 7 01:17:40 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* linux/ Tweak to improve ioctl accuracy.
From Michael E Chastain <>.
* system.c (includes) [LINUX]: Add linux/nfs.h for recent
kernels. From Michael E Chastain <>.
Wed Dec 6 21:52:28 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* file.c (sprintfstype): Enclose string result in double
* time.c (sys_adjtimex) [LINUX]: Conditionalize
constantly evolving timex structure.
* defs.h, syscall.c, strace.c: Rename syscall to
trace_syscall and change prototype and all callers
because of broken Linux shared libraries.
* (clean): Check for a file with test -f not
test -d. From Aaron Ucko <UCKO@VAX1.ROCKHURST.EDU>.
Tue Sep 26 02:32:31 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.7 is released.
* util.c (string_quote): Fix thinko which caused core
dumps for strings with quotes in them.
Reported by Marty Leisner <>.
* linux/ (errnoent.h rule): Grab all errno.h
files from /usr/include, not just the linux one.
From Michael E Chastain <>.
* linux/ Total rewrite to handle more ioctls with
fewer false positives on more kernel flavors.
From Michael E Chastain <>.
Mon Sep 4 01:29:22 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.6 is released.
* linux/dummy.h, linux/syscall.h, linux/syscallent.h: Add
* mem.c (mctl_funcs, mctl_lockas, sys_mctl): Conditionalize
on MC_SYNC instead of HAVE_MCTL.
(mctl_sync): Conditionalize on MS_ASYNC instead of HAVE_MCTL.
(sys_msync): New function.
Sat Sep 2 12:06:04 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* linux/dummy.h, linux/syscall.h, linux/syscallent.h: Add
sys_flock and sys_getdents.
* desc.c (flockcmds, sys_flock): Conditionalize on LOCK_SH
not SUNOS4.
* file.c (sys_getdents): Define unconditionally and handle
LINUX case.
* strace.c (main): Disallow username option unless both real
and effective uids are root.
Wed Aug 30 01:29:58 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* strace.c (main): Ensure that run_uid and run_gid are
always set to something meaningful.
(main, newoutf) [!SVR4]: Swap real and effective uids while
opening any output files.
(main) [!SVR4]: Treat effective uid of root as a request
to handle suid binaries correctly using the real uid of
the invoking user.
Sat Aug 19 00:06:08 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* Add `|| true' to clean rule because
although GNU make 3.74 uses `sh -c' to invoke commands
every other make in the world uses `sh -ec'.
* syscall.c (syscall) [SVR4, MIPS]: The fifth and subsequent
arguments appear to be stored on the stack, not in the
registers following A3 (empirical result).
* defs.h: Add prototype for printsock.
* svr4/dummy.h: Remove generic handling of sys_mount.
* system.c [SVR4, MIPS]: Include several system headers to cleanly
get access to SGI mount information.
(mount_flags, nfs_flags) [SVR4, MIPS]: New objects.
(sys_mount) [SVR4, MIPS]: New function.
(sys_mount) [SVR4, !MIPS]: New function.
Tue Jul 4 00:30:34 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.5 is released.
* desc.c, resource.c, strace.c, syscall.c, time.c: Cast tv_sec and
tv_usec members to long when using printf.
* ipc.c: Omit define of __KERNEL__.
({MSG,SEM,SHM}_{STAT,INFO}): Explicitly define those things we
want which __KERNEL__ used to provide.
(sys_msgrcv): Change reference to ipc_kludge structure to
look-alike ipc_wrapper to avoid dependence on __KERNEL__.
Linux specific options.
syscall.c: Use SYS_ERRLIST_DECLARED instead of guessing.
instead of depending of __KERNEL__.
term.c: Cast c_{i,o,c,l}flag to long when using printf.
Tue Jun 6 00:27:48 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* acconfig.h (SYS_ERRLIST_DECLARED): New.
* strace.c (strerror): Use SYS_ERRLIST_DECLARED.
(strsignal): Use SYS_SIGLIST_DECLARED.
net.c (sys_socket): Omit inadvertent surplus comma when
protocol family isn't PF_INET.
util.c (dumpstr): Fix incorrect printing of one too many
characters when the length is not an even multiple of 16 bytes.
Reported by Juergen Weigert
Thu May 4 23:37:47 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* ioctl.c (compare): Change prototype to match POSIX qsort.
* signal.c (sigishandled) [SVR4]: Omit everything after return.
* strace.c (trace) [SVR4]: Break out of for loop instead of
returning when finished so final return statement is executed.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Add more SYS_wait* variations.
(syscall) [LINUX]: Correct typo which commented out the M68K
argument to ifdef.
* util.c (printstr): Cast unsigned char pointer argument
to char pointer in umovestr call.
(dumpstr): Likewise for umoven.
Wed May 3 01:10:56 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.4 is released.
* signal.c (sys_sigblock): Move after the definition of
sys_sigsetmask that it calls to avoid an implicit declaration.
* stream.c (transport_user_options, transport_server_options):
Only needed if TI_BIND is defined.
* Add -Wno-implicit to WARNFLAGS on SunOS 4.x.
* process.c (internal_fork) [SVR4]: Fix a typo that omitted
the tcp arguement from the call to exiting. Add getrval2
check so no fork processing is done in the child.
(printwaitn): Initialize exited so that its value is defined
for all flows of execution.
Tue May 2 22:39:42 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* linux/dummy.h: Add aliases for sysfs, personality, afs_syscall,
setfsuid, setfsgid, and _llseek syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h: Add prototypes for them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add them to the syscall entries table.
* system.c (headers) [LINUX]: Include linux/unistd.h to get __NR_*
defines and conditionally include linux/personality.h if
__NR_personality is defined.
(personality_options) [LINUX]: New table.
(sys_personality) [LINUX]: New function.
Tue May 2 00:20:39 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* strace.c (trace) [!SVR4]: Change forever loop to one predicated
on the number of traced processes so that we can have untraced
children (e.g. via popen).
* strace (main) [!SVR4]: Call fake_execve to get the actual
exec and its arguments into the trace.
(environ): Declare it.
* process.c (fake_execve): New function.
(headers): Include sys/syscall.h to get SYS_* defines.
* process.c (sys_execv, sys_execve): Surround argument annotations
with C comment delimiters.
(printargv, printargc): The arg vector is an array of char pointers
not ints.
* strace.c (printleader): Also check for multiple -p arguments
when deciding whether to print the pid field.
* strace.c (strerror) [!HAVE_STRERROR]: New function.
* defs.h (strerror, strsignal): Add these prototypes if we provide
the functions.
* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add strerror.
* strace.c (main, proc_poller): Add SIGPIPE to the list of caught
and blocked signals.
* strace.c (main): Add username option. Verify they are root before
letting them use it. Look up the ids in the password file. Set
them just before executing the program.
From Reuben Sumner <>.
Sat Apr 29 00:09:56 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.3 is released.
* system.c (mount_flags) [LINUX]: Omit duplicated MS_NOSUID entry.
From Reuben Sumner <>.
* strace.c (outfname): Initialize to NULL.
(main): Defer output file processing until after arguments.
Allow either a pipe or a bang for command arguments.
Check if outfname is NULL instead of checking outf for stderr.
Reinitialize each startup TCB's outf to fix -p/-o ordering bug.
(droptcb): Reset close TCB's outf to NULL instead of stderr.
(tprintf): Avoid calling vfprintf if outf is NULL.
* strace.c (main): Use popen if -o argument begins with a pipe.
From Marty Leisner <>.
* process.c (printstatus): Fix a typo where WIFSIGNALED was meant
but WIFSTOPPED was used.
* Add an EXTRA_DEFS variable and use it in the .c.o
rule to prevent the comment from being untrue.
Fri Apr 28 22:01:56 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* strace.c (sys_exit): Move follow fork code to internal_exit.
(sys_fork): Move follow fork code to internal_fork.
(sys_execv, sys_execve): Move follow fork code to internal_exec.
(sys_waitpid, sys_wait4): Move follow fork code to internal_wait.
(vforking): Remove this static variable and check scno in
internal_fork instead.
(internal_exit, internal_fork, internal_exec, internal_wait): New
* defs.h: Add prototypes for the new internal_* functions.
* syscall.c (syscall): Move syscall entering trace qualifier check
and reprint checking after context decoding and precede them with
a call to internal_syscall. Precede syscall exiting trace
qualifier check with a call to internal_syscall.
(internal_syscall): New function.
* defs.h (struct tcb): Make scno signed.
* strace.c (syscall) Make u_error signed.
[LINUX, I386]: Avoid unsigned cast in eax check.
* syscall.c (sys_indir): Make i, scno, and nargs signed.
* desc.c (sys_select): Make cumlen unsigned
Mon Apr 24 23:52:47 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* net.c (socktypes): Add SOCK_PACKET.
Sun Apr 2 23:50:39 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* Makefile (clean): Check explicitly for a Makefile in subdirs
before running make in them.
Sun Mar 26 12:37:21 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* strace.c [MIPS] (proc_open): Conditionalize run on MIPS.
[MIPS] (detach): Initialize error for MIPS case.
(trace): Initialize ioctl_result and ioctl_errno for overly helpful
* syscall.c (decode_subcall): Move variable i into conditionals
that use use it.
* system.c (syssgi_options): Conditionalize SGI_RECVLMSG and
SGI_SET_FPDEBUG that SGI decided to drop. I don't have the stomach
to change them all.
* term.c (term_ioctl): Force [c_[iocl]flags members to long before
printing since we don't know what the size of their type is.
* util.c [SVR4, MIPS] (umoven): Prevent MIPS from using pread even
if autoconf detects it since it seems to either not work or do
something else entirely on Irix 5.3.
Sun Mar 26 00:01:11 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.2 is released.
* linux/dummy.h: Make sys_fchdir like sys_close instead of printargs
so that the file descriptor arg is decimal.
Sat Mar 25 22:50:13 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* net.c [LINUX] (protocols): Explicitly define all IPPROTO_* entries
because on Linux they are enumerators.
* system.c [LINUX] (mount_flags): Handle renaming of MS_SYNC to
* util.c (printxval): When there is no translation, print the actual
number first and the the default value as a C comment.
* net.c (sys_send, sys_sendto, sys_sendmsg, sys_getsockopt,
sys_setsockopt): Change first argument from unsigned to signed to
cater to the frequent practice of calling system calls with a file
descriptor of -1.
* mem.c (sys_mmap): Likewise.
Sun Mar 19 13:53:52 1995 Rick Sladkey <>
* signal.c [LINUX] (signalent): Handle old and new values of SIGIO.
Sun Dec 11 22:51:51 1994 Rick Sladkey <>
* version.c: Version 3.0.1 is released.
*,, aclocal.m4: Changes for autoconf 2.0.
* config.guess, config.guess: Update from the FSF.
* install-sh: New from the FSF.
Mon Dec 5 20:51:29 1994 Rick Sladkey <>
* Add m68k arch.
* acconfig.h (M68K): Add m68k define.
* Add detection of arch m68k.
* process.c [M68K] (struct_user_offsets): Support m68k registers and
* signal.c [M68K] (sigcontext_struct): Support m68k sigcontext
[M68K] (sys_sigreturn): Support m68k sigreturn handling.
* syscall.c [M68K] (syscall): Support m68k syscall number register
and errno in d0 instead of eax.
* util.c [M68K] (getpc, printcall, setbpt, clearbpt): Support m68k
program counter in PT_PC instead of EIP.
[M68K] (LOOP): Support m68k loop instruction.
From Andreas Schwab <>.
* mem.c [MAP_ANONYMOUS] (mmap_flags): Correct inadvertent reference
From Andreas Schwab <>.
* signal.c [LINUX] (signalent): Signal 30 is now SIGPWR.
From Andreas Schwab <>.
Mon Dec 5 01:05:46 1994 Rick Sladkey <>
* defs.h (tprintf): Fix typo in non-gcc ansi prototype for tprintf.
Reported by Thanh Ma <>.
* strace.c (cleanup): Send SIGCONT before SIGTERM because Linux
1.1.62 doesn't continue a traced child when the parent exits.
Reported by Matt Day <>.
* system.c [LINUX]: Include netinet/in.h before arpa/inet.h.
* util.c (printstr): Fix longstanding bug in notating string
* strace.c [SVR4] (proc_open): Specifically wait for the child the
child to go into the execve syscall to avoid spurious traces.
[LINUX] (detach): Conditionalize the status variable.
Sun Dec 4 23:21:42 1994 Rick Sladkey <>
* Add mips arch.
* acconfig.h (MIPS): Add mips define.
* Add detection of opsys irix5 and arch mips. Check
for prctl function.
Check for sys/sysconfig.h header.
* defs.h (MAX_ARGS): Bump maximum syscall arguments from 8 to 32.
* file.c [SVR4]: Include sys/cred.h.
(access_flags): Update access flags for SGI.
(sprinttime): Change type of sprinttime argument from unsigned
long to time_t.
* process.c [HAVE_PRCTL]: Include sys/prctl.h.
[HAVE_PRCTL] (prctl_options, sys_prctl): New for SGI.
(printsiginfo): Conditionally compile SI_TIMER and SI_MESGQ.
Cast si_band member to long before printing.
* signal.c (sigact_flags): Add _SA_BSDCALL for SGI.
(sigprocmaskcmds): Add SIG_SETMASK32 for SGI.
* strace.c [SVR4] [MIPS]:
(foobar): New dummy signal handler.
(main): Install a dummy signal handler in the child before pausing
to work around an SGI bug in PRSABORT.
(proc_open): Send a interrupt to the child instead of aborting the
syscall which doesn't work on Irix5.2.
* svr4/dummy.h: Add new unfinished SGI syscalls
(e.g. sys_sysmp, sys_sginap, etc.). Handle some SGI syscalls like
existing calls (e.g. sys_ksigaction like sys_sigaction).
Printargs does the print thing for sys_sethostid.
* svr4/syscall.h: Declare all new SGI syscalls.
(SGI_KLUDGE): Define syscall table starting index to be 1 for SGI
and add it to all subcall entry points.
(SYS_pgrpsys_subcall, SYS_sigcall_subcall, SYS_context): Don't
decode as subcalls on MIPS. Instead, use the normal syscalls.
* svr4/syscallent.h [MIPS]: Lead syscall table with a dummy entry
since SGI syscall numbers are off by one.
[MIPS] (sys_pgrpsys): Rename to sys_setpgrp on SGI.
[MIPS] (sys_xenix): Rename to sys_syssgi on SGI.
[MIPS] (sys_sysmachine): Rename to sys_sysmips on SGI.
[MIPS]: Conditionalize SVR4 extension into SGI and Solaris classes.
* syscall.c (dumpio): Validate descriptor against MAX_QUALS.
[HAVE_PR_SYSCALL] (syscall): Conditionalize SYS_vfork.
[MIPS] (syscall): Add SGI section for decoding u_error and u_rval.
Add workaround for broken SGI pr_sysarg on syscall entry.
[SVR4] (syscall): Conditionalize subcall decoding for
SYS_ptrpsys_subcall, SYS_sigcall_subcall and SYS_context_subcall.
[SVR4] [MIPS] (getrval2): Handle SGI.
* Dork the sed line to be choosier about SYS_ lines.
* system.c [HAVE_SYSCONFIG_H]: Include sys/sysconfig.h.
[MIPS] (syssgi_options, sys_syssgi): New for SGI.