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# Makefile for libSRTP documentation
# David A. McGrew
# Cisco Systems, Inc.
# This makefile does not use the autoconf system; we don't really need
# it. We just run doxygen then latex. If you don't have either of
# these, then there is no way that you can make your own
# documentation. Of course, you can just go online at pick up the
# documentation from
srcdir = .
top_srcdir = ..
top_builddir = ../
# Determine the version of the library
version = $(shell cat $(top_srcdir)/VERSION)
.PHONY: libsrtpdoc cryptodoc clean
@if test ! -e Doxyfile; then \
echo "*** Sorry, can't build doc outside source dir"; exit 1; \
sed 's/LIBSRTPVERSION/$(version)/' header.template > header.tex
sed 's/\subsection/\section/' latex/index.tex > latex/index.tmp
mv latex/index.tmp latex/index.tex
cd latex; make
cp latex/refman.pdf libsrtp.pdf
cryptodoc: clean
doxygen crypto.dox
cd latex; make
cp latex/refman.pdf crypto.pdf
rm -rf latex/ header.tex
for a in * ; do \
if [ -f "$$a~" ] ; then rm -f $$a~; fi; \