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Revision history for Shaderc
v2016.2-dev 2016-10-12
- Describe Shaderc's level of stability.
- Support HLSL compilation, exposing functionality in Glslang.
- Supported in C, C++ API
- glslc accepts "-x hlsl", and assumes .hlsl files are HLSL.
- glslc accepts "-fentry-point=<name>" to set entry point name,
overriding default value "main".
- Support setting shader resource limits in C, C++ APIs, and in
- glslc adds -flimit=<setting>
- glslc adds --show-limits to display defaults and valid resource
limit syntax.
- glslc adds "-flimit-file <file>" support to read Glslang resource
configuration files, i.e. the output of "glslangValidator -c".
v2016.1 2016-10-12
- C API for assembling now takes an options object
- Support compilation options to optimize for size.
- Maintain compatibility with recent SPIRV-Tools and Glslang versions.
- Update examples.
- Build cleanups.
- Fixes issues:
#238: Fix invocation of python scripts during build
v2016.0 2016-07-07
- Adds v<year>.<index> versioning, with "-dev" suffix to indicate work in
progress. The intent is to summarize and report functionalities more easily
for incorporating into downstream projects.
- Summary of functionalities (See the for more details):
- Provides libraries and command line tools for generating SPIR-V modules
- Supports GLSL source code or SPIR-V assembly as input
- Supports SPIR-V binary or assembly text as output
- Command line options follow GCC/Clang conventions
- Supports various semantics (OpenGL, OpenGL Compatible and Vulkan)
- Supports #include
- Supports user-defined macros
- Supports dependency information dumping