Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into update-shaderc

32d3ec31 Merge pull request #1394 from greg-lunarg/kg20
b0c42b28 Update spirv-tools known-good.
4f888534 Fix #1391: Remove use of nonportable strnlen().
b91189db Merge pull request #876 from ligfx/cmaketargetincludedirectories
a895f378 CMake: use target_include_directories to expose includes
92d05c0c Merge pull request #1386 from zeux/master
369dc87a Merge pull request #1387 from jeffbolznv/disassembly_explicit_types
fa34a9ad Merge pull request #1385 from KhronosGroup/fix-strtod
3e8e9f7b PP: Implement locale-independent strtod, using istringstream and a fast path.
af7a9487 Add bit width of types to disassembleInstruction
6c52f896 PP: Remove second parsing of numbers recorded in macros; save/use original.
1ea1b13f Testing: Add new tests, and new ways of testing, for floating-point.
8e4b496d Merge pull request #1388 from greg-lunarg/kg19
d2b55801 Update spirv-tools known-good
b239d22f Fix TextureUpgradeAndSamplerRemovalTransform when used with qualifiers
c6d25539 Merge pull request #1384 from LoopDawg/self-cast
c5991671 HLSL: allow self-type cast (as no-op passthrough)
2aaef122 Bump revision.
ebec9094 GLSL: Fix #1279: refract does not have a double-type eta.
a0044f4f Merge pull request #1381 from LoopDawg/coverage_array
98e1d7f6 Merge pull request #1383 from amdrexu/bugfix
b4a2a6cf Fix issue #1376: SPV_AMD_gpu_shader_half_float is not emitted under vulkan1.1
4e6d3eaf HLSL: require coverage mask to be arrayed output.
cfb05ec7 Merge pull request #1379 from LoopDawg/groupid-fix
91a8178e HLSL: various SPIR-V compute shader IDs must be a 3-vector of integers.
90de7a74 Merge pull request #1378 from LoopDawg/append-decl-order
1326b8c7 HLSL: Allow stream output Append() method after entry point.
1831087e SPV: Fix #1374: For an SSBO 16-bit access, only emit StorageUniformBufferBlock16 capability.
2fb966aa Merge pull request #1375 from Igalia/nroberts/aml-arrayio
ecbd056b Tests: Fix #1372: Don't legalize runtests HLSL tests.
22b71f9a Skip outermost array when assigning locations to auto-array interfaces
fd9d9ef4 Bump version.
d2e9829a Merge pull request #1370 from KhronosGroup/fix-param-types
115c3b14 Merge pull request #1369 from greg-lunarg/kg18
d3ed90be Fix #944: Convert argument type to match formal parameter type.
517eabb4 Update spirv-opt known-good
25bef930 Merge pull request #1363 from mattparks/patch4
115cf8ea Merge pull request #1368 from danginsburg/issue_1367
fb6924d2 Fix issue #1367 - change the I/O remapper to ignore push constants so it does not apply a binding/descriptor set to them.
9cf275bb Build: Add missing break statements. Fixes #1052.
1199cf92 Fixed install for SPIRV, glslang, and hlsl when building shared libs
e375dad6 Merge pull request #1364 from greg-lunarg/kg17
6b5d52a6 Update known-good.
46e07313 GLSL/Vulkan: Warn about arrays of arrays of resources that need bindings.
b4cb70fc GLSL: Fix #1359: don't allow unsized arrays as initializers.
d8462c6f validate script: fix path
c325f436 GLSL: Fix #1300: Can redeclare without size a sized built-in block array.
3beac945 Infrastructure: If using .hlsl suffix, default is -D.
4c574708 Bump revision.
2ead40ff Tests: Add usage and tests for previous commit.
fccbb8b4 Merge branch 'nicebyte-glsl-ext'
62f84fd5 Merge branch 'glsl-ext' of into nicebyte-glsl-ext
33ddaaaf Make FindLanguage use the entire name if parseStageName is false
ef203bfa Fix build error
3350741e Make glslang validator support files ending in .glsl

Change-Id: If6560ef79acf0ec03be97d26a5ababf31ad6d424
Testing: on Linux; unit tests on Windows