Enable permission checking by binderservicedomain.

binderservicedomain services often expose their methods to untrusted
clients and rely on permission checks for access control.  Allow these
services to query the permission service for access decisions.

Bug: 25282923
Change-Id: I39bbef479de3a0df63e0cbca956f3546e13bbb9b
diff --git a/binderservicedomain.te b/binderservicedomain.te
index 0bfd33a..36993eb 100644
--- a/binderservicedomain.te
+++ b/binderservicedomain.te
@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@
 allow binderservicedomain appdomain:fd use;
 allow binderservicedomain appdomain:fifo_file write;
+# allow all services to run permission checks
+allow binderservicedomain permission_service:service_manager find;
 allow binderservicedomain keystore:keystore_key { get_state get insert delete exist list sign verify };