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type runas, domain, mlstrustedsubject;
type runas_exec, exec_type, file_type;
# ndk-gdb invokes adb shell run-as.
domain_auto_trans(shell, runas_exec, runas)
allow runas adbd:process sigchld;
allow runas shell:fd use;
allow runas shell:fifo_file { read write };
allow runas devpts:chr_file { read write ioctl };
# run-as reads package information.
allow runas system_data_file:file r_file_perms;
# run-as checks and changes to the app data dir.
dontaudit runas self:capability dac_override;
allow runas app_data_file:dir { getattr search };
# run-as switches to the app UID/GID.
allow runas self:capability { setuid setgid };
# run-as switches to the app security context.
# read /seapp_contexts and /data/security/seapp_contexts
selinux_check_context(runas) # validate context
allow runas self:process setcurrent;
allow runas non_system_app_set:process dyntransition; # setcon