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# adbd seclabel is specified in init.rc since
# it lives in the rootfs and has no unique file type.
type adbd, domain;
allow adbd self:process setcurrent;
allow adbd su:process dyntransition;
domain_auto_trans(adbd, shell_exec, shell)
# Do not sanitize the environment or open fds of the shell.
allow adbd shell:process noatsecure;
# Set UID and GID to shell. Set supplementary groups.
allow adbd self:capability { setuid setgid };
# Drop capabilities from bounding set on user builds.
allow adbd self:capability setpcap;
# Create and use network sockets.
# Access /dev/android_adb or /dev/usb-ffs/adb/ep0
allow adbd adb_device:chr_file rw_file_perms;
allow adbd functionfs:dir search;
allow adbd functionfs:file rw_file_perms;
# Use a pseudo tty.
allow adbd devpts:chr_file rw_file_perms;
# adb push/pull /data/local/tmp.
allow adbd shell_data_file:dir create_dir_perms;
allow adbd shell_data_file:file create_file_perms;
# adb push/pull sdcard.
allow adbd sdcard_type:dir create_dir_perms;
allow adbd sdcard_type:file create_file_perms;
# adb pull /data/anr/traces.txt
allow adbd anr_data_file:dir r_dir_perms;
allow adbd anr_data_file:file r_file_perms;
# Set service.adb.*, sys.powerctl properties.
unix_socket_connect(adbd, property, init)
allow adbd shell_prop:property_service set;
allow adbd powerctl_prop:property_service set;
# Run /system/bin/bu
allow adbd system_file:file rx_file_perms;
# Perform binder IPC to surfaceflinger (screencap)
# XXX Run screencap in a separate domain?
binder_call(adbd, surfaceflinger)
# b/13188914
allow adbd gpu_device:chr_file rw_file_perms;
# Read /data/misc/adb/adb_keys.
allow adbd adb_keys_file:dir search;
allow adbd adb_keys_file:file r_file_perms;
# ndk-gdb invokes adb forward to forward the gdbserver socket.
allow adbd app_data_file:dir search;
allow adbd app_data_file:sock_file write;
allow adbd appdomain:unix_stream_socket connectto;
# ndk-gdb invokes adb pull of app_process, linker, and
allow adbd zygote_exec:file r_file_perms;
allow adbd system_file:file r_file_perms;