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//! Error types that can be emitted from this library
use std::io;
use thiserror::Error;
/// Generic result type with ZipError as its error variant
pub type ZipResult<T> = Result<T, ZipError>;
/// The given password is wrong
#[derive(Error, Debug)]
#[error("invalid password for file in archive")]
pub struct InvalidPassword;
/// Error type for Zip
#[derive(Debug, Error)]
pub enum ZipError {
/// An Error caused by I/O
Io(#[from] io::Error),
/// This file is probably not a zip archive
#[error("invalid Zip archive")]
InvalidArchive(&'static str),
/// This archive is not supported
#[error("unsupported Zip archive")]
UnsupportedArchive(&'static str),
/// The requested file could not be found in the archive
#[error("specified file not found in archive")]
impl From<ZipError> for io::Error {
fn from(err: ZipError) -> io::Error {
io::Error::new(io::ErrorKind::Other, err)