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use libc::c_int;
use std::marker::PhantomData;
/// A slot in a type's "extra data" structure.
/// It is parameterized over the type containing the extra data as well as the
/// type of the data in the slot.
pub struct Index<T, U>(c_int, PhantomData<(T, U)>);
impl<T, U> Copy for Index<T, U> {}
impl<T, U> Clone for Index<T, U> {
fn clone(&self) -> Index<T, U> {
impl<T, U> Index<T, U> {
/// Creates an `Index` from a raw integer index.
/// # Safety
/// The caller must ensure that the index correctly maps to a `U` value stored in a `T`.
pub unsafe fn from_raw(idx: c_int) -> Index<T, U> {
Index(idx, PhantomData)
pub fn as_raw(&self) -> c_int {