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// Copyright 2019 TiKV Project Authors. Licensed under Apache-2.0.
[grpcio] is a Rust implementation of [gRPC], which is a high performance, open source universal RPC
framework that puts mobile and HTTP/2 first. grpcio is built on [gRPC Core] and [futures-rs].
[gRPC Core]:
## Optional features
- **`secure`** *(enabled by default)* - Enables support for TLS encryption and some authentication
use grpcio_sys as grpc_sys;
extern crate log;
mod auth_context;
mod buf;
mod call;
mod channel;
mod client;
mod codec;
mod cq;
mod env;
mod error;
mod log_util;
mod metadata;
mod quota;
#[cfg(feature = "secure")]
mod security;
mod server;
mod task;
pub use crate::buf::GrpcSlice;
pub use crate::call::client::{
CallOption, ClientCStreamReceiver, ClientCStreamSender, ClientDuplexReceiver,
ClientDuplexSender, ClientSStreamReceiver, ClientUnaryReceiver, StreamingCallSink,
pub use crate::call::server::{
ClientStreamingSink, ClientStreamingSinkResult, Deadline, DuplexSink, DuplexSinkFailure,
RequestStream, RpcContext, ServerStreamingSink, ServerStreamingSinkFailure, UnarySink,
pub use crate::call::{MessageReader, Method, MethodType, RpcStatus, RpcStatusCode, WriteFlags};
pub use crate::channel::{
Channel, ChannelBuilder, CompressionAlgorithms, CompressionLevel, ConnectivityState, LbPolicy,
pub use crate::client::Client;
#[cfg(feature = "protobuf-codec")]
pub use crate::codec::pb_codec::{de as pb_de, ser as pb_ser};
#[cfg(feature = "prost-codec")]
pub use crate::codec::pr_codec::{de as pr_de, ser as pr_ser};
pub use crate::auth_context::{AuthContext, AuthProperty, AuthPropertyIter};
pub use crate::codec::Marshaller;
pub use crate::env::{EnvBuilder, Environment};
pub use crate::error::{Error, Result};
pub use crate::log_util::redirect_log;
pub use crate::metadata::{Metadata, MetadataBuilder, MetadataIter};
pub use crate::quota::ResourceQuota;
#[cfg(feature = "secure")]
pub use crate::security::{
CertificateRequestType, ChannelCredentials, ChannelCredentialsBuilder, ServerCredentials,
ServerCredentialsBuilder, ServerCredentialsFetcher,
pub use crate::server::{
CheckResult, Server, ServerBuilder, ServerChecker, Service, ServiceBuilder, ShutdownFuture,
/// A shortcut for implementing a service method by returning `UNIMPLEMENTED` status code.
/// Compiler will provide a default implementations for all methods to invoke this macro, so
/// you usually won't call it directly. If you really need to, just call it like:
/// ```ignored
/// fn method(&self, ctx: grpcio::RpcContext, req: Request, resp: UnarySink<Response>) {
/// unimplemented_call!(ctx, resp);
/// }
/// ```
macro_rules! unimplemented_call {
($ctx:ident, $sink:ident) => {{
let f = async move {
let _ = $sink