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// This file is generated by cargo_embargo.
// Do not modify this file as changes will be overridden on upgrade.
package {
default_applicable_licenses: ["external_rust_crates_grpcio_license"],
// Added automatically by a large-scale-change
// See: http://go/android-license-faq
license {
name: "external_rust_crates_grpcio_license",
visibility: [":__subpackages__"],
license_kinds: [
license_text: [
rust_library {
name: "libgrpcio",
host_supported: true,
crate_name: "grpcio",
cargo_env_compat: true,
cargo_pkg_version: "0.13.0",
srcs: ["src/"],
edition: "2018",
features: [
rustlibs: [
apex_available: ["//apex_available:platform"],
vendor_available: true,
min_sdk_version: "29",
cfgs: [
// cfg(soong) is used to distinguish code that only builds on Android, so
// that (most of) the same code can be built under both Soong and cargo.