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# pkg-config, integration for cffi
import sys, os, subprocess
from .error import PkgConfigError
def merge_flags(cfg1, cfg2):
"""Merge values from cffi config flags cfg2 to cf1
merge_flags({"libraries": ["one"]}, {"libraries": ["two"]})
{"libraries": ["one", "two"]}
for key, value in cfg2.items():
if key not in cfg1:
cfg1[key] = value
if not isinstance(cfg1[key], list):
raise TypeError("cfg1[%r] should be a list of strings" % (key,))
if not isinstance(value, list):
raise TypeError("cfg2[%r] should be a list of strings" % (key,))
return cfg1
def call(libname, flag, encoding=sys.getfilesystemencoding()):
"""Calls pkg-config and returns the output if found
a = ["pkg-config", "--print-errors"]
pc = subprocess.Popen(a, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
except EnvironmentError as e:
raise PkgConfigError("cannot run pkg-config: %s" % (str(e).strip(),))
bout, berr = pc.communicate()
if pc.returncode != 0:
berr = berr.decode(encoding)
except Exception:
raise PkgConfigError(berr.strip())
if sys.version_info >= (3,) and not isinstance(bout, str): # Python 3.x
bout = bout.decode(encoding)
except UnicodeDecodeError:
raise PkgConfigError("pkg-config %s %s returned bytes that cannot "
"be decoded with encoding %r:\n%r" %
(flag, libname, encoding, bout))
if os.altsep != '\\' and '\\' in bout:
raise PkgConfigError("pkg-config %s %s returned an unsupported "
"backslash-escaped output:\n%r" %
(flag, libname, bout))
return bout
def flags_from_pkgconfig(libs):
r"""Return compiler line flags for FFI.set_source based on pkg-config output
ffibuilder.set_source("_foo", pkgconfig = ["libfoo", "libbar >= 1.8.3"])
If pkg-config is installed on build machine, then arguments include_dirs,
library_dirs, libraries, define_macros, extra_compile_args and
extra_link_args are extended with an output of pkg-config for libfoo and
Raises PkgConfigError in case the pkg-config call fails.
def get_include_dirs(string):
return [x[2:] for x in string.split() if x.startswith("-I")]
def get_library_dirs(string):
return [x[2:] for x in string.split() if x.startswith("-L")]
def get_libraries(string):
return [x[2:] for x in string.split() if x.startswith("-l")]
# convert -Dfoo=bar to list of tuples [("foo", "bar")] expected by distutils
def get_macros(string):
def _macro(x):
x = x[2:] # drop "-D"
if '=' in x:
return tuple(x.split("=", 1)) # "-Dfoo=bar" => ("foo", "bar")
return (x, None) # "-Dfoo" => ("foo", None)
return [_macro(x) for x in string.split() if x.startswith("-D")]
def get_other_cflags(string):
return [x for x in string.split() if not x.startswith("-I") and
not x.startswith("-D")]
def get_other_libs(string):
return [x for x in string.split() if not x.startswith("-L") and
not x.startswith("-l")]
# return kwargs for given libname
def kwargs(libname):
fse = sys.getfilesystemencoding()
all_cflags = call(libname, "--cflags")
all_libs = call(libname, "--libs")
return {
"include_dirs": get_include_dirs(all_cflags),
"library_dirs": get_library_dirs(all_libs),
"libraries": get_libraries(all_libs),
"define_macros": get_macros(all_cflags),
"extra_compile_args": get_other_cflags(all_cflags),
"extra_link_args": get_other_libs(all_libs),
# merge all arguments together
ret = {}
for libname in libs:
lib_flags = kwargs(libname)
merge_flags(ret, lib_flags)
return ret