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Changes for 1.5.0:
* New feature: assertions can be safely called in multiple threads
where the pthreads library is available.
* New feature: predicates used inside EXPECT_TRUE() and friends
can now generate custom failure messages.
* New feature: Google Test can now be compiled as a DLL.
* New feature: fused source files are included.
* New feature: prints help when encountering unrecognized Google Test flags.
* Experimental feature: CMake build script (requires CMake 2.6.4+).
* Experimental feature: the Pump script for meta programming.
* double values streamed to an assertion are printed with enough precision
to differentiate any two different values.
* Google Test now works on Solaris and AIX.
* Build and test script improvements.
* Bug fixes and implementation clean-ups.
Potentially breaking changes:
* Stopped supporting VC++ 7.1 with exceptions disabled.
* Dropped support for 'make install'.
Changes for 1.4.0:
* New feature: the event listener API
* New feature: test shuffling
* New feature: the XML report format is closer to junitreport and can
be parsed by Hudson now.
* New feature: when a test runs under Visual Studio, its failures are
integrated in the IDE.
* New feature: /MD(d) versions of VC++ projects.
* New feature: elapsed time for the tests is printed by default.
* New feature: comes with a TR1 tuple implementation such that Boost
is no longer needed for Combine().
* New feature: EXPECT_DEATH_IF_SUPPORTED macro and friends.
* New feature: the Xcode project can now produce static gtest
libraries in addition to a framework.
* Compatibility fixes for Solaris, Cygwin, minGW, Windows Mobile,
Symbian, gcc, and C++Builder.
* Bug fixes and implementation clean-ups.
Changes for 1.3.0:
* New feature: death tests on Windows, Cygwin, and Mac.
* New feature: ability to use Google Test assertions in other testing
* New feature: ability to run disabled test via
* New feature: the --help flag for printing the usage.
* New feature: access to Google Test flag values in user code.
* New feature: a script that packs Google Test into one .h and one
.cc file for easy deployment.
* New feature: support for distributing test functions to multiple
machines (requires support from the test runner).
* Bug fixes and implementation clean-ups.
Changes for 1.2.1:
* Compatibility fixes for Linux IA-64 and IBM z/OS.
* Added support for using Boost and other TR1 implementations.
* Changes to the build scripts to support upcoming release of Google C++
Mocking Framework.
* Added Makefile to the distribution package.
* Improved build instructions in README.
Changes for 1.2.0:
* New feature: value-parameterized tests.
* Changed the XML report format to match JUnit/Ant's.
* Added tests to the Xcode project.
* Added scons/SConscript for building with SCons.
* Added src/ for building Google Test from a single file.
* Fixed compatibility with Solaris and z/OS.
* Enabled running Python tests on systems with python 2.3 installed,
e.g. Mac OS X 10.4.
* Bug fixes.
Changes for 1.1.0:
* New feature: type-parameterized tests.
* New feature: exception assertions.
* New feature: printing elapsed time of tests.
* Improved the robustness of death tests.
* Added an Xcode project and samples.
* Adjusted the output format on Windows to be understandable by Visual Studio.
* Minor bug fixes.
Changes for 1.0.1:
* Added project files for Visual Studio 7.1.
* Fixed issues with compiling on Mac OS X.
* Fixed issues with compiling on Cygwin.
Changes for 1.0.0:
* Initial Open Source release of Google Test